11 Must Know Side Effects of a Vaginal Delivery


Vaginal birth can be a great experience. However, the experience is not without the side effects. Starting from spotting to heavy bleeding there are many things that can happen to you during and after vaginal delivery. Every pregnancy is different. That is why vaginal deliveries have different effects.

Apart from bleeding there will be the itchiness of the minor stitches. Then there will be pain from vaginal tears. There will also be cramps and after pains of labor. There will be some difficulty in bowl movement after vaginal movement, as it might hurt. Also at the same time you might emotional issues. Your bladder can be in a pretty bad shape after the delivery. There can be damages to the pelvic floor.

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Side Effects of a Vaginal Delivery

Vaginal Tears

The entire process of natural birth takes its toll on the vaginal tissues. During the process of the child birth many tender veins and tissues get ruptured. This does not only will cause you pain but also at the same time will make you bleed for a longer time period. Sometimes the hidden wounds take a longer time to heal. That causes further discomfiture in your future.


Spotting can be another side effect of natural delivery. Mostly due to the tears and the damages to the pelvic floor, spotting can continue for a while. If it continues for a longer time period then you should visit your doctor on an immediate basis.

Again don’t panic if spotting occurs on a regular basis. As your body is currently undergoing lots of changes spotting is normal. It is your body’s combative mechanism for cleaning up the remains of the labor and the actual delivery of your child. But you must check how often the spotting occurs. Also how heavy it is. Anything unusual should be reported to the doctor.


Heavy Bleeding

Sometimes spotting can make way for heavy bleeding. Bleeding can be as heavy to soak up an entire pad in an hour. In such cases you must always give your doctor a call. Heavy bleeding is a serious problem and its possibility is more in case of natural birth.

Blood Clot

Sometimes instead of bleeding some blood gets clotted inside. This symptom is also very risky because it opens up chances of further infection. This is very risky as blood clotting can turn very nasty and cause a lot of pain for you, in the future.

Vaginal Delivery

Irritation in the Stitches

Some parts of your vagina will require some stitching. Those stitches might cause occasional itchiness. However, you cannot scratch until the wound heals completely. It is not a major concern, but nonetheless it causes tremendous discomfort to you. This irritation continues for weeks till the stitch dries up completely.

Constant Pain

Apart from the pains and irritation of the vaginal tear there will be cramp and labor pains associated with natural delivery. This is something very jarring that you need to deal with. C-section deliveries are not associated with so much after birth pains. However, in case of natural vaginal deliveries the pains continue to remain even months after the actual birth of your child.

Emotional Problems

Many mothers face emotional problems after delivery. However, the problems double if the delivery is a normal one. The medicines and the injections misbalance the hormones to a great extent. This can lead to depression and other serious problems. This can make you feel like being separated from your baby.


Scars Tissues

A natural delivery can scar many tissues. Those tissues might never heal. This can cause severe problems. They might not hurt you physically or emotionally. But they remain there. However, it might cause future complications. It might cause difficulties in future deliveries.

Problems in Bowl Movement

Due to the tears and ruptures of the vaginal and anal tissues there will be constant problem in your bowl movement. The area will hurt you constantly. You might also develop a phobia out of it. This is also a concerning side effect of vaginal delivery. The area will remain uncomfortable for a long duration and will remain as it is for weeks and even months.

Chances of Diabetes

Natural delivery always puts additional pressure on your uterus and also the bladder. That means that there is always a chance that you might become diabetic due to natural birth. The extra pressure might haunt you for a really long time. Your bladder can also be significantly damaged. The muscles of the pelvic floor will also hamper your overall functioning of the vagina.

Periods will be Heavy

Don’t get shocked if your first postpartum period is heavier than you anticipate. It is scary. But don’t get too nervous as it is normal. So you don’t need to worry. However, if it continues for a week, then you must consult your doctor. Also check whether it hurts too much. That is also not a good sign.

If you are experiencing your first postpartum period after natural birth, that is something very positive. However, you should keep track of the amount of blood flow.

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Natural delivery is by far the best possible outcome. So, do not get disheartened by the consequences. It is important that you talk with your doctors and take proper precautions for the side effects. Fatal risk of c-section obviously includes the death of the mother. Though rare nowadays, profuse blood loss can actually cause the death of the mother and also the death of the infant. The risks of such events are actually very low. Advanced technology and anesthesia has made the delivery process almost painless. The birth rates have risen all over the world. If your doctor advises you a natural delivery please clarify the reason of the decision with him or her. Some of the side effects are serious whilst some of it might fade away with time. So, irrespective of the outcome it is important for you to take care of the factors and deal with it accordingly.