9 Health Benefits Of Enoki Mushroom


Have you ever tried mushroom, especially enoki mushroom? If not then you’re definitely missing out on something really good. Mushroom happens to be delicious and can be eaten with any sort of curry, as a side dish. In Japan, Korea and China mushrooms are a really famous vegetable which is eaten on a regular basis without fail. It is delicious to eat, easy to cook, and has an immense number of benefits.

It happens to be packed with vitamins and minerals and eating it regularly diminishes the effect of a virus attacking one’s body.

enoki mushroom health benefits

What Is Enoki Mushroom?

Enoki mushroom looks a bit different from other mushrooms. It is a long straw-like structure which is white in color with tiny buttons at the top. It’s available in Japan mostly but now is being cultivated in other parts of the world as well. It is also known as velvet shank, is very small in size, and is delicious in taste.

How To Eat Enoki Mushroom?

These are best suited in soup but they can also be eaten raw or fried like some snack. This works like a medicine to those who are facing illness like fever, cough and cold, stomach ache. Adding it to any dish makes the dish more delightful and tasty.

How To Cook Them?

You can boil enoki mushroom and eat with rice or you can chop enoki mushroom into small particles and use them in soup like chicken soup, tomato soup, etc. Then you can also fry it and enjoy it as a snack in the evening. Then it can be used in ramen or noodles. One can also use this while roasting chicken or pork and can eat with them as it happens to increase the taste of chicken and pork once mixed with it.


9 Health Benefits Of Enoki Mushroom

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Unlike any other vegetable, enoki mushroom happens to have it all in them, starting with vitamin a, c, d, b6, and iron, potassium, calcium, protein. Having enoki mushroom for breakfast, lunch and dinner will help one survive through any viruses around as it builds the body strong from inside and fights better from the outside.

Cancer-fighting Qualities

This is not known to many but enoki mushroom is famous for this quality of fighting cancer. Even it protects one from the tumor. And that is the reason why there are so few cases of cancer in Japan and Korea.

Immunity Booster

The life expectancy in Japan is high compare to other countries as the food they consume is healthy and benefits them. Exercise can make your body strong-looking from the outside but when it comes to looking and being strong from the inside, one needs to feed themselves properly. Enoki contains amino acid valine and lysine which contains immune heightening properties.

Helps in Losing Weight

Have you ever thought that a vegetable can help you from losing weight? Well, maximum Japanese women look absolutely slim not because they don’t feed themselves enough rather they feed themselves right. Enoki mushroom contains linoleic acid which helps to decrease gut fat in an individual.

Prevents Constipation

They are high in fiber which helps an individual with digestion and proper, regular motion. When you are physically good, you feel good too.

Superfood For The Brain

Enoki is food for the brain. It happens to increase one’s memory power and also encourages one with different intellectual activity. It empowers the mind to test one’s intellectual ability.


Promotes Metabolism

Regular feeding of enoki mushroom helps you stay fit as it contains all the nutrients a body needs to work without break. It gives you strength and power to carry out day to day life activities.

Controls Blood Pressure

While growing up, the one thing which comes into existence is the effect of blood pressure. Body goes through a lot and it happens to respond in terms of high or low blood pressure and both are not god for health. Enoki mushroom contains some dietary substance that helps in regulating the blood pressure in one’s body.

Prevents One From Allergy

Enoki does great help when it comes to fighting unwanted bacteria. It happens to save one from any sort of skin allergy, asthma, etc.


After knowing so many benefits it seems like enoki mushroom are life saviors and one must have them in their day-to-day life just to stay fit and work without any physical illness.




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