21 Exclusive and Useful Gifts for New Moms


Herbal pamper pack, nursing pads, silicone teething necklace, baby monitor, baby sling bag, pullover bras, healthy snacks, maternity yoga pants and breast pump are some of the useful and unique gifts for new moms.

The life of a newly being mom seems to be exciting but the responsibilities that follow are the true challenges. It can be both a thrilling yet confusing stage for her. And in the rigmarole of the new responsibilities women often forget to care for themselves. Hence making her job a little easy by gifting the things which can be useful for both the mother and the child is the best appreciation gift.

When thinking about what to gift new moms, one can choose from pampering baskets to the decorations for the nursery. Anything that will make her work easy is the best choice. So let us take a look at 21 such useful and unique gifts which can be given to new moms.

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21 Unique Gifts for New Moms

gifts for new moms

Herbal pamper pack

Pamper packs are one of the best gifts you can give to new moms. These packs contain herbal tea bags, herbal sitz baths, essential oils and salts, and nipple butters to help the mom care for herself while she cares for the newborn. This can be helpful gift for reducing the postpartum depression.


Nursing pads

Nursing pads make one great gifts for new moms. Leaky breasts can be really uncomfortable for a new mom and she might not find enough time to always clean herself. Therefore, gifting nursing pads can make her job a lot easy and comfortable.

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Silicone teething necklace

Fashionable teething necklaces are being made for new moms. These necklaces can be worn by the moms when they are out with their baby. The necklace is made of silicone hence a perfect soft and safe thing for the baby to chew on when in mother’s arms.



Baby monitor

New moms are always possessive and scared to leave the child alone, eventually not being able to perform their other tasks. Therefore, gifting the new mom a baby monitor can be a great gift. This will help her concentrate on other tasks and also get a good sleep while keeping track of the child.

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Baby sling bag

Another useful and unique gift is definitely a baby sling bag or baby wrap. The mother can do light household chores or go out without having to hold the baby with hands, and simply carry the baby in a baby sling or wrap. This will keep both the baby and the mother happy and close to each other.

Pullover bras

Nursing bras can be uncomfortable and irritating with all the flaps and hooks. Gift the new mom with a pack of pullover bras and it will make her the happiest and comfortable while breastfeeding.

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Healthy snacks

For a nursing mother, getting all the essential nutrients is integral. And while caring for her child she might definitely ignore or forget to eat on time. So gift her some healthy and nutrients filled snacks which include nuts, fruits, organic food products, and herbal tea bags, etc.

Maternity yoga pants

Choosing clothes also becomes a great deal for nursing mothers, due to the changing body. They might feel uncomfortable in the old clothes, so help them out buying these super comfy maternity yoga pants which can be worn while doing yoga or while working.


Yoga mat

A yoga mat is also a good and handy gift for new moms which will remind them to make time for self care. Urge the mother to take up postpartum yoga by gifting them a yoga mat.

Breast pump

Another handy gift in the list is a breast pump. If you are the husband, bff or a close family member of the new mom then gift her a gentle and nurturing breast pump. Select a portable and discrete one so that it can be carried anywhere.


With the baby wetting the clothes, a new mom will never have enough clothes to change. Gift them a stylish and comfortable bathrobe which will make her job a lot easier.


Goodies bag

We all know how difficult it is to go out with a baby. Going out with a newborn baby is the most challenging task for the new moms as they need to carry many things with them while planning to go out. So gifting a goodies bag is the best idea for new moms.


Rocking chair

A rocking chair is something that would give comfort to both the mother and the child, be it while breastfeeding or while relaxing. A comfortable and cozy rocking chair makes a great gift.

Baby essentials basket

A basket full of baby essential products will be one useful gift for new moms. It could contain baby towels, baby soap and shampoo, washcloths, bibs, mittens, socks and others products.

Scented candles

Starting from the time women realize they are pregnant, they go through a lot of stress which sometimes leads to postpartum depression in some women. Therefore, scented candles can be a great soothing and mind calming gift for new moms and work as a relaxation and mood lifting tool.


Being a parent is the most exciting thing ever. Every parent wants to record their child’s first step to first words, and this can be possible with a handy camera which makes a great choice of gift. A handy and easy to carry is one of the best gifts for new moms.



Growth necklace

This is an appreciation gift for the mother for the new journey which she has to start. Get a customized necklace for the new mom and let her know that she is loved and appreciated.

Nursing pillow

A handy tool for new moms is a nursing pillow which can be used while breastfeeding. This will be a great and comfy gift for the new moms, as it helps the mom relax her back and provide a soft cushion and support for the baby.


Gifting a pack of cloth or disposable diapers for the baby saves a lot of time and effort of the new moms. Chose the type which the mother is planning to use and gift her a family pack of these diapers.


Herbal beauty products

Mothers do not care for themselves while they are nurturing the child. So gifting a basket with beauty products will bring joy to her tiring job. There are many herbal products available for women to use after giving birth. Gift some these herbal beauty products and gift the basket of happiness to the new mom.



There are many books available to help all the new mothers to learn about the various things related to parenting. You can also buy books of their favorite genre, as a push gift after their first labor.

Apart from these the other gifts which can be given to new moms are nursing scarf, floaty top, cotton pyjamas, massaging body oil, smoothing scrub, herbal booties, night gown, a mug, baby record book, woombie, toys, etc.