22 Must Know Foods to Control Diarrhea


There are many natural foods and diets which can help you get through diarrhea. Starting from apples to bael fruit, bananas to chebulic myrobalam, there are many food alternatives which are good for your tummy.

According to Bakhru (2000) carrot juices have tremendous anti-diarrheal properties which can stop loose motion and calm your child’s tummy down. Curd is a good source of digestive bacteria and that is why you can give it to your child if he/she is suffering from upset tummy. Then there are foods like dill, garlic, ginger, and fenugreek seeds which can also be helpful for stopping the ailment.

Fruits like guava, jambul, pomegranate, lemon and mango are also quite good when your child is suffering from tummy upset. Herbs like mint also acts as cooling agents, helpful for calming down your child’s upset tummy. It is advised that you go on a full rice diet (discarding wheat) when your child is suffering from diarrhea. (Bakhru, 2000).

22 Foods that Control Diarrhea

1. Apple

Apples have lovely anti- diarrheal properties which can stop loose motion. The acid present in this fruit is known to kill the bacteria causing the diarrhea. (Paganini & Zimmerman, 2016). You can offer your child with grated raw apples in form of fruit salad.

If your child is below 3 years old then you can boil the apple and make it into a mash. Feed your child at least one apple, per day to get the results. It will harden the stool and cure the disease.

Control Diarrhea


 2. Babul:

This popular tree in India has enormous medicinal properties. Starting from the bark to the leaves and also the fruit has tremendous health benefit. Babul fruits contain tannin and gallic acid.

Gallic acid is known to cure diarrhea and also intestinal diseases. Sometimes severe diarrhea affects the intestine of your child. Some of the bacteria remain there for a long time. Consuming babul might just help your child’s body to kill those harmful bacteria. (Bakhru, 2000).

3. Bael Fruit:

Unripe or half-ripe bael fruits are marvelous for curing churning stomachs and loose motions. The calming effect of a glass of bael juice can help your child get some relief from the tremendous stomach aches associated with diarrhea.

Unripe bael can be sliced and dried in the sun. Then those pieces can be served to your child, mixed with brown sugar or jaggery. They are tasty and healthy at the same time. Bael fruits will also protect your child from diseases like dysentery.

 4. Banana:

This hugely popular fruit is a combination of energy-building fibers, protein, vitamin, and minerals. The thick covering of banana can actually protect your child’s inner stomach lining from harmful bacteria.

It is the food which can directly control the colonic functions in your child’s intestine and can kill the bacteria causing diarrhea. It makes it possible for your child’s intestine to absorb sufficient amount of water to cure the disease.


5. Carrot Soup:

A soup made from carrot has tremendous healing power, as far as diarrhea is concerned. It does great many things for your child. Firstly, it replenishes the fluid that your child will lose if he/she is suffering from diarrhea. Moreover, it also restores back the amount of nutrition needed in the body. (Steffen & Hill, 2015)

Carrots also have the potential to put a coat on the intestine of your child, thereby protecting it from the harmful bacteria. Carrots’ anti-inflammatory properties also cure any sort of infections which might be troubling your child’s stomach. Make sufficient amount of this soup and allow your child to have it a bit, every hour throughout the day.

6. Chebulic Myrobalan

This ancient Indian herb has magical healing properties. Often referred to as the elixir for a long-life this herb has tremendous medicinal value. According to Bakhru (2000) this particular herb has anti-diarrheal properties. Pulp of the fruit, given to your child, twice a day will definitely help him/her recover from the pain and anguish.

The anti-bacterial property of the herb will make sure that the bugs in the stomach and intestine are all dead and cleaned off so that your child gets the much desired relief.

7. Curd

Curd or yogurt is rich in bacteria which are good for your child’s stomach. The harmful bacteria all kill off the useful ones and create trouble in the tummy. Consumption of curd will make sure that the bacterial balance in your child’s stomach is restored.

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota reveal that the presence of curd either kills the e-coli bacteria or hinders its growth and development. So, either way it is good for your child. Especially if is summer or monsoon, curds can be very beneficial for your little one.


8. Dill

Unknown to many people, dill is a leafy green with various health benefits. The herb is known for restoring back the stomach functionality of people suffering from troubled tummy.

It has a definite calming effect which is much welcomed after a disastrous diarrhea or any other kind of stomach ailment. This natural medicine can be offered to your child in form of chutney along with the main course meal.

 9. Drumstick Leaves:

We often ignore the leaves, but some leaves do have good healing power. Especially drumstick leaves are full of nutrition and have magical anti-bacterial properties. The tender pods of drumsticks are the most useful part.

The juice made from the leaves has proven anti-diarrheal properties and can be offered to your child on a regular basis. Take a teaspoon of this juice and mix with honey along with a glass of coconut water makes a wonderful herbal medicine for diarrhea. (Bakhru, 2000).

10. Fenugreek Seeds:

If your child is suffering too much and is desperate to get a quick relief, then in that case half a teaspoon of this seed mixed with water can bring immediate relief. It is usually the second dosage which makes things even better.

However, these are very powerful anti-diarrheal foods and only should be given upon receiving proper medical instructions. Do not tend to the overdose your child because the impact might become adverse.


11. Garlic

Garlic can easily be regarded as a super-food for both children and adults. Filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties this root vegetable can offer relief from painful diarrhea.

This powerful antibiotic can be crushed and offered with warm water. It offers instant relief from churning stomach pains. Also raw garlic and garlic pastes are equally useful for kids suffering from diarrhea.

