11 Surprising Health Benefits of Fiddleheads


Fiddleheads helps control blood pressure, great for heart, healthy for eyes, beneficial for hair, energy booster, helps to increase red blood cells, boosts the immune system and bone health.

Fiddleheads are fern-like structures, which are widely eaten during the spring season. They are most popular in various places in Asia. But they also happen to possess numerous benefits which most of us are unaware of. In this article, we will discuss the 11 health benefits of fiddleheads. Read on to find out what those benefits are…

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Top 11 Health Benefits of Fiddleheads

Helps Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of flowing blood on the walls of blood vessels. Anyone, including kids, can develop high blood pressure. Regular exercise and reducing sodium in your diet may help in controlling blood pressure. Doctors suggest eating foods that contain a high amount of potassium; it plays a vital role in controlling high blood pressure. Fiddleheads contain a high amount of potassium; they contain around 370mg of potassium per 100g. A healthy adult should try to consume 3,500 to 4,700 mg of potassium daily from foods. Adding Fiddleheads in your diet will be a good idea if you want to control blood pressure.


Great for Heart

Consuming fast foods, candy, Soft drinks, and sugar-sweetened juices in excess is bad for your heart. Fiddleheads are rich in antioxidants and minerals like calcium which is essential for a healthy heart. Eating a diet rich in antioxidant-containing foods, such as Fiddleheads, is linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy for Eyes

Fiddleheads are incredibly rich in Vitamin A, it helps protect the cornea, it is essential for good vision. Studies show vitamin A eye drops are useful for the treatment of dry eyes. Lack of vitamin A makes the cornea to become extremely dry, starting to cloud of the front of the eye. Fiddleheads are also rich in Vitamin C and it is a powerful antioxidant that may protect your eyes against damaging free radicals.

Beneficial for Hair

An average person loses about 100 hairs a day. But if you started to lose more than that then it might become a problem. The most common problem of hair loss is a genetic condition called pattern baldness. Fiddleheads contain Vitamin A and every cell requires vitamin A for growth. This involves hair, the fastest growing tissue in the body.

Vitamin C present in fiddleheads is a powerful antioxidant that protects hairs from free radicals that can damage and can block the growth and can cause your hair to age.

Energy Booster

The type and quantity of food you eat play a vital role in managing your energy levels throughout the day. Any foods give you energy, some foods contain nutrients that could help boost your energy levels and maintain your focus and alertness during the day. Fiddleheads contain Zinc, it contributes to cell signaling. It’s one of the most essential minerals for energy, protein synthesis, and growth.

Helps to Increase Red Blood Cells

Eating an iron-rich diet can increase your body’s production of Red Blood Cells. Fiddlehead is a source of iron, Red blood cells, are produced regularly in your bone marrow, it is a spongy substance located within the cavities of many of your large bones. To produce red blood cells and hemoglobin, your body needs iron, vitamin B-12, folate, and other nutrients, and Fiddleheads provides almost everything.


Boosts the Immune System

The immune system is our body’s natural defense system. It’s a complex network of tissues, cells, and organs that band together to protect your body against attackers. Those attackers can include bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungus, all with the potential to make us ill. Vitamin C which is present in fiddleheads in great amount is one of the biggest immune system boosters. A lack of vitamin C can make you more likely to get sick.

Helps in Losing Belly Fat

Fiddleheads contain very fewer amounts of calories, only 34 calories per 100g of fiddleheads. Fiddleheads are also rich in fiber, Soluble Fiber Helps Decrease Appetite. The best way to lose belly fat is to lose weight. And given that soluble fiber is a great natural hunger suppressant, it can help you do that. Studies have found that consuming soluble fiber decreases the levels of hunger hormones produced by the body.

Anti Inflammatory

Antioxidants found in fiddleheads shield your cells from the effects of free radicals and can help reduce an excess of inflammation in your body. Fiddleheads are a great source of Vitamin C and, According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; vitamin C was inversely linked with one of the major markers for inflammation in the body- C Reactive Protein –the higher the vitamin C, the lower the inflammation.

Beneficial for Skin

Healthy skin protects you from the sun’s rays, especially ultraviolet light that can harm cells. Healthy skin provides vitamin D when exposed to the sun, and vitamin D is essential for many body functions. Fiddleheads are a great source of antioxidants, which protect skin by restricting the generation of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.

Boosts Bone Health

Bones play various roles in the body like providing structure, defending organs, storing calcium, and anchoring muscles. Bone health is very important. The combination of calcium and collagen produces about 99% of your bone tissue. So, it makes sense that you require calcium in your diet to keep your bones strong and healthy and fiddleheads are rich in calcium and other minerals like magnesium and potassium which are important for healthy bones.

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Side Effects of Fiddleheads

You must always wash fiddlehead ferns as there are ample chances of it being home to germs and microbes.

The presence of enzyme thiaminase in fiddleheads can cause beriberi and vitamin B complex deficiency. Therefore it is advisable to consume these plants in small quantities,

Therefore, to conclude, fiddleheads are really healthy and good to eat, but you have to be careful while buying them and also while washing them. Take these few precautions and enjoy fiddleheads all the time!






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