11 Benefits Of Hand-Pound Chutneys


The benefits of hand-pound chutneys include reduces acne, balances hormones, promotes a healthy heart and digestion, a good source of probiotics, filled with vitamins and minerals, prevents cancer, regulates blood sugar level, helps lose weight, supports good skin and hair health.

Chutneys are known as the hidden treasure of the Indian kitchen. Even if you are having a boring original monotonous meal, a small serving of chutney on the side of your plate that is enriched with mesmerizing and earthly flavor will give an interesting twist to your everyday meal. It’s a delicious method to introduce fiber, spices, and phytonutrients to your body, otherwise, hard to find in one food dish. Here in this article, we will elaborate on the amazing benefits of adding hand-pound chutneys to everyday meals.

hand pound chutneys

Chutneys offer numerous health benefits in several ways. And, it is best when hand-pounded, not ground in a mixer. Having chutney with your meal can reduce the sweet cravings and afternoon slump. Experts say that a lot of ingredients that are used in the Indian kitchen, bloom with flavors when crushed. It is like magic that the nutrients of the ingredients become available when you crush them.

11 Must Know Health Benefits Of Hand-Pound Chutneys

Reduces acne

Hand-pound chutney prevents damage to our skin cells. Daily consumption of hand-pound chutneys can improve our skin texture. It is capable of reducing acne problems and pigmentation issues.

Balances hormones

The micronutrients, flavonoids, and sterols in the chutney ingredients bloom with their benefits when crushed or pounded. Hand-pounded chutneys help in improving insulin sensitivity also.


Promotes healthy heart  

These chutneys have a cardio-protective effect also on our body. Thus, hand-pound chutneys are extremely beneficial for our heart health.

Good source of probiotics  

Hand-pound Indian chutneys provide a good amount of probiotics. These probiotics increase good bacteria in the gut. And this system facilitates and leads to better gut diversity.

Best for digestion  

Hand pound pudina chutney is one of the most popular chutneys in the Indian kitchen. Mint leaves promote a healthy digestion system and reduce inflammation. Pudina along with grounded spices and lemon juice soothes the stomach. Mint leaves help to enhance your appetite and prevent nausea.

Offers a good amount of minerals  

Hand-pound curry leaves chutney is very popular in the South Indian kitchen. Curry leaves are full of folic acid and iron. As we all know, folic acid carries and helps the body to absorb iron. For this quality, this chutney is the best solution and natural remedy to beat anemia.

Reduces vitamin deficiency  

Another popular and common one, hand pound coriander chutney is rich in vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin b12, and the like. These nutrients help in lowering blood sugar levels as well as reduces vitamin deficiency in your body. The vitamin c present in coriander leaves boosts our immunity system.

Prevents diseases like cancer  

Hand-pound tomato chutney is the real storehouse of glutathione and vitamins. This chutney prevents life-threatening diseases like cancer. It provides a person a healthier and longer life.


Controls blood sugar level  

The Indian hand-pound chutneys are full of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients provide numerous health benefits especially for people who are suffering from diabetes. The popular chutney among all, the coriander chutney stimulates insulin secretion that leads to lower your blood sugar level.

Supports good skin and hair health  

Most of the Indian hand-pound chutneys prevent skin cell damage. The ingredients that are generally used in preparing hand-pound chutney are the energy producers in our body as well as skin cells. Tomato and pudina chutney contribute to improving skin health, increasing the anti-aging effect. The vitamin k present in coriander and tomato chutney promotes hair growth and strengthens our hair.

Increases fat burning  

Hand-pound tomato chutney helps in producing amino acid carnitine. It helps to speed up our body’s fat-burning capacity by more than 30%. If you are planning to lose weight, tomato chutney is the best option to reduce your waist size and body fat.

After knowing all the amazing health benefits of hand-pound chutneys, you must be craving for tasting one of them, right? These chutneys not only provide great taste but also offers uncountable health benefits. Then, let’s know a very common and easy recipe for a hand-pound Indian chutney. Here, we will share the very popular recipe for garlic chutney. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The Hand-pound Garlic Chutney Recipe


15-17 garlic cloves, 2 teaspoons red chili powder (you can use more if you like spicy ones), ¼ teaspoon cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon mustard oil, and salt to taste.


Firstly, take one medium or large-sized mortar and pestle. Pound the garlic cloves very finely. After that, add salt and cumin seeds to it, continue pounding. Remember one thing that the chutney has to be pounded very finely. Add red chili powder and pound further. Continue pounding until you find tiny bits of garlic. Pound it to a fine paste.


The next step is totally optional. If you want, you can temper the chutney in a pan. This is also very easy, all you need to do is to heat a little mustard oil and add the raw chutney. Sauté it for a few minutes, until the raw smell is gone. Allow it to cool. And your hand pound lasan ki chutney (garlic chutney) is ready to serve.


You can serve chutneys at room temperature and store them in the fridge as well, for a couple of days. Both the raw and sautéed version can be kept in the fridge and used later. You can use chutneys as a sandwich spread, or serve it with dabeli, vada pav, bhaji pav. If you want to give it a new twist, then mix them with some yogurt or cheese dip. Happy eating!!