11 Health Benefits of Ezekiel Bread for Children


Did you know that Ezekiel bread is healthy and nutritious and a must add in your child’s daily diet? Read on to know the 11 health benefits that make this a wholesome super food. Read on for more.

Wheat, beans, barley, millet, spelled and lentils go to make up this highly-touted bread, called Ezekiel bread. Its organic and sprouted ingredients include wheat, malted barley, rye, barley, oats, millet, corn and brown rice. It also contains filtered water, fresh yeast, sea salt and organic wheat gluten. Ezekiel bread has many health benefits, including weight loss and is therefore considered beneficial for children.

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How is it made?

Grains, seeds and legumes that go to make up this bread are soaked and sprouted before the dough is baked. Due to its high content of sprouted grains, it is rich in protein, fibre minerals and absorbable vitamins. It is also low in dangerous anti-nutrients, such as phytic acid, and gluten. As a departure from commercially made bread, it does not contain any sugar, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Nutrition facts: Generally, a slice of Ezekiel bread contains the following:

  • 80 calories
  • 4 gm protein
  • 3 gm fibre
  • 8%Vitamin B1 thiamine
  • 8% phosphorus
  • 6% magnesium
  • 6% niacin

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Health Benefits of Ezekiel Bread for Children

Since this bread contains many nutrients, it is highly beneficial for children in many ways. Here are the top 11 ways by which children can benefit by making Ezekiel bread part of their daily diet:

It helps muscle growth

The abundance of protein contained in Ezekiel bread makes it very nutritious for kids and helps them have stronger muscles. Their skin firmness also increases. When eaten with peanut butter which is rich in protein, fibre and monounsaturated fats, it gives the feeling of satiety and aids the digestive system work better.

2. It boosts energy levels

Being rich in proteins also gives the benefit of boosting a child’s energy level. This makes him mentally and physically sharp and more productive. It also keeps his metabolic rate high.

3. It is a complete protein food

Ezekiel bread is a complete protein food since it contains 18 amino acids that are the basics of all proteins. They help build muscle, boost energy, manufacture, red blood cells and maintain healthy nerves. So, children who eat Ezekiel bread are healthy and energetic.

Ezekiel bread

4. It lowers cholesterol

Barley is rich in soluble fibre that decreases blood sugar and increases satiety. This helps children from overeating and turning obese on junk food.


5. It is low in gluten and so easily digestible

Ezekiel bread contains sprouted grains and legumes that lower gluten levels and is easy to digest and excrete waste matter. This also means that children will not be constipated, or experience cramps or bloating while they absorb increased number of nutrients. By consuming such a large variety of grains and legumes, a child’s overall health is maximized. Besides, millet helps fight antioxidants, increase bone and tissue growth.

6. It wards off obesity among kids

It does not contain added sugars, which contribute to obesity among kids–a problem that’s only increasing worldwide.

7. It fights and prevents diabetes

This is possible because Ezekiel Bread contains whole wheat, which has a low level of blood sugar than processed wheat. With this, the body doesn’t need any more insulin to process the food. This bread is also rich in magnesium that works beneficially with over 300 enzymes for insulin in the body and the secretion of glucose. This means a lower chance of contracting cancer.

8. It prevents heart disease

Ezekiel bread, owing to its abundance of dietary fibre, has proved that it can reduce blood pressure levels and thus the chances of a heart attack. It also helps maintain heart health and prevents the onset of heart disease.

9. It helps the liver function better

The liver neutralizes the poisons that enter the body, so it helps if Ezekiel bread accelerates its functioning in protecting the body from these toxins.

10. It maintains the body’s fibre content

By doing this, it prevents kids from suffering from Vitamin D deficiency which can lead to rickets, short stature, bone tenderness and deformities and frequent fractures.


11.It reduces the chances of allergies

Bread made from grains and sprouted legumes has proved to lower the body’s response and therefore does not cause any inflammation in the body.

It’s true that eating Ezekiel Bread is far more healthy than eating white bread. It has obvious nutritional advantages.But when compared to the nutritional profile of whole grain breads, Ezekiel bread comes out ahead only if you’re a strict vegetarian, or if you’re trying to reduce wheat in your diet.