11 Best Children’s Dictionary Apps


With children, it is often difficult to be strict and at the same time teach them new things in an exciting and engaging way. With the advent of and rapid advancement in technology, learning has turned into a fun activity. Nowadays, there are numerous customised apps that focus on every subject and enable kids to learn faster. These apps come with features like pictorial representations of words, pronunciation guides, and much more information, which generate a sense of curiosity for further exploration. Of the apps that are available, there are eleven that provide the best support.

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Eleven Best Children’s Dictionary Apps to Choose from

Cambridge Dictionary

This is a free app that allows In-App purchase of the full version. This comes with exciting features like audio support for learning the pronunciation of each word, and a thesaurus that provides the related words and phrases of every input.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The most important feature of the free to download version of this app is that the ads are at the bottom of the page, in order to avoid distractions. However, there is also a way out if you don’t want to see them. You can buy the non-ad version via In-App purchase. This app is exciting as it comes with a voice search option, helping kids learn words that they don’t know the spellings of and saving their energy to be used later while playing!

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This is a free app that also provides an option to download the non-ad version. It has more words when compared to Merriam Webster Dictionary, but contains more ads. This might be of better use to slightly older kids who are not too easily distracted by ads. Kids Picture Dictionary: This has been designed mostly for pre-school kids and serves as the best first picture dictionary for them. Every word in the dictionary comes with an explanatory sentence and a picture for better understanding. The word and the sentence are read aloud by the app, which gives the children a clearer idea of each word. Another fun aspect of this app is that there is a voice recorder that allows kids to record their own definitions and meanings of words.


Childrens Dictionary Apps

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Kids Picture Dictionary

This has been designed mostly for pre-school kids and serves as the best first picture dictionary for them. Every word in the dictionary comes with an explanatory sentence and a picture for better understanding. The word and the sentence are read aloud by the app, which gives the children a clearer idea of each word. Another fun aspect of this app is that there is a voice recorder that allows kids to record their own definitions and meanings of words.



Giant Picture Dictionary

The giant picture dictionary is a larger version of the previous one, with over 1,800 words, simple definitions of each word, and colourful pictures to help children learn and grow quickly. The app provides an easy to use word search feature and a “Random” function that flashes the “Word of the day”, which helps kids remember the newly learned words and improve their vocabulary.

WordWeb Dictionary

This dictionary app is generally for kids aged 9 and above. The search bar provides automatic spelling corrections and words that are similar in spelling, so that the children know the correct words and a few related words too, for an extra boost to their vocabulary. This app is however slightly less quirky and informal, but it does not fail to fulfil the requirements of its users!

Monkey Word School Adventure

Isn’t it a great idea to educate your kids through an app that teaches a subject by adding fun elements? The Monkey Word School Adventure takes kids on a colourful journey of learning new things every day. This is a paid app priced at $1.99, which was launched in 2013. The app takes its users through six phonics and word group tasks to help them garner early reading skills. Kids need to enter their names, after which the app guides them through various activities. The best thing about this app is that it is like a game in which after completing one level of activities, the users are automatically taken to the next level. This way, kids are bound to get more excited to complete the tasks and thereby end up learning more!


Starfall ABCs

This free app, which was released in 2016, is designed for children aged 3 and above. The featured words come along with fun pictures and pronunciations. Kids are required to type a letter on the home page, which results in that being sounded out. It is followed by a three to four page long list of common words that start with the typed letter. There are also some fun activities like matching the alphabets and finding the odd alphabet. Pre-school kids are the main beneficiaries of this fun app that makes learning more interesting through the occasional games.

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A five star rating for this 2011 app that can be downloaded for $2.99 is indeed appropriate, given the features that come along with it. This app comes with an audio feature that pronounces the words for kids to understand. There are many activities of reinforcing interactive elements in the form of games like “assembling a building for the letter B”, “cutting a string for the letter C”, “riding a horse for the letter H”, and so on.

Endless Alphabet

As the name suggests, this app has an enormous storage capacity for full functioning. Therefore it requires internet connection to function well. There are pictures and animations that come with every word that is typed. The words are listed in an alphabetical order, from which kids can select a word to receive a demonstration of the phonetic sound of every letter the word is made up of. Apart from that, there is also a demonstration of other words that can be made from the letters of one word.

Kids ABC Phonics

This app was released in 2011 and can be downloaded for $3.99, to help kids aged 3 and above improve their reading skills. Kids get to learn new words by playing games that involve word formations, puzzles, and word detection. The app comes with colourful pages that make children yearn for more. Gone are the days of buying loads of heavy books and encyclopaedias to make sure that your children receive proper training from the beginning of their learning process. Download some of these apps to get them excited!

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