11 Foods to Avoid After a Miscarriage


Salmon, meat, french fries, junk food, pizza and pie, sugary drinks, instantly cooked items, candy, dairy products, fried food and soy products are some of the foods to avoid after  miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a heartbreaking but commonly occurring problem that affects more than 15% of the population of women who are reproductively active. Whether you are on the way to motherhood or not, it is important for men and women to be aware of the threats and nuances of miscarriage before taking on the arduous journey of rearing a child.

For women, it is the question of knowing their bodies better, and knowing what to do and how to act if misfortune strikes. It is important for their partners to understand the details of miscarriage to provide the support that their partners may need if the worst comes true. If you have suffered from miscarriage before, there are a number of organic ways in which you can strengthen your body. Resorting to healthy food after miscarriage is one important method which can help the process of recovery and also set the path for mental healing and restoration.

There are a number of things to keep in mind as you chart out your diet plans after a miscarriage. It is vital that you know the kind of food to avoid after miscarriage and the kind of foods to eat after miscarriage without any lasting consequences. Here are a few ways in which you can make food-related decisions after a miscarriage.

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Miscarriage Foods: Top 11 Food to Avoid After Miscarriage

food to avoid after miscarriage



Though salmon is regarded as a lean meat as is usually kosher when one wants to eat healthy, the situation is a little different when you have just undergone a miscarriage. Salmon can be classified as an oily fish.

Even though it’s omega-3 fatty acid content is beneficial in the first trimester of pregnancy, the oily nature of the fish and often the way it is cooked is something that you would want to avoid. If at all your doctor prescribes the fish as a part of your diet, make sure that you use creative low-fat techniques of cooking with lots of baking and boiling to keep the negative aspects at bay.


In general, meat is not merely a protein source but also a source of saturated fats. In order to restore your health and prepare your body for a future pregnancy if you wish, it is advised that you draw your protein from other sources. This way you can avoid the fat in meat and enjoy only the benefits of its healthy alternatives. Beef, lamb, pork and poultry are rich sources of saturated fats that can increase inflammation. Make sure that you opt for lean meats, beans and cold water fish for your regular protein.

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French fries

We all crave the occasional junk food that may otherwise destroy the health regimen that we have carefully selected and put in place for ourselves. French fries are a common craving and while it may satisfy your craving, it does nothing to improve the state of your health. Say no to the fries whenever you can in order to make the right choices for your body to heal fast and right. An easy-to-make alternative for French fries may be made at home by baking some sweet potato with olive oil and garnished with some herbs.

Junk food

Junk food of any kind is usually a minefield of trans fat, a derivative of vegetable oil used in the preparation of these items that can greatly increase the risk of inflammation in your body. Moreover, if a product has less than 0.5% trans fat, it need not be listed on the label in the packaging. In order to avoid anything with trans fat, keep an eye out for items that have partially hydrogenated oils and keep them out of the list of healthy food after miscarriage.

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Pizza and pie

Also belonging to the transfat category of unhealthy food, both pizza and pie fall under the category of foods to avoid after miscarriage. Both pie and pizza are favorite indulgences that people like to give in to every once in a while and it is difficult to come up with healthy alternatives. But avoiding these items is in your best interest as you come up with a diet plan after the miscarriage.

Sugary drinks

Carbonated water with high sugar content, like coke or other similar beverages are never an option when you are trying to rebuild your health in the correct and appropriate way. It definitely makes the list of the kind of  food to avoid after miscarriage and remains a threat to great health, as always.

Instantly cooked items

Instant rice and instant noodles may have given us a hand in the past when we needed food fast, but as far as the intention to consume healthy food after miscarriage goes, it is best that you opt for other options.



One of our most popular weaknesses, it is best to lay of the candy craving for a while as you set your body and your life back on track again.

Dairy products

Dairy products derived from animals like milk, butter and cheese are also high in fat content. While they may be healthier options in different contexts, they are definitely food to avoid after miscarriage.

Fried food

The problems with fried food is similar to the kind posed by unhealthy junk food. The threat of a high fat content is there as well, which can increase the risk of inflammation in your body.

Soy products

The sheer process of artificial and synthetic production of soy products is something you should stay away from as you attempt to rebuild your health.

The best foods to eat after miscarriage is usually the kind made at home. Make sure that you use available tricks to come up with acceptable alternatives to all your junk food cravings. Moreover, if the details mentioned above are difficult for you to understand or incorporate in your day-to-day life, you could always consult a nutritionist who can help you with what you need.





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