51 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Names for Boys and Girls


Congratulations on the new addition to your family. So, what are you planning to call your little one? Are you a fan of fantasy and science fiction stuff? Fantasy and science fiction are the most loved genre in movies. They have long been a treasure trove of unusual, unique and creative names. We have compiled some of the best sci-fi names for your baby boy or baby girl.

Sci-Fi Names for Baby Boys

Name Source
Artemis The child prodigy and criminal mastermind of Artemis Fowl
Anakin The father of Leia and Luke in Star Wars saga
Arthur The protagonist of “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy”
Atreyu Warrior boy from The Neverending Story
Bastian The Protagonist of the novel “The Neverending Story”
Ben Jedi master with extreme powers and excellent teaching abilities
Cullen The most famous family in Twilight
Emmett The eccentric and forgetful inventor of time machine in the film Back to the Future
Falkor The white dragon from The Neverending Story
Faramir One of the most lovable characters from the Lords of the Rings trilogy
Gandalf One of the main characters of The Lord of the Rings
Gaius The brilliant scientist from the Battlestar Galactica series
Geordi A character from Star Trek: Next Generation
Han The smuggler from Star Wars
Hugo Orphan boy in the fantasy book and film The Invention Hugo Cabret
Joffrey The arrogant young prince from Game of Thrones
Kael The leader of the Nockmaar army in Willow
Logan The real name of Wolverine in X-Men
Ludo The lovable and friendly monster in the film Labyrinth
Marty The lead character in Back to the Future
Milo The bored hero of the Norton Juster’s fairy tale
Odo One of the hobbits in the Shire and Bilbo’s cousin
Ronan The leader of the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts
Rory The stalwart companion to the Doctor in Doctor Who
Rowan The titular character from the fantasy series Rowan of Rin
Rylan Master spy for the Star League in the movie The Last Starfighter

Sci-Fi Names for Baby Girls

Name Source
Aeryn Aeryn Sun, the independent character from Farscape
Amelia One of the best companions of the Doctor in Doctor Who
Anastasia One of the Officer Crew Specialist in Battlestar Galactica
Aquila Name of the character in Ladyhawke
Arya The badass female character from the Game of Thrones
Astrid Tech-savvy from the sci-fi movie “fringe”
Aurra One of the minor characters in Star Wars
Buttercup Character from The Princess Bride
Cherlindrea The fairy queen of the forest from The Willow Sourcebook
Clara The most recent companion of the Doctor in Doctor Who
Donna The Doctor’s best friend in Doctor Who
Eowyn A popular female character from The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Glinda The name of a witch in The Wizard of Oz
Isabeau One of the primary characters of Ladyhawke
Kamala The famous teenage shapeshifter in the Marvel comics
Kara One of the main characters in the Battlestar Galactica
Kathryn The captain of USS Voyager in Star Trek
Nyota A strong-willed character from Star Trek
Padme The princess, queen and galactic senator in the Star Wars series
Ripley The protagonist of the Alien film series
River The gun-loving, justice-loving and building-diving adventure from the series Doctor Who
Sarah The CIA agent from Chuck
Sonya The special forces officer in the Mortal Combat series
Sorsha Character from Willow
Tauriel A kick-ass character from Hobbit