31 Interesting Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


Easter is recognized as a festival among Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible , Jesus was condemned to death on Friday and then rose later on Sunday. Therefore , Easter is held on every first Sunday soon after the full moon in March which usually turns out to happen between 22nd of March to 25th of April. This year it is on 12th April.

easter basket ideas for kids

People travel all the way to meet their family and relatives to celebrate the occasion. Kids are excited about it and under secular tradition, they go out in search of candies and eggs with their baskets to keep them .Following are some of the interesting as well as creative Easter Basket Ideas for kids :

Top 31 Easy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Grass Easter Basket:

Such basket is considered a lively idea on classic Easter basket. All it requires an old basket along with some easy growing rye or wheatgrass and colorful eggs to keep.

Artistic Basket:

For the creative little artist such baskets are worth it. It is innovative as well as inspirational for the little artist of the family. The basket would consist of all necessary things an artist requires like pencils , colored pencils , watercolors , canvas and some chocolate eggs.


Iris Easter Basket:

The best time saving easter basket idea. The spring bulbs outside from the pot are to be plucked out and arranged in a way so that they later easily disassemble once the party is over. There is no need for any finicky flower. All it needs is iris bulbs along with Moss and marbled Easter eggs.

Rain boots Easter Basket:

One of the creative ideas is to use colorful rain boots instead of the basic basket idea. This will definitely surprise your child. Get a pair of beautiful boots to fill them up with Easter grass and with chocolates and candies according to children’s preferences.

Simple Felt Easter Basket:

The classy yet simple Easter Basket made up of 100 percent wool felt with stitches around the edges. Such a basket is soft to feel and the woolen grass inside the basket provides perfect resting bed to the eggs. Though it is a little time consuming but it is worth.

Flower Pot Basket:

It is a beautiful representation of a basket containing various flowers and a color palette. It can beautify the place where it is kept , let it be the living room or the balcony.

Colorful Bucket Easter Basket:

It is one of the cutest and exciting baskets every school going child will love .Here a metallic old bucket is converted into a fancy colorful basket containing amazing treats for kids.

Toddler Beach Bucket:

Families residing near the coast go to beaches in summers and spring. Thus , gifting the toddler of the family a beach bucket as an Easter Basket would be perfect.


Pampering Easter Basket:

Pampering is something every parent does to the child almost all the time. But on Easter day has to be the best one. Preparing a basket for a girl who loves cosmetics will be easy and will make her happy whereas in boys who love car toys , a basket full of such toy cars will be perfect.

Candy Tree:

The Easter basket was traditionally hanged on branches of the tree. The same could be done on grown branches. Hanging these basket with candies will attract children and later the kids would take care of the plant and maintain it.

Crafty Hot Air Balloon Easter Basket:

This will show your creativity and would be used as a decorative showpiece in the house later.

Faux Flower Easter Basket:

Flowers always beautify things. The artificial flowers last for long hence their use will make the basket look beautiful longer.

Basket Ball Easter Basket:

If your child loves basketball then this will turn out to be the perfect gift for him or her. Kids will love it for sure.

Gardening Easter Basket:

Such a basket is a thoughtful gift. It is the best way to welcome gardening skills and opportunities for children.


Dump truck Easter Basket:

This kind of basket is perfect for baby’s who cannot hold the heavy baskets for long but can drool it all the way with the string. Converting the toy truck into easter basket is creative and acceptable for younger children.

Baking Easter Basket:

Some kids love cooking and this basket is perfect for them. Putting all possible kitchen toys will make this basket appreciable.


Easter is one of the favorite festivals to be celebrated in Western countries. Kids love celebrating it too. Gifting them such beautiful Easter Basket will make them cheerful and happy about Easter.