21 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Everyone


Easter egg hunt is one of the most favorite activities which can keep your kids busy during the Easter party. Well, not only for kids, these egg hunting games can be fun for adults as well. It is quite interesting to note that various kinds of creative ideas are being implemented in Easter egg hunting games to make them all the more engaging.

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Mentioned below find 21 fun-filled Easter egg hunt ideas for everyone:

21 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Everyone

1. Puzzle Easter egg hunt

Puzzles are always interesting. How about placing one or two pieces of the puzzle in each Easter egg? Let the kids find all the pieces and complete the puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, it could be a lovely Easter message for all.

2. Golden egg hunt

Finding the golden egg among the ordinary Easter eggs can be challenging as well as fun-activity for the kids. The golden egg can contain an image of Christ or some special goodie inside. The one who finds the golden egg can get some kind of prize.


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3. Creating banner for Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt fascinates not only kids but adults alike. To draw attention of all, try making a banner for Easter egg hunt. In fact, you can engage the kids in making the banner. They will simply love doing it!

4. Working on the egg hunting kit

No Easter egg hunt is complete without having proper signs and symbols. You will need proper signs and indications which will direct you to your goal. The flags, pointers and stakes will provide the directions. Though such kits are available; making them with your own hand is additional fun.

5. Bunny ears

Egg hunting experience during Easter cannot be complete without bunny ears. Find scraps of fabric at home and make ear like shapes from them. Attach them to a headband and your bunny ears are ready to use. Wear these while the hunt for more fun.

6. Rope baskets

Extremely easy to create rope baskets are not only for fun, but have utility as well. Put the Easter goodies in the basket or use them as bowls for serving snacks at the Easter party. The colorful baskets look so beautiful that they can be used as decorative pieces as well.

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7. Glow in the dark egg hunt

Instead of using normal Easter eggs, try implementing some creativity on the same. There are DIY kits available, with which you can treat the eggs. Glow in the dark eggs will make egg hunting fun on Easter evening or night.

8. Easter egg hunt relay race

You can engage many children in the hunt by making teams. One kid from each team has to find an egg and come back and then goes the next kids from the same team like a relay race. The team which finds the maximum numbers of eggs in the shortest time wins.

9. Role reversal Easter egg hunt

Usually parents hide the eggs and the kids find them. This time let it be just the opposite. Let the kids be endowed with the responsibility of decking up the eggs and hiding them. Let parents find them out.

10. Scavenger hunt

Make a list of eggs that the kids have to find – egg with quarter inside, one with green jelly beans, or a striped egg and so on. Once the items are found, these can be exchanged for some toy or other gift.

11. Hidden confetti eggs

Confetti eggs are real fun and breaking such eggs on one’s head is considered to be good luck. Hide confetti eggs with other eggs and let your friends find out the same. Making confetti eggs is simple and can be easily done at home.

12. Color coordinated egg hunt

Keep the Easter eggs in color-coordinated baskets/buckets/containers only. For instance, blue colored eggs will be there in blue colored containers only and so on. One can only collect eggs of colors assigned to him/her.


13. Initial-labeled Easter egg hunt

This Easter egg hunt idea kids are sure to love. Place alphabets inside the eggs and let the kids hunt for eggs, which contain the initial letters of their name. The eggs can be colored for more fun.

14. Decorating station with Easter eggs

Easter egg decoration might be old-fashioned, but the charm of the same never fades. Keep crayons, brushes, and paints ready so that you can try your creativity on the Easter eggs. There might be a small competition and a prize for the best decorator.

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15. Mini Easter piñatas

With mini Easter piñatas, every child’s dream comes true. It is true that efforts are invested in making these goodies, but when the guests take these home with merriment, you know your efforts are worth it.

16. Bunny bath bombs

The bath bombs might not be very fascinating for the kids, but they are interesting for the parents for sure. The bunny shaped bath bombs can be used in spa treatments. These can be put inside the eggs or can be given as prizes for events.

17. Bunny pie boxes

How about making bunny pie boxes and have some yum stuff filled in these? It is a great way of increasing the fun in the festivity. Kids are sure to be super elated with such ideas and Easter gifts.


18. Easter lemon cake

Cake breaks are always welcome amidst a busy Easter party. Serving a delicious lemon cake is a great idea on the occasion of Easter. The cake can be served in between the Easter egg hunt as refreshment.

19. Tattoos on Easter eggs

So far, you have heard of tattooing on the skin. How about tattooing some Easter eggs for fun? The gilded option is fun for not only kids, but for adults alike. Get creative and fancy with egg décor.

20. Easter egg popper tree

Kids will surely love this idea of an egg popper tree. Hang colorful Easter eggs from the tree via colorful strings and wires. The eggs can be wrapped in colorful paper or in some other kind of décor to make them attractive.

21. Moonlight Easter egg hunt

This Easter egg hunt is for little grownups. This event mainly takes place in the evening and flashlights will guide to the eggs. It will be an interesting affair!

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