Is it Safe to use Hair Dyes During Pregnancy?


Are you thinking to dye your hair during pregnancy? You must be then worried if it is safe or not? Well, there is no reason why you should not color you hair while you are pregnant. You may be relieved to hear that hair dyes are completely safe to use during pregnancy. Although there is limited connection between hair dyes and pregnancy, it is advised that you take care of certain factors while coloring your hair in pregnancy. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful colored hair. All you need to do is be cautious and have a little common sense.

Are Hair Dyes Safe in Pregnancy?

Although research is limited related to hair dyes and pregnancy, most of it suggest that chemicals present in dyes are toxic free and safe to use in pregnancy. The chemicals do not harm the developing fetus. It is completely safe to use in both pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If you decide to dye your hair in pregnancy, you should consider general safety instructions such as:

  • Follow package directions carefully
  • Wear gloves and limit skin contact while applying dye to hair
  • Leave the dye on the hair no longer than mentioned on the package
  • Wash hair thoroughly to ensure all the dye is removed

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Hair Dye Tips in Pregnancy

Stretch marks, swollen feet, and mood swings are inevitable in pregnancy. However hair dyes and hair colours aren’t. You can completely be in control and decide what looks best on you while at the same time protecting your growing fetus. Following are tips to ensure that you take caution while dying your hair in pregnancy.

1} Wait till second trimester

Although it is safe to use hair dyes in pregnancy, most doctors and health experts suggest pregnant mothers to wait until second trimester to dye their hair. The first trimester is the most important phase for you and your developing baby. Muscles are forming, organs are taking shape, hands and limbs are forming, vocal chords are developing and hair follicles start to develop during the first 12 weeks. Even though there is no evidence that suggest harmful effects of dyes on your developing baby, it is safe not to risk or take any chance. You can surely compromise the first 12 weeks of your baby and wait until second trimester.


2} Opt for safer techniques

Once you get the green signal from the doctor, the first thing you should do is take an appointment with your salon. Seek information about the hair dying techniques that they use in order to color hair. There are mainly 2 types of techniques which are “Root-to-tip” color and “Hair Shaft” color. In the root to tip technique, hair dye is applied from the scalp to the tip which makes the skin absorb these chemicals. However, the safer alternative is the hair shaft technique where the color is applied directly on the hair shaft. This method is more safe for pregnant women.

Hair Dye Tips in Pregnancy

3} Choose gentle colors

Another important thing to keep in mind is the type of colour you choose. Dyes that are free of bleach and ammonia can be the safest option while you are pregnant. Henna and vegetable based dyes are herbal, natural and much safer than ammonia based chemical dyes. It is important to check the label of the hair dye product that you buy.

4} Keep ventilated

When it comes to coloring most women ignore this important aspect. If you are at home or a salon, it is important to sit in a properly ventilated area while coloring your hair. This is mainly because you should not inhale the aroma or fumes of the hair color and dyes when you are pregnant. Keeping the area ventilated ensures that you breathe properly and not inhale the chemicals present in the dye colors.

5} Test a strand first

Before applying the entire hair dye on your hair, it might be better to consider testing a hair strand first. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can cause your hair to react differently than normal. Since you are not aware of the changes, it is advised that you colour a single hair strand first for testing purposes. This will help you understand how your hair is responding to the dye and prevent you from a total fiasco.

6} Consider streaking

Rather than coloring your entire hair, it may a good idea to consider streaking, highlighting, or frosting only some strands of your hair in pregnancy. This is a good option has these techniques pose limited contact of the hair dye and color with the scalp and avoid its absorption in the skin.


Looking good and having fashionable looking hair is every woman’s desire. Pregnancy should not be an obstacle to living your desires. However, it is important to be cautious and safe while coloring your hair in pregnancy. Although there is no restriction for using hair dyes in pregnancy, it is advised that you wait for 12 weeks and use only natural and toxic chemical free hair colors. In this way you be protecting yourself and your baby completely. It is important to look good and feel great for a happy and blissful pregnancy.

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