Spermicide: Usage, Advantages and Side Effects


Chemicals are employed in spermicide to stop sperm from entering an egg. Before engaging in sexual activity, you place it in your vagina to prevent getting pregnant.

Most drugstores, pharmacies, and superstores sell spermicide over the counter without a prescription in the condom section.It’s also possible to buy Phexxi, a brand-new vaginal contraceptive gel. Despite not being a spermicide, phexxi can be employed in a comparable pattern by putting the gel in the vagina prior to engaging in sexual activity to stop the sperm from getting into contact with an egg. 

spermicide gel

What Causes Spermicide To Happen?

Before having intercourse, you inject a substance called spermicide deep into your vagina. It prevents sperm from swimming to your egg well enough and blocks the opening of the cervix, which prevents sperm from reaching your ovary. These two factors work together to prevent conception.

Spermicide can be used either alone or in conjunction with other birth control measures. A condom and spermicide combination provides further pregnancy prevention (bonus: condoms prevent STDs, too).

For best results, spermicide should be applied in addition to cervical caps and diaphragms.


To kill is the meaning of the root word “cide” in the phrase “spermicide.” Spermicide slows down sperm so that it cannot reach an egg, but it does not actually “kill” the sperm.

What Varieties Of Spermicide Are There?

There are several methods to use spermicide, including creams, gels, films, foams, and suppositories (soft inserts that melt into a cream inside your vagina).

Despite the wide variety of spermicide types and brands on the market, they all work by blocking the cervix and preventing sperm from migrating, which is how they all work. The spermicide you like using the best is the one you should use.

Can I Safely Commit Spermicide?

Most people are completely safe from spermicide. Nonoxynol-9, a substance found in the majority of spermicides, does have certain dangers. When used frequently throughout the day, it can irritate your vagina and increase your risk of getting HIV and some other STDs. This is because infections may enter your body more easily when your vagina is inflamed. Consequently, to protect yourself and your partners, use condoms in addition to spermicide.

Which Risks Are Connected To The Use Of Spermicide?

You may be vulnerable to spermicide if you experience vaginal discomfort or inflammation after using it. You might experiment with an alternative spermicide brand to see if it has an impact. If the discomfort is especially bad or continues even after switching brands, talk to your doctor or nurse.

Consult a nurse or a physician if:

  • when you urinate, it hurts (pee)
  • you experience bleeding or spotting outside of your typical period.
  • Your vagina or vulva feels tender, itching, or red
  • You have vaginal discharge that differs from your typical discharge.
  • These signs could indicate an infection or other health issues.

Not to worry; a nurse or doctor can help you determine the nature of your problem and the best course of action. Most problems are straightforward to solve.

Is Spermicide Safe To Consume?

No. If swallowed or consumed, spermicide can be dangerous and harmful to your health. Use spermicide just within and close to your vagina. If you consume spermicide, go to the hospital right away or dial a poison control center right away.

Advantages Of Using Spermicide 

Spermicide is inexpensive, practical, simple to use, and hormone-free.

Both Practical and Affordable

No matter the manufacturer or retailer, spermicide can be bought for as little as 60 cents per use. Additionally, some community health centers and Planned Parenthood health facilities might provide free spermicide.

Doesn’t Need Prescription

Spermicide is available at most drugstores and supermarkets, and it doesn’t necessitate either a prescription or a visit to the physician in order to be used. Spermicide may be carried anywhere you go because the packets are so portable.

Sex is not interrupted by Spermicide

You can inject spermicide into your vagina before having sex, so you don’t have to stop your behavior to start taking birth control pills. Making your lover inject spermicide into your vagina will make using it a part of foreplay.


Hormones Aren’t Present in Spermicide

If you decide against using hormonal birth control or are unable to use it because of a medical condition, spermicide may be a helpful alternative. 

Disadvantages Of Using Spermicides 

  • It might be challenging for some people to apply spermicide appropriately every time they engage in sexual activity. Side effects of spermicide are also possible.
  • It must be utilized each time you have intercourse. Spermicide shall, to the greatest extent practicable, be applied prior to each vaginal intercourse and shall be used in the manner prescribed.
  • There are many different birth control methods available that are less complicated to use and provide superior pregnancy prevention if you are unsure that you will be capable of using spermicide each time you engage in vaginal intercourse (like IUDs and implants). 
  • The greatest approach to lower your chance of contracting STDs is to use condoms or internal condoms single time you have intercourse, regardless of the type of birth control you are taking. Additionally, using condoms in addition to an alternative method of birth control improves your chances of not getting pregnant.

Adverse Effects Of Spermicide

  • A component in spermicide called nonoxynol-9 has the potential to injure delicate vaginal tissues, particularly if used often throughout the day. Since it provides an accessible entry point for viruses inside your body, that discomfort raises your chance of contracting HIV and other STDs. Additionally, some persons have spermicide allergies.
  • One of you may be susceptible to spermicide if your vagina or partner’s penis feels painful or inflamed after sexual activity. The greatest approach to lower your chance of contracting STDs is to use condoms or internal condoms every time you have intercourse, regardless of the type of birth control you are taking. Additionally, using condoms in addition to other kinds of birth control increases your ability to prevent pregnancy.
  • Spermicide may not be an effective contraceptive option for you if altering brands doesn’t work. Additionally, you are given access to contraceptive choices like the use of condoms in conjunction with spermicide and an additional layer of STD protection. The greatest method to help keep yourself healthy if you’re going to be sexually active is to always use condoms and to routinely get tested for STDs.
  • Spermicide doesn’t provide any STD prevention. Additionally, regularly utilizing spermicide might simply increase your chance of contracting HIV and other STDs. This occurs because spermicide contains a chemical that might irritate your vagina, making it simpler for STD germs to infect you.
  • Using spermicide may be messy. A small mess might result from spermicide as it oozes out of your vagina. A little weird flavoring is also possible.