How to Lose Stomach Fat – 11 Foods That Help


Belly fat or stomach fat is probably one of the most stubborn kind of fat in the body. It is quite difficult to get rid of this fat successfully. Many people have opined that even after cutting down on diet and doing rigorous exercise, it has not been possible to deal with the problem of stomach fat.

Instead of stressing yourself out with the belly fat problem, try including these 11 foods in the diet to lose stomach fat effectively:

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11 Foods That Can Help You Combat With Stomach Fat With Ease.

1. Dark chocolate

It might seem strange but it is true that dark chocolates are rich source of anti-oxidants. Not only this, there are other components in dark chocolate, which help in stimulating the fat burning process in the body and has a positive impact on the process. Best results are obtained when dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa content is chosen.

2. Avocados

You might not be aware of this amazing quality of avocado. This fruit abounds in two main nutrients, which play a pivotal role in fighting belly fat. The first component is fiber, which helps in keeping one full for a long time and crushes hunger too. The second component is mono-saturated fat, which helps in reducing belly fat immediately.

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3. Berries of almost all kinds

Right from raspberries to strawberries to blackberries – all berries are great for reducing belly fat. There is abundance of fiber in berries and they slow down the absorption of sugar considerably. Not only this, berries are loaded with vitamins and help in curbing food cravings. Vitamin deficiencies might cause food cravings.

4. Healthy oils

When we talk of healthy oils, the first names that come to the mind are coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Both these oil variants help in burning fat from the body. In order to burn off stubborn belly fat, the body needs a supply of healthy oils and this can be achieved with the help of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

5. Chili peppers

Chili pepper in its raw form or in the form of powder contains an active ingredient, which is known as capsaicin. As per studies and research, it has been established that this ingredient helps in boosting the process of calorie burning in the body. Not only this, the component acts as potent antioxidant and helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels as well.

6. Green tea

Green tea is being extensively consumed by people for the herb has many benefits. This natural herb has potent antioxidants. Along with this, it also has amazing fat burning capabilities. Research and study reports have shown that green tea extract helps in boosting metabolism in the body by almost 35-45%. Hence stubborn belly fat can be reduced with this.

7. Seeds and nuts of all kinds, including peanut butter

Almost all kinds of nuts and seeds like walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds can help in reducing belly fat. You can add peanut butter to the list as well. These seeds and nuts help in keeping one full for longer and curb appetite. These are also a great source of minerals and healthy fats.

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8. Eggs

If you thought eggs, add fat, you are mistaken. Eggs are rich in various kinds of nutrients along with containing belly fat burning protein. Eggs are rich sources of calcium, zinc, iron, lutein, folate, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin A, B6, B12, D, E and K and so on. It also help in keeping one full for a long time.

9. Beans

Lima beans, black beans as well as navy beans contain high contents of fiber in them. In about ½ cup of beans, there is almost 6 or more grams of fiber. Fiber helps in flushing out the toxic elements from the system successfully. Thus, the process of fat burning becomes easy and one is able to lose belly fat easily.

10. Yogurt

Regular and plain yogurt might not be very good for your belly as it contains sugar, which might add to belly fat. But plain Greek yogurt is excellent in this regard. This contains probiotics, which not only takes care of the digestive system on the whole, but also combats the problem of belly bulge successfully.

11. Turkey and other lean meats

Surprisingly, lean meats and turkey can help in losing belly fat successfully. These ingredients play an important role in combating obesity and other related problems. They also help in reducing stomach fat successfully.