Baby with Diarrhoea: 21 Foods to Avoid


Diarrhoea is a condition that is characterized by chronic loose motions and watery stool, which usually lasts for some days. Diarrhoea is usually caused by food poisoning, indigestion, and a situation of irritable bowel syndrome. Whatever the cause may be, if your baby is suffering from diarrhoea, you must be extra careful in taking care of the little one and making sure that you feed them the right kind of food. Medication will only work well when the body is nourished with proper food to combat the condition. Here comes in the concept and practice of what doctors commonly call “BRAT”. This is the abbreviation for “Banana, Rice, Apples, Toast”. These are the four most healthy foods during diarrhoea. However, as easy to remember this might be, it is easier to forget the foods you must keep your child away from.

21 Foods to Avoid for Baby with Diarrhoea

baby with diarrhoea

The 21 most detrimental foods during this situation, to steer clear of, are:


Dairy is one of the worst enemies of your baby’s tender tummy and digestive system during loose motions. Milk is known to cause allergic reactions inside the walls of the stomach and lead to a fatal situation by increasing the rate of visiting the bathroom during diarrhoea. The first thing to strike off the list of foods for the baby, in such a condition, is milk.


As you already know about the harmful effect of dairy on the baby’s stomach during diarrhoea, this is another food to keep out of bounds. Cheese is one of the most loved dairy products among growing babies. The child might, however, be too young to understand the reason due to which one of their favourite foods are being tucked away. Hence, you have to be extremely careful in order to ensure that they don’t end up stealing bits of cheese!

Malt-based drinks:

Malt is something that has a high possibility of containing a good amount of milk solids, apart from the wheat and husks that is essentially contained. Malt-based drinks are excellent for stimulating bowel movements and hence the worst kind of liquids to consume during loose motions. Most babies, after a certain age, take to some kind of malt-based drink. However, remember that this must not be administered to your child if they are suffering from diarrhoea.



cereals contain lots of husks, fibre, and some preservatives, all of which are not good inputs during diarrhoea. Keep these away from your baby during this situation as they might increase the flow of stool and make the condition worse.

Whole grains:

Again, this is also a good bowel stimulator and therefore must be kept away during loose motion.


his fruit contains a high level of fibre and some multi-vitamins that otherwise healthy if the consumer is not suffering from acute diarrhoea. As regards oranges, most parents do not know of the adverse effects it might have on their babies who are experiencing loose motions. This fruit might further accentuate the condition.


Being a citrus fruit with a high concentration of certain natural chemicals, the sour taste of lemons might negatively affect your baby’s stomach or intestinal walls while already suffering from diarrhoea. No matter how chronic the baby’s motion is, avoid the temptation to serve them a glass of chilled lemonade to soothe the stomach. It will only deteriorate the situation.


The skin of grapes is well known for its ability to add to the bulk of the bowel movements. Due to their sweet taste, grapes are mostly loved by babies. Hence it is very important to keep them away from this fruit when they are experiencing extreme loose motions characterized by stomach aches.


The minerals found in pineapples have been deemed by many doctors, as unfit for children below the age of 6, as they might cause irritation in the stomach. Naturally, when your baby is suffering from diarrhoea, you must al the more keep them away from this fruit.



As they are extremely rich in fibre, dates are known to act as a natural laxative. They ease the process of digestion and excretion, are should therefore be avoided as much as possible during diarrhoea.


This is another fruit, just like dates, which is a natural bowel stimulator due to the fibre and vitamins present in its soft flesh. This is also a favourite of many children, and should be kept off their reach when they are suffering from frequent loose motions.

Seedy berries:

The seeds in berries mainly act as roughage that helps in passing stool smoothly. Diarrhoea is a time during which there is already too much watery stool discharge. Thus, fruits like strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and cherries must be avoided.


A huge misconception surrounding avocados in that this fruit does not have any negative side effect in any situation and can be easily mashed and fed to babies. If you think that way, you are gravely mistaken. Half an avocado contains about 6.7 grams of fibre, which makes it a great fruit to consume for better bowel movements. So, if your baby is suffering from diarrhoea, you must refrain from serving them avocados.

Sea fish:

Seafoods, especially fish, are known to have adverse effects on many children. They can cause allergies and loose motion. Moreover, some of them are difficult to digest. Feeding your baby seafood soup when they have the motions is definitely not a good idea!


The yolk in an egg can be difficult for babies to digest. And during a loose motion, it is a strict no-no from doctors, as it might worsen the situation.



Maize produces corn, which is an excellent roughage provider because it contains a high concentration of fibre and husks. Most children tend to love the sweet taste of it. However, be sure to keep them away from corns if they are suffering from loose motions.


Being a green vegetable, spinach helps in digestion and excretion, which makes it inappropriate to be consumed during a condition of diarrhoea.


Another green food that aids digestion and excretion is the green pea. Although boiled and mashed peas might sound like a harmless food to feed your baby during loose motions, it will only worsen the situation.


One of the healthiest sources of proteins and roughage is beans of different kinds. However, given that they contain lots of fibre and husks, don’t feed them to your baby when they are affected by diarrhoea.


Sweets can interrupt with the body’s digestion mechanics and lead to loose motions in consumed limitlessly. Especially, during diarrhoea, however much your baby asks for seemingly harmless desserts, you must not let them indulge.


Both milk solids and caffeine are harmful for your baby’s digestive system when they are suffering from diarrhoea. Chocolates contain both these ingredients and are hence to be kept out of their reach.


While all of these above foods are super healthy in general, they can be equally deadly if eaten during diarrhoea. As they contain elements that essentially help in bowel movements, these foods can deteriorate the condition of the baby, who is already visiting the bathroom too many times. Keeping this list of foods in mind, keep feeding your baby healthy pro-biotic drinks, juices, and foods that contain minimal levels of fibre and high levels of carbohydrates.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips/ banana recipes with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!