15 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber Juice for Skin and Hair


Cucumber juice decreases hair fall, reduces dark circles, acts as a toner for the skin, reduces tanning, weight loss, prevents skin cancer, anti-ageing benefits, handles cellulite problems, removes eye wrinkles and puffy eyes, gives shiny and silky hair, keeps you hydrated, improves skin complexion, cures open pores, detoxifies the body and skin and improves the strength of muscles.

cucumber juice

Cucumber can play a very useful role in enhancing your skin and hair. It is rich in nutrients and fibres which are very essential for the good health of both skin and hair. There are a lot of benefits and plus points of cucumber juice as it is a very versatile source. It can help your skin, hair and body function better from inside and look more gorgeous from outside. This may come as a surprise for some of you, but here we list below 15 most amazing cucumber juice benefits that can make your skin and hair look gorgeous!

Top 15 Benefits of Cucumber Juice for Skin and Hair

Decreases Hair Fall

Cucumber juice not only helps in reducing hair loss but also promotes hair growth to a great extent.

To reduce your hair loss problem, you can try this cucumber juice recipe:

  • Squeeze the cucumber to get its juice.
  • Apply and massage your hair
  • Wash it after one hour.

Reduces Dark Circles

Cucumber juice helps greatly in removing dark circles and you won’t have to worry again for working too hard and all the time! To do this, you can put cucumber slices on the eyes or use cotton balls to apply the juice on them.


Acts as a Toner for the Skin

Cucumber is a natural alternative to facial toner masks and acts as a great moisturizer and conditioner for the skin. Also, applying cucumber juice on the face is really convenient. Therefore, if you are looking for a quick solution, you can try cucumber juice without any doubt.

Reduces Tanning

Tanning is actually a very stressful problem especially if you work all day under the sun. Cucumber juice can reduce skin burn and helps it keep cool and fresh. To reduce skin tanning, lemon juice and yogurt with cucumber juice can work greatly.

Weight Loss

Celery cucumber juice is also a great combination to strengthen your bones and aid in weight loss. This is because it is rich in potassium and fibre which helps in burning accumulated fats quickly. Cucumber juice is also rich in calcium which is an essential nutrient for strong bones.

Prevents Skin Cancer

If you drink cucumber juice every morning, you will reduce your chances of getting skin cancer because it has the capabilities to fight against cell damage. Therefore, it is a great solution for cancer patients.

Anti-Ageing Benefits

Anti-oxidants like Beta-carotene and lutein help to fight against free radicals in the skin and therefore supports anti-ageing benefits.

Handles Cellulite Problems

Watermelon cucumber juice can help treat cellulite issues. To tackle this, you can rub cucumber slices on the affected portion or can prepare a cucumber paste with honey and grounded coffee and apply it on that area. Wash it away after 30 minutes.


Removes Eye Wrinkles and Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are very frustrating and everyone wants to get rid of them easily. Also, the skin near the eyes is very thin and they need to be handled very delicately. Drinking cucumber juice regularly can reduce wrinkles and eliminates puffy eyes.

Gives Shiny and Silky Hair

Natural benefits of cucumber juice are many and one of them is that it really improves your hair quality in terms of shine. It provides all the necessary vitamins required by hair to restore its quality.

Keeps you Hydrated

Summers are always irritating because it makes you feel dehydrated most of the times. Therefore, it is always advised to drink as much water as possible and eat juicy fruits. Cucumber is a natural source of water (about 90%). Drinking cucumber juice can thus keep you hydrated in the scorching summer heat.

Improves Skin Complexion

Most of you must have tried readymade tactics that are available today to get fair looking glowing skin. But, there is nothing better than cucumber juice. Use cotton balls to apply cucumber juice on your face and wash it after 10 minutes.

Cures Open Pores

Cucumber juice can cure open pores on your face or skin. You can even mix aloe vera or vinegar with cucumber paste to act as a toner and apply on suitable areas on the skin. This helps to cool the skin and thus closing of pores which are prone to many skin problems.

Detoxifies the Body and Skin

Cucumber juice enables a lot of toxins to be flushed out from the body and thus helps in removing all the unnecessary materials.


Improves the Strength of Muscles

Cucumber juice contains silica which is a vital nutrient for the proper functioning of muscles. Muscle strength can be improved a lot if you drink cucumber juice regularly in sufficient amounts.

Side Effects

Sometimes, when taken in excessive amounts, cucumber juice can lead to extra loss of fluid content from your body which can be harmful. This is because it may interfere with the electrolyte balance of the body and thus disturb the normal functioning. Also, excessive intake can lead to the release of free radicals and instead may increase other problems. There isn’t any particular amount specified though, but it is always better to take sufficient amounts.

It is always believed that natural alternatives are the best to treat any kind of body, hair and skin problems and cucumber is one such versatile natural ingredient which is cheap and convenient for use. We hope that the above-mentioned benefits of cucumber juice have helped you in your search for good skin and hair solution. If taken in proper amounts and used correctly, it can work wonders for you and your body. Therefore, always consider as a prior choice before you decide to invest your money on readymade beauty products which contain a lot of chemicals harmful for you. This is because nothing can beat the beneficial powers of cucumber in any way.

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