Getting Pregnant Fast: 21 Everyday Habits You Need to Follow


There could be a number of reasons why you want to get pregnant fast. Maybe you are the one who has saved this moment for a long time and now you want it or you already have a child and now want a second one fast so that there is not a lot of age gap between both the children. Whatever may be the reason, you can achieve your pregnancy fast by following few simple steps.

Top 21 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

tips to get pregnant fast

Given below are twenty one habits you need to follow to get pregnant fast:

Visit your doctor

It is beneficial to visit your gynecologist as he/ she will help you if you are facing any sort of difficulties in pursuing a baby. He will run some tests to check for sexually transmitted diseases or any genetical disorder. It is also important to become familiar with your doctor as once you are pregnant, you will be visiting him for a number of times.

Quit smoking completely

Reports have found that intake of tobacco can lead to infertility. If you want to become pregnant you will have to give up cigarettes. They not only slow down the pregnancy process but also causes various diseases. Also, it is tormenting for the health of the child.

Lower down your alcohol and drugs intake

Not only the female partner but also the male partner is required to quit alcohol or any drugs. Reports have found that the sperm count in men reduces to one third of the regular if they smoke marijuana once in a week. Alcohol and drug consumption causes various hormonal disorders that can affect pregnancy.


Reduce caffeine consumption

There are mixed perceptions about caffeine. Some reports say that it leads to infertility while others say that it causes no harm during pregnancy. Well, if you want to try everything at its best then you should definitely add it to the say no to list. Remember that caffeine is not only present in coffee but also in chocolates.

Exercise daily

Reports have found that women who indulge themselves in regular exercises have better fertility than others. Exercise is the best cure to almost everything and yes it helps getting pregnant fast. You can always take your partner to the gym or for a run so that you don’t feel bored and aloof. It also reduces stress and keeps you healthy.

Either loose or gain weight in accordance to your body

Being overweight or underweight both can affect pregnancy. Make sure that you fall under Normal BMI index that is from 18.5 to 24.9. Change your food habits and lifestyle if you do not fall under this category.

Indulge yourself in healthy eating habits

Although it is best to be always a healthy eater but in case you are not then now is the time to do so. Improve your food habits by consuming green vegetables and lots of fruits and avoid stuff like sugar or fish that is high in mercury as that can lead to infertility both in men and women.

Detoxify your body

Detoxification helps to remove all the toxins present in your body since long time and make a fresh start. Although many people think that quitting caffeine, cigarettes etc. is enough but detoxification is always a better option. Consult your doctor on ways to detoxify so that it does you good and not bad.

Stop using all birth control methods

Yeah it is understood, immediately stop using birth controllers once you have thought about getting pregnant. Reports have shown that women who have taken pills for about an year take some time to regain their fertility, although it depends upon person to person.


Keep a check on your period cycle

It’s a common thing that women do even if they are trying to get pregnant or not. Calculate your periods and have sex during the most fertile time that is from three days before ovulation to the day you are getting ovulated.

Use ovulation predictor kits

After several tries if you are not able to track your ovulation time then let ovulation predictor kits do their work and make it easy for you as they are 99% accurate.

Have sex just before ovulation

It’s a common misconception that you should have sex after ovulation but the truth is to have it before ovulation as a sperm can survive until 48 to 72 hours after sex. So you will have to make sure that the sperm is present in the uterus at the time of need.

Avoid lubrication

Lubrication reduces the sperm speed, due to which sperms fail to reach where they are supposed to. If you necessarily need lubrication then refer to your doctor and ask for those lubricants that maintain the mobility of sperms.

Keep yourself away from stress and anxiety

If you are stressing over getting pregnant or anything else then that can affect your fertility adversely. You can try yoga or meditation to keep yourself away from stress and anxiety. Talk to your partner about this as it will not only bring you close but will also build a stronger emotional bond.

Health of the male partner is also important

It takes two people to get pregnant. Many a time the health of the male partner is ignored, but that is absolutely wrong. He should quit smoking and drugs, do exercises and eat healthy as that will increase the motility of the sperms.


Abolish trans fats

When different types of fats were compared it was found that trans fat cause a huge amount of damage to fertility. They make the body not to react with insulin. Women who are suffering from diabetics are more prone to this. Keep an eagle eye on the ingredients of food items and avoid trans-fat all together if you can.

Use the correct position

Yes it is paramount to choose the correct sex position. Prefer once where the female is at the bottom and the male partner on top of her. Also keep a pillow below your hips after the sex so that the sperm can travel up to fallopian tubes to reach where they are needed.

Take high-quality proteins

Reports have found that reduction in intake of fat and increase consumption of proteins can increase the fertility to a greater extent. You can have poultry or fish for high protein intake and if you are a vegetarian then opt for soy milk, cereals and green vegetables.

Consume prenatal vitamins

You are taking the healthiest diet but precaution is always better than cure as you might miss some vital vitamins or nutrients unknowingly. Take prenatal vitamins now as they will supply those vitamins that you may miss in your diet.

Intake Omega-3 fatty acids

Once you are pregnant omega-3 fatty acids are great for baby’s brain but they also help during the pregnancy process. They keep your body healthy so you can get pregnant fast. Consume chia seeds and flax seeds in yogurt or salads as they are great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Ignore the myths

There are a lot of myths present in society like orgasm is required before sex or men should wear boxers than briefs. Keep yourself distant from all these myths.


If you follow the above guide sincerely and visit your doctor on a regular basis then congratulations you are going to be a mommy soon. Don’t forget to communicate well with your partner and share everything with each other. Have each other’s back and be supportive as both physical and emotional bonds are required to get pregnant.

Hope this article was of help to you! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy, Healthy and Empowered Women!!