11 Celebrity Baby Names of 2015


Though the old adage, ‘what’s in a name’ comes to mind often, yet there are celebrities whose baby naming habits are nevertheless influencing the baby naming trends in the US, UK and world over. We have compiled a list of such celebrity baby names for the year 2015.

11 Celebrity Baby Names of 2015

Some of the unique names that celebrities have given to their babies include


One of the biggest celebrity baby names that should pop up in our minds is the name of the youngest princess Charolette Elizabeth Diana.

Saint West

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West have named their baby as Saint. The reason Kim had given was that the baby was cute and as calm as a saint. Hence, the name, Saint, which is kinda cool.

Jagger Snow

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross named their baby girl Jagger Snow. Ashlee and Evan came up with this unique and awesome name and they shared this via their official Instagram page.

Arlo Day

Gossip Girl stars Adam Brody and Leighton Meester named their baby girl Arlo Day. Apparently, there are several theories circulating about naming the baby Arlo. But, the name is one of a kind name for a baby girl.


Elsie Otter

Perhaps, this is an unusual name on the list. Naming your baby an animal kind of sounds weird to some people, but Zooey Deschanel has a reason behind it. She says that otters are her favorite animals and that they sleep holding their partner’s paws so that they’ll not get separated. After this explanation, I don’t think the name to be weird anymore, but it’s lovely.

Silas Randall

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel named their baby boy Silas Randall. Revealing the reason behind this name, the couple’s rep said that Silas was the middle of Justin’s grandfather and Randall is the name of Justin’s father and so does Justin’s middle name.

Sistine Sabella

Sistine Sabella is baby girl of the hit sitcom The King of Queens star Kevin James. Sistine is the fourth chid of the couple Kevin and Steffiana de la Cruz. In an interview, he spoke about his newborn girl and said that she doesn’t cry at all and just like her father cries only when she’s hungry.

Rocket Zot

Rocket Zot is the son of Avatar and Terminator Salvation star Sam Worthington and Laura Bingle. The couple had the baby in March of this year and after few months, some people say that Rocket very much resembles his dad.

Briar Rose

Couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen named their baby girl Briar Rose. Apparently, both Rachel and Hayden are huge fans of Disney and they also mentioned that the original name of Sleeping Beauty is Briar Rose. But, Hayden says that Rachel instantly fell in love with the name.


Cate Blanchett named her daughter Edith. Generally, names ending with ‘th’ are given to boys. But, there seems to be a new trend in naming even baby girls with named ending with ‘th’.



Also names ending with O are becoming a trend now. For instance, Eivin and Eve Kilcher named their baby girl Sparrow, recently. Though the trend began way back in 2000 when Will Smith and Jada Pinkett named their girl Willow, today, the trend seems to be picking up.

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