21 Interesting Christian Movies For Kids


Movies, especially Christian movies, are the source of learning and experiencing a lot of things. It is not possible to visit everywhere and know everything about the world from sitting at a given place but with the help of movies, the knowledge we inculcate comes easy and appropriate. Especially for kids, the age is to recognize and collect all the possible information given in the surroundings. So during early childhood, it is important to show them movies which will help them understand things better and in an easy manner.

Benefits of watching movies

Great exposure

The movie is not only about actor, actresses, their dresses, or how they act but it is also about what message they are contributing to society, what knowledge they are providing to the people who will be watching the movie, etc.


Movies are considered the right way to express human emotions and understand them too. One who is sensitive enough will get involved in the movie and will be unable to control the emotion they are going through while watching.

Create awareness

The best way to reach more and more people and create awareness is through movies, as movies are the medium. Moreover, people wait for movies to come to their contact so that they can enjoy as well as learn something new and different.

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21 Interesting Christian Movies For Kids

The star

A very cute movie for kids as a group of animals will witness the birth of baby Jesus and the story continues with Jesus’s growth.


The prince of Egypt

This story is basically a dramatic version of Moses. It is a masterpiece that resembles the involvement of god in a man’s life. It is a good spiritual brief for kids.

I am potential

This is a must-watch film for every kid as it gives a beautiful message that one must not give up irrespective of having any disability, they should fight their fears and rise above them.

Son of god

Kids pray to Jesus but they don’t exactly know who Jesus was or how he became a god. So, to make them understand this concept a parent should show them this movie.

Only god can

This movie showcases friendship, faith in God, and how both go hand in hand.

God bless the broken road

If you want your kid to understand the real meaning of friendship and togetherness then you must make them watch this movie.

Heaven is for real

A child has no idea what heaven or hell is, the only idea they have about it is that those who do good go to heaven after they die. This movie is very emotional and yet so soothing about a child’s journey.


Evan almighty

This movie amazingly portrays the relationship between humans and god. It also gives an assurance to the kids that god does exist and they help humans in every manner. So do not lose faith in god.

The stray

Dogs are man’s best friend and also a protector of the house, even kids love dogs and they enjoy being around them. This movie is amazing as it is about a family who will adopt a dog during their hard times and that dog will rescue them from a saddening situation.


Foster as the word suggests refers to ‘angel in the house’. This movie is basically about a couple who wanted a child. Then a young boy comes into their life and changes their idea of life and also helps them restore faith in life.

Jonah: a veggie tales movie

Maximum of the kids are against vegetables, some don’t like eating them, some act as it is too bad to eat. So, especially for such kids, this movie is amazing as it is a talk story about a character from the bible ‘jonah’. Where every vegetable is acted in a manner to show some kind of affectionate behavior that will make the kids love them in real life as well.

Joseph and amazing technicolor dream coat

Kids enjoy musical drama, this movie is musical storytelling of a character named Joseph from the bible. And the movie is prepared in such a manner that kids will enjoy knowing this character and will understand easily as well.

Letters to god

It is a wonderful movie based on hope and courage. A child facing cancer didn’t give up easily rather he kept on writing letters to god and he kept motivating himself and other peoples around him. This movie gives a message that ‘don’t ever lose hope, fight your battle with courage.’


A charlie brown Christmas

This movie is said to be perfect for a child to see as it gives a brief idea and meaning of Christmas as a festival. Children often enjoy Christmas as they expect Santa Claus to come around and give them what they have asked for. But why is it celebrated is known by very few people? And this movie explains all that as is written in the bible.

The life of pi

An amazing story on survival and overcoming the fear of death. This movie is a must-watch as kids need to understand how much survival is important and necessary. And that too while having faith in god.

A turtle’s tale

This is a beautiful story about a turtle being different yet unique and how he survives the change in the environment and stays alive.

Pilgrim’s progress

This movie showcases the life of people with Christianity and how they stay in love, with faith and redemption.

The lion of Judah

Story of a lamp and the adventure he is on with his friends.

Ben Hur

This is about a prince and his love story. It is adventurous and full of amazing small elements.


The ultimate gift

Kids often have no idea about what happiness looks like, this movie will be a clear-cut idea that what is the ultimate gift of life? Which is happiness.

Adventure of bailey

If your kid loves pets and you too have a pet in your house then this is one of those movies to which you will relate the most.


Be it weekends or not, these warm, funny, and compassionate movies can be watched anytime. So, grab a tub of popcorn and start watching!