21 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Teens


For teens, card symbols, birds in a tree, a ghost on the feet, dove, crosses, finger tattoos, henna style, dandelion, sunflower, picture in picture, free, tree design, bumble bee, keyboard symbols, paw prints, equals symbols, fruit designs, bunny eyes, astronomy symbols and coffee are some of the cool tattoo ideas.

Taking today’s generation into consideration, tattoos have become a lot more common as compared to the historical times. This is a great way of expressing yourself and your thoughts. Tattoos are cool, expressive and give your body a cool look at the same time. Among teenagers, this is becoming a trend these days. In fact, every teenager wants to show off their coolest tattoos among their friends and there is actually nothing wrong in doing that. So, we have got 21 cool tattoo ideas for teens. Check them out:

21 Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Teens

21 Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Teens

Card symbols

These are probably the coolest tattoos to get inked these days because you have got a plenty of options in this. You can either get yourself inked the ace of spades or the queens or the kings and so much more. One of the best places to get this inked is between the fingers. However, you will need to get it redone every few years as they can fade over time.

Birds in a tree

This is one of the greatest yet the coolest designs that you can get. Birds in a tree symbolise your love for your significant other. So, this is one of the best choices to make if you are a person of love and can get this inked at the back of your shoulder.

A ghost on the feet3

Not many of us can commit to the same piece of an art for the entire life, this is where getting a tattoo around the feet and ankle comes into the picture. It is less noticeable thus one cannot easily notice it at the first place. Apart from this, the tattoo will make your feet look prettier and beautiful at the same time.


Finger tattoos

Unlike the historical times, finger tattoos have more of become a common place to get inked. They are now socially acceptable and give your fingers a pretty look after getting the small letters inked on them. Earlier people used to get ‘love’ inked on one hand and ‘hate’ across the other knuckles, although now you can use your own creativity and it has become completely your own choice.


Dove symbolises love, peace and the beginning of a new life. If you are someone who wants a simple yet a timeless design, this one would be a perfect choice to make. You can get this cool tattoo inked on your waist or anywhere on your body.


Although pretty common, crosses represent people of Christianity faith. This is a very popular design to get, both for males as well as females. There are different variants of the cross and each one of them has got different meanings. You can get this inked at the back of your ear which works as a simple yet a cool tattoo design.

Henna style

These tattoos have originated in India and are not traditionally permanent. This consists of a lot of different lines and dot work which further creates a beautiful pattern. A lot of people get them permanently tattooed across their hands and fingers.


This is actually pretty uncommon and has got no specific meaning. However, it has got a unique meaning of its own, which is why it has recently become a popular tattoo for females. One can either get this inked on their forearms or the legs.


This will only prove to be a good choice if you are passionately in love with a sunflower. A lot of people get a sunflower tattooed up the side of their ribcage and many of them do regret getting it inked. So, it is completely your choice and you do need to think twice before getting inked something like this.


Picture in picture style

This style is becoming very popular these days. It means getting one image or shape consisting of another one inside it. There are endless designs that you can get in this. For instance, you can get an ‘X’ tattooed on your legs and roses inside it. Thus, the style gives you with two styled tattoos in a single one.


You can get some simple yet meaningful words inked on the base of your hands like ‘Free’. Apart from this, they are a lot cheaper to get in comparison to the big ones that can cost you a lot than usual.

Tree design

A tree symbolizes different meanings be it witchcraft, religious, historical, scientific or symbols. This will work as the coolest tattoo design both for males as well as females. It is always better to find out and decide what your tattoo will symbolize, before you actually get something inked.

Bumble bee

This is a cool choice for all the females out there. Bee symbolizes a noble and hardworking creature and is a lot uncommon. So, if you are looking for something uncommon yet cool at the same time, this is a good choice to take into consideration.

Keyboard symbols

Keyboard symbols like <, >, #, * are all considered a cool choice for both the genders. Not only this, but you can also look out for some simple shapes that give you a cool look. You can get these inked in between your fingers.

Paw prints

These are the coolest designs that you can find anywhere. These will remind you of your pets you own or some pet that has recently passed away. If you are an animal lover, this is perfect for you.


Equals symbol (=)

No, you do not necessarily have to be a mathematics lover to get this inked. This symbolizes equality and is a considerable choice for both guys as well as girls. This will serve as a simple yet a cool look at the same time.

Fruit designs

What can be better than getting a fruit inked on your wrist or your thighs if you are a great fruit lover? This can either be a pineapple or a mango or any other fruit you personally like. Well, I would personally prefer a pineapple as this would give you a cool look than the other ones.


We all love bunny since our childhood days. You can also add your own illustrations to it like a bunny eating a carrot or looking at his wristwatch and so much more. Trust me; you’ll never regret getting something inked like this.


Nothing can match the coolness of getting the eyes tattooed on your body. Well, you can not only get your eyes inked on your skin but also the eyes of your significant other which is perhaps a great choice to make. That can also be the eyes of your boyfriend/girlfriend, mother, father or anyone who is close to you.

Astronomy symbols

These are popular tattoo design for females because you have got so many options in this. Moreover, you can get this inked anywhere on your body. So, it is completely your choice.


Are you a coffee lover? Oh, we all are! So, this is the best choice that you will make in your entire life and trust me on this! Maybe a coffee cup on your wrist or your finger would do great.


Weren’t these the coolest yet meaningful tattoo ideas? Well, before getting a tattoo inked on your body, you must know what your tattoo will symbolize. This is important because you should not regret it later on and look after the measures to remove it anyhow from your skin. The only best thing will be to look among the enormous number of tattoo designs and decide which one you finally want to have. This is why we have provided you with 21 cool tattoo ideas for the teenagers.

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