11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cloves


According to animal studies, cloves have some compounds in it which may have numerous health benefits such as promoting liver health, stabilizing blood sugar level, curing dental problems, preventing food poisoning, preventing skin breakouts, regulating hunger, containing anti-cancer properties, reducing body pain and inflammation, improving bone health, boosting immunity, and acting as an anti-oxidant.

Cloves are a very common name in our kitchen and household. Cloves are actually the dried flower buds of the clove tree. It can be found in both whole and ground form, is mostly used as a spice element in Indian cuisine. It helps to add an amazing flavor to hot beverages and bring spicy warmth to desserts. These small brown pods are capable of spicing up curries, seasoning meats, enriching sauces. Cloves are best known for their sweet and spicy aroma. But many are not aware of its impressive medicinal benefits.


Nutritional facts

Clove has several significant nutritional benefits. According to data, one teaspoon of ground cloves contains-

Manganese 30% of rdi
Vitamin k 4% of rdi
Vitamin c 3% of rdi
Calories 6%
Carbohydrate 1 gram
Fiber 1 gram

Cloves contain a trace amount of magnesium, vitamin e, and calcium and are considered to be a good source of fiber as well. It has a generous amount of antioxidants such as eugenol and vitamin c, which help in curing chronic diseases. The manganese present in cloves promotes good bone health. Most of the nutritional elements of clove help in regulating blood sugar.

Now let’s have a look at some important health benefits of cloves.


11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cloves

Dental cure

Clove oil is best known for its anti-bacterial effects. There is a very popular traditional remedy of clove oil, which is used to cure toothache and dental pain. According to research, the clove-based gel has the ability to ease the pain resulting from injections in the mouth. Clove oil is approved as an anesthetic and antiseptic.

Prevents food poisoning

The antioxidant called eugenol in clove oil shows impressive advantages over sodium benzoate, potassium sorbet, and other chemical food preservatives. The oil contains antimicrobial properties also. It has an antibacterial effect on gram-bacteria which can cause food-borne illness. This clove oil is really very beneficial in protecting our body against food poisoning.

Solves acne problem

Clove oil is very beneficial in the natural spot treatment of acne, it is used for curing pimples just like tea tree oil. Eugenol in clove extract is capable of suppressing the activity of acne bacteria and reducing the inflammation. So clove oil can be considered as an effective treatment for skin breakouts.

Regulates blood sugar level

Diabetic patients should add cloves into their diet, because this small flower pod ensures a normal blood sugar level. Clove is a rich source of antioxidant eugenol, that is mainly responsible for regulating blood sugar level. This antioxidant pushes all the surplus sugar from the blood into the cells. And this re-instates the balance in blood sugar.

Regulates hunger

Cloves help in keeping the stomach from growling between meals. It offers good result actually as it prevents you from reaching out for a packet of wafers or cookies. Clove contains an impressive amount of fibre, which helps to regulate hunger in our body.

Contains anti-cancer properties

Researcher says that clove contains anti-cancer properties. So if you want to stay protected from cancer, eat more cloves. It doesn’t harm your body, rather offers numerous important benefits. The gold element of clove, eugenol has strong anti-carcinogenic properties and prevents breast cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer at early stage of the disease.


Body pain and inflammation reducer

Again it is eugenol. This amazing antioxidant present in cloves, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Clove helps to ease any kind of body pain by stimulating pain receptors in our body. You can get relief from inflammation, arthritis or any general pain by using clove oil or extract.

Good for bone health

As we have mentioned in above, clove is considered to be the great source of hydro-alcoholic compounds and other flavonoids. These compounds provide healthy bone density and mineral content in bones. It is recommended to consume clove regularly if you have osteoporosis or weak bones.

Immune system booster

Eugenol, the all-rounder ingredient of cloves is positively effective on many bacteria, virus, fungus. Clove has blood purification and anti-viral properties, which decrease the blood toxicity and increase the body resistance against diseases. It stimulates white blood cells also.

High in anti-oxidants

Apart from having several important minerals and vitamins, cloves are the rich source of antioxidants. Daily consumption of cloves reduces oxidative stress, that generally contributes to the development of chronic disease. The gold compound of cloves called eugenol is the main antioxidant in it. You can cherish good improvement in your overall health by adding cloves with other antioxidant-rich foods.

Improves liver health

A good amount of beneficial compounds in cloves promote good liver health. Eugenol is great for our liver. Clove oil improves liver functions, decreases oxidative stress and reduces inflammation. So, consuming cloves with your regular diet prevents many liver diseases such as scarring of the liver or liver cirrhosis. However, clove oil should be taken in a limited amount, otherwise it can cause serious damage in our liver.

Side effects of clove

Clove oil is recognized as safe for topical use, but it is recommended not to consume clove oil in a large amount. While it is very beneficial for your liver health when consumed limited, it can cause severe damage in your liver if consumed in a large amount. If clove is swallowed, it can cause some burning sensation.


Don’t prefer clove oil or whole cloves for infants and children, as it may cause several nervous system problems in children. If pregnant, don’t consume it without discussing with the doctor. It’s always advised to be safe than sorry.


In ayurvedic medicine tradition, clove is known for its history of healing addictive. As highlighted, they are the store house of impressive benefits, as it contains a generous amount of antioxidants, that offers a overall good health. But if you are confused about the right amount of clove consumption, then it is better to take advice from the doctor before adding it into your daily diet.