11 Common Infections During Pregnancy


During pregnancy the immunity of your body is lower than others. This makes you more vulnerable to all kinds of infections. There are many types of infections like bacterial, viral, yeast and even sexually transmitted infections that you should be aware of. These may prove harmful to you and your unborn baby.

The common infections that you may contract at this time include bladder infections, kidney infections, bacterial vaginosis and also yeast infections. Some other common infections are Rubella which is also known as German measles, flu, HIV, group B Streptococcus, syphilis, trichomoniasis and herpes.

11 Common Infections During Pregnancy You Should be Aware Of

The common infections during pregnancy are as follows:

Bladder infections

Infections of the bladder are the most common type of infections seen in pregnant women. In this type of infection, bacterial growth causes the bladder to swell. This blocks the urinary drainage due to uterus growth.

You may experience a burning sensation in your bladder. Sometimes there can also be pain when you urinate. The frequency of urination might increase. Tenderness might develop in the area of the urinary bladder.

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Kidney infections

Lack of treatment in a bladder can further get complicated and cause kidney infections. Kidney infection is a serious problem for a pregnant woman. It can lead to premature labor and very low birth weight of the newborn.

The symptoms of kidney infections are fever with chills, nausea and vomiting. There is also pain in the lower back. Call your doctor immediately if you notice any of these symptoms. This infection needs to be detected and treated at the earliest. This will ensure that you and your baby are safe.

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis or BV is one of the typical vaginal infections seen in expecting women. Overgrowth of different bad bacteria in the vagina causes this infection. An unpleasant smelling vaginal discharge is the common symptom of this infection. Immediately consult a doctor if you see this symptom.

This infection can prove very harmful during pregnancy. It may cause premature labor and sometimes even death of the newborn. That is why it is very important to get it treated right away.

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Infections during Pregnancy


Yeast infections

An increase in the level of different hormones during pregnancy results in fungal growth in the body. This causes yeast infections in pregnant women. The main symptoms of this kind of infections are burning feeling in the vagina. You may also find swelling in your vagina.

Another warning sign is redness in the vagina and labia. You may even find a smelly thick yellowish discharge.  The discharge may also be odorless.

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Rubella virus is the most harmful type of infection causing virus. This can affect your baby in the womb more than you. It can do heart and brain damage to the newborn. It can also sometimes damage the baby’s sight and hearing capacity.

An early detection of rubella in an expecting mother is crucial for the well being of the baby. Catching rubella virus during pregnancy can also lead to a miscarriage. Rubella symptoms are not easily distinguished from other common infections. The symptoms include low fever, headache, joint pain accompanied with swelling. There can also be swelling of lymph nodes, runny nose and body rash.


HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a dangerous viral infection. It can reduce your immunity when you are pregnant. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. It usually happens from having unprotected sex with an HIV infected person.


When HIV is left untreated, it can lead to AIDS which is a life taking disease. Early detection of HIV can still keep your baby safe. It is very important to get yourself tested for HIV before you get pregnant.


Influenza or flu is a viral infection that can easily affect you during pregnancy. The symptoms of flu include fever, chills, pain in the muscles. You can also feel dehydrated and exhausted. Lack of appetite, headache and nausea are also common. Sore throat and swelling of lymph nodes are some other signs to look for.

The flu can be life threatening for you and your baby during pregnancy. It can cause pneumonia and also preterm labor. Getting a flu vaccine during pregnancy will keep you and your baby safe. It helps keeping you both safe even after several months post delivery.


Genital herpes infection is a sexually transmitted infection that you can contract during pregnancy. Symptoms of genital herpes are burning or itching sensation in the vagina, pain during urination. You can also notice swelling of the lymph nodes near the groin. There can be vaginal discharge.

Although it is rare, genital herpes can be passed to your newborn during pregnancy or delivery. In that case, it can become very threatening to the baby’s health after birth. Getting herpes virus during your first trimester can also cause a miscarriage.

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Group B Streptococcus

GBS or Group B Streptococcus is a naturally living virus present in the body of 20-25 percent of all women. Generally, it is present in the intestines, vagina and rectum. GBS can cause urinary tract infections in pregnant women.

Symptoms of this infection include pain during urination or a sudden urge to pass urine. You can also get cloudy looking urine. Without proper antibiotic treatment, your baby may contract GBS too. Usually a routine screening of GBS between your 35-37 week of pregnancy can detect the virus in your body.


Syphilis is a common infection that you may contract during your pregnancy. It is a sexually transmitted infection. It is a bacterial infection. The symptoms of syphilis change from one stage to another. During primary syphilis, you may have a painless but infectious sore inside your mouth, vagina, labia. This can even be seen in the lymph nodes.

Other symptoms during the secondary stage are body rash that are non-itchy, sores in the genital area, hair loss etc. Syphilis is curable if detected in the early stage. Otherwise it can infect the baby during pregnancy. It can also cause a miscarriage. It can also result in neurological problems in your newborn. In extreme cases, it can also cause death of your baby.


It is also known as “Trich”. It is a very common sexually transmitted infection contracted during pregnancy. This parasite usually lives in the vagina. The symptoms of this infection include a greenish-yellow unpleasant smelling discharge. There is also a burning sensation during intercourse.

It is usually curable. If left untreated it can lead to HIV. It can also cause preterm labor, premature rupture of the membranes. Your baby can also suffer from low birth weight. That is why, you must consult your doctor if you notice these signs.



Infections are common during pregnancy. Most of these infections are curable with medicines if detected early. However, if left untreated these infections can cause severe complications in your pregnancy and risk the life of your baby. You must always check with a doctor if you see any of the symptoms related to these infections