12. Ginger:

Ginger along with garlic has strong antibiotic properties. Ginger is known for killing stomach bugs and also keeps the intestine clean. The anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger allow it to attack the free radicals and the bacteria in your child’s body.

Not only stomach flu but ginger is a good choice for curing many other diseases like common cold and fever. Sliced ginger mixed with rock salt is both tasty and healthy. You can also offer your child a cup of tea mixed with ginger juice and lemon. It will offer a quick relief from the aching stomach.

13. Unripe Guava:

Unripe guava is rich in vitamin C. Apart from that it also contains a lot of useful minerals which are normally good for your child’s health. The pulp of this fruit when mixed with butter milk makes a very good juice to have to cure diarrhea.

The fruit is also rich in tannin which is especially effective in case of diarrhea and any other form of stomach disease. Moreover, guavas are free from any sort of side-effects and that it why they pretty safe to be given to children.


14. Jambul

Jambul, or Indian blackberry seed has terrific anti-diarrheal properties. Like some herbs, mentioned in this list, the seeds of Jambul can actually offer instant relief to the suffering party. (Bakhru, 2000).

Finely grinded jambul seeds, mixed with hot water needs to be had every 2-3 hours. However, check whether your child can take this herbal medicine before you introduce to him/her.

15. Lemon:

Rich in vitamin C lemon and limes have good anti-diarrheal qualities. Lemon contains various antibiotics which kill off any harmful bacteria in your child’s stomach. Lemon contains a huge amount of Vitamin C. It also helps in boosting your child’s immunity. You can mix one spoon of sugar and one pinch of salt with one spoon of lemon juice and mix it well in a glass of water. This will help your child to get the desired relief from the tremendous stomach aches.

16. Mint

If your child’s age is more than 5 years, then you can offer him/her with mint. Mint has some sedentary benefits which will allow your child to get some relief from the stomach pain. Taken in small dosages, mint is generally very good for digestion.

It will help your little one to get relief from the regular aching and will allow him/her to relax a bit. However, raw mint leaves should not be given. Add a bit of mint in chilled water and make it into sherbet. Also mint candies are useful in such situations.

17. Rice Water

Not a very well known home remedy, but rice waters do tend to cure many stomach related problems for children. Firstly you should boil a cup of rice in a pan. Wait till the rice gets soft. Rinse the rice and eat it separately. However, do not throw the water away.


This water is very good for treating stomach flu in children. You can always add a pinch of ginger and honey to this water to make it tasty for your child. This is always a very safe and effective remedy.

18. Mango

Mangoes are high in sugar content and are very good for stomach virus. It is a very well known home remedy for stomach virus. If your offer your child homemade mango juice, during that phase, it will work better than any medication. (Guarino, 2015)

Mangoes have anti-inflammatory property which allows them to cure the infection in your child’s digestive system and also intestine. Just like apples, this marvelous fruit is also good for your child and can offer multiple benefits.

19. Nutmeg

This popular Indian condiment has a lot to offer when it comes to offer relief from stomach related ailments, especially diarrhea. Take 4-5 grams of this spice and then powder it into small granules.

Then mix the powder with some banana and offer it to your child in the form of a mash. This will help your child to get some gradual relief.

20. Rice

When your child is suffering from stomach flu or diarrhea then rice should be preferred over wheat based cereals. This is due to the fact that rice is low in fiber when compared to wheat. As a result they are easy to digest when your child’s tummy is not in proper shape. Also rice has a calming effect.


Just like rice water it has a big effect on the overall stomach and intestinal health of your child. This cereal tends to provide a big protective coat over your child’s stomach and intestinal lining thereby making it difficult for the bacteria to continue the attack.

21. Turmeric:

A key ingredient to any curry, turmeric offers many benefits to your child. Helping cure diarrhea is certainly one of them. Turmeric has great healing qualities and is good for his/her immunity. It repairs damaged tissues of stomach and helps your child to recover from stomach troubles. (Nuraida, 2015)

22. Pomegranate:

Add this wonderfully refreshing fruit in the list of guavas and mangoes which will help your child, recover from diarrhea. Pomegranate is a typical astringent fruit. That is why it is good for diarrhea and other stomach upsets.

However, if you think that your child might choke on the seeds then make seedless pomegranate juice. Make him/her drink 50ml of that juice at regular interval. It will revitalize your child with some much needed healthy fluid.

Other food alternatives:

If your child is suffering from diarrhea then you must make sure that he/she is properly hydrated, all the time. Stomach virus tends to cause more deficiency in minerals. That is why it will help your child if he/she drinks electrolyte water. It not only will help him/her to get the desired energy but also it will help your little one to restore the salt balance in his/her body.

Constant vomiting and loose motion robs your little one from the required minerals. Instead of purchasing commercially available electrolytes, you can also make rehydration solutions at home. You can add 8 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and it give it your child.


Caraway teas are fantastic remedies of stomach flu in children. Add some caraway seeds in a cup of hot water. Then keep it like that for 10 minutes. Then strain the water and the tea is ready for your child. It will provide him/her with great relief from stomach aches and pains. You can give him/her the tea up till three times a day. (Guarino, 2015)


Make sure of your child’s age, digestive capacity and allergies before trying the home remedies. Sometime fruits become very difficult to eat and digest specially in the raw form. In that case you can turn them into mash or paste.

Also if the situation gets out of hand it is always safe to call the doctor. In many cases stomach infections and viruses are not cured by home remedies. Prolonging home treatments will only delay the cure. Things might also turn for the worse. If your child is suffering for over a stretch of three days it is vital that you call your pediatrician. However, things like rice water and yogurt can also be given alongside medicines. They will help your child to restore the biotic balance in the digestive system.