11 Foods to Eat to Conceive a Boy


Incorporating or altering your diet charts is no brain stormer that it drastically improves the odds of having a baby boy. Yes certain foods do tilt the balance of a baby boy or girl as per your preferences. Medical experts have compared how foods influence gender trends and how couples derive positive effects by following a particular diet. It could be high in acidiccontent, rich in certain minerals, vitamins or calories drastically improves the chances of a baby boy.

11 Foods to Eat to Conceive a Boy

1} Breakfast cereals

This may not prove to be mannish, but on consumption of it chances of conceiving a baby boy improves. The logic is simple, as women who have breakfast cereals adds to vitamins and minerals intake whereby calories consumed is reduced substantially. In a nutrient encouraging scenario generation of male sperm increases and chances of a baby boy improves.

2} Mushrooms

 A vital source of minerals, vitamin D and B and nutrients(potassium along with vitamin D) improve the chances of being pregnant with a male boy. Mushrooms should be integrated in your daily diet if you are planning to conceive a baby boy.


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3} Glucose

If levels of glucose are on the higher side, it augers well for the development of a baby. A diet rich in calories tilts the balance in favour of male conception. Medical experts reveal that a diet rich in glucose has a direct impact on the gender of a baby, a higher glucose content improves chances of conceiving a baby boy. A word of caution as you should not restore to consumption of too much sweets to increase levels of glucose.




4} Citrus fruits

A natural source of vitamin C, these foods could be an integral part of your diet.  Termed as acidic, lemon along with varied fruits is rich in vitamin C that alkalizes the body. Lime or grapefruits can be eaten if you want a boy.

5} Bananas

One of the popular foods of conceiving a baby as it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Out of the various minerals that the fruit has, potassium is the most important as it is tonic for male sperm to emerge. This fruit is high on calories and nourishing at the same time.

6} Salty snacks

Having a diet rich in salt is likely to have the same impact on consuming foods high in potassium.  Pay due attention to the fact that consumption of too much salt could prove fatal in the long run. During pregnancy, too much salt accumulates water in the body.


7} Pickles

Pickles and pregnancy cravings have a correlation. Pregnant women craving for pickles are more likely to have a baby boy. This point holds valid as pickle has a high soldium content falling into the domain of salty foods improving chances of a baby boy. If you are planning a natural method to have a baby boy, then pickle should be a part of your diet.

8} Apple

A viable alternative to sweets and is loaded with nutrients, though poor on the calories front. Your overall health system is strengthened and at the same time chances of conceving a baby boy improves. So applies should be embedded into your diet and consumed when fresh leaving their skin intact.


9} Steak

It falls into the category of foods that needs to be consumed on a regular basis of being pregnant with a baby boy. It is a natural method and soothing to the tongue. Irrespective of the fact that meat despite the way it is cooked is an acidic food you should lower the servings of it. If too much steak is part of your diet, odds of conceiving a baby boy diminishes. Make sure that you do not consume it with foods high on carbohydrates as you will face a hard time digesting it.

10} Tomatoes

Slightly alkaline in nature, what really favours for conception of a male is being empowered with minerals or vitamins paving way for quality male sperm. If you are on the lookout for natural foods to improve the odds of having a baby boy, then tomato is not a bad choice. It could be added on to your daily breakfast in raw form or could be part of your dishes or salads as well.

11} Zinc

Another important mineral that drastically improves the chances of conceiving a baby boy. Male sperms are strengthened andbetter count of sperm improves the chances of a male boy.

This pretty much concludes our discussion on the top 11 foods to consume in improving conception of a male boy.


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