11 Ways to Relieve Labor Pain


No pain, no gain – goes the phrase. Indeed, labor pain is a precursor to the gain of a lifetime of the mother. Yet, labor pain is intense and the intense, sometimes induces mothers to go for cesarean delivery