11 Effective Essential Oils for Headaches


Headache is an uninvited guest that comes without any warning sign. Are you having a throbbing headache taking you in its grip when you have to work on an important assignment? All you do is to feel irritated the moment it hits you. To fight with the agony pain, the first thing we think of is gulping down pain killers. While some prefer to get some sleep, other gets their hands on analgesics to get instant relief. But there is also another alternative which is as effective as any medicine, quick and natural.

11 Best Essential Oils for Headaches

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids extracted from leaves, flowers, roots, bark or any other part of a plant. Their health benefits are known from ages and one of them is relieving headache.  There are some well-known essential oils that get the work done in few minutes. All you need to mix z small amount of the oil in some carrier oil and apply on your head.

1} Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is a household name when it comes to getting relief from headache. Its use in alternative medicine is known for thousands of years. Having menthol being its main component, it is regarded as a best natural therapy to ease tension related headache and migraines. Applying this oil in diluted form on temples and forehead relaxes your muscles, giving you a soothing and uplifting sensation.

Oils for Headaches

2} Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If sinus is the culprit, then eucalyptus essential oil should be the savior you must be having by your side. Blessed with some miracle chemical components, it is well known for acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and as an expectorant. Inhaling eucalyptus oil brings down the mucus and thus helps in unblocking the sinus, relieving headache.

3} Chamomile Oil

You must be aware of the soothing effects Chamomile tea offers you, and when we talk about chamomile oil, it is believed to exert same effects. Whether you are experiencing headache, feeling depressed or stressed out, this oil is the medicine you can have. The calming and soothing effects it is known to exert helps in treating anxiety and insomnia and thus aids in anxiety induced headache. 


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4} Rosemary Oil

When we talk about essential oils, Rosemary oil is the one that can’t be missed out. The analgesics and anti-inflammatory properties Rosemary oil is blessed with make it one of the wonderful solutions when you have headache issue.

5} Lavender Oil

Commonly used to induce the feeling of relaxation and relieve stress, lavender oil can also be used when your sole motive is to get rid of headache and treat migraine. Several studies have confirmed and inhaling lavender oil relaxes you and makes you fall asleep in minutes and thus helps you get away from your headache.

6} Spearmint essential oil

If you think peppermint oil is not for you because of it strong scented smell then spearmint essential oil is the best alternative you can try your hands on. Though subtle in scent, it effects are no lesser than what you get with peppermint oil.

7} Helichrysum oil

Though not so common name, this essential oil still makes in the list of essential oil that are effective in giving you relief from headache. It has been discovered to possess anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective treatment option to deal with headache an the issue of migraine.

8} Sandalwood oil

You might not be aware that this oil can be a miracle in relieving your anxiety and thus in turn your headache. The strong aromatic fragrance hit your brain and triggers production of endorphins, inducing in you the feeling of calmness.


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9} Bergamot essential oil 

Forget the pain killers if you have this oil by your side. Fortified with the power of triggering release of certain hormones in your body that induces positivity and breaks down the cycle of stress, anxiety and depression, this oil is one of the wonderful solutions you can think of for your headache. 

10} Wintergreen Essential oil

Its use as pain reliever is very common for easing muscle and bone joint pain. But now-a-days it has also been using as a natural analgesic for curing headache. It drives out stress and tension and brings in the calming effect.

11} Neroli Essential Oil

When we talk about health benefits of Neroli oil, there are many to say. It is capable of exerting sedative effect, lowering down your stress level and helps you getting hold over your anxiety and anger. It uplifts your mood, causing your headache to run away.

Essential oils generally don’t cause many side effects and are considered to be safer as compared to over-the counter or prescribed medications. The oily risk associated with essential oil is of allergic reaction. It might cause irritation or induce burning sensation. To avoid the side effects do a small patch test before applying it in larger quantity.

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