11 Advantages of Using Female Condoms


When it comes to female condoms, they are 95-98% effective. A female condom needs to be placed inside the vagina before the intercourse that can help you to protect from any sexually transmitted diseases. These can be pushed as far in the vagina and it is also easy to remove them yourself later on. However, women who are not comfortable touching their genital area may find using a female condom a bit uncomfortable. One thing to be kept in mind while using a female condom is that these should not be reused, which means that you should always open a new one every single time you have sex.

The Benefits & Advantages of Female Condoms

female condoms

There are a number of benefits of using a female condom and these are as listed below:

Help prevent STDs

The only methods of birth control are the condoms and female condoms. These also help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It is a good idea to use condoms every time you have sex even if you are using some other method of birth control in order to prevent and protect yourself from STDs.

Increase sexual pleasure

Yes! If you are using female condoms, this will make sex even better. You can insert the female condom before hand, so as it does not lead to any interruptions later on. You can also ask your partner to insert the condom for you which in turn makes the sex safe and you can also have a sexy foreplay.

Latex-free and comfortable

Female condoms are completely hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive genital skin as these are made from a soft plastic material called nitrile. Apart from this, female condoms are comparatively much larger as compared to the male condoms which in turn gives your partner’s penis more breathing room.


95-98% effective 

Female condoms offers much protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV as compared to male condoms. Your risks get much lower if you use female condoms as a back method to birth control. Thus, it is extremely important for you to protect yourself and your future from a pregnancy that you do not really want to happen right now.

Can be used with oil

You have to be careful with regular condoms regarding which lubricants can be used with it. In male condoms, where oil based lubes can wear down the latex on a male condom and make it ineffective, it is not the case with female condoms. With female condoms, you can just use the amount present in the condom and can stick to your natural lubrication.

One size for all

A lot of men have complaints with their condoms regarding their size, they are either too loose or too snug and finding a perfect size can be a difficult task. Although a female condom is the same length as a male condom, it is a bit wider.


One thing we always look out for, is to exclude the hormones that are not only unnecessary but also detrimental. Well, female condoms are hormone free which means that there are zero side effects of using it.

No erection

When using a male condom, you have to take it off and wear it all over again every single time. And his erection due to the same will last even longer. Whereas, the female condom can be used even if he loses his erection which means that you can still keep going.

Reimbursable form of contraception

While purchasing male condoms, you have to take into consideration a number of factors before deciding which one to purchase, as in, flavored, magnum etc. On the other side, as a contraceptive method, female hormones are 100% reimbursable. You can also get them prescribed by your doctor.


Extra protection and stimulation

 The outer ring of the condom helps to provide extra protection to your external genitals. You can also rub the outer ring on your clitoris at the time of intercourse which will provide some extra stimulation. And this will actually work in your favour as some women find it a bit difficult to orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone.

Your choice

When it comes to sexual health, no one really wants to compromise it for a romp in the sheet but neither does one want to miss out the fun. When it is about the male condom, it comes with certain issues of him being allergic or experiencing an errant fit. But if you have a female condom, it is in your hands and you will be the one taking over the night.

Female condoms are easily accessible to one and you can get them from the nearest pharmacies or supermarkets. You should make sure that any female condoms you buy carry the European CE mark or British BSI Kitemark which ensures that the condom has been tested to the required safety standards.

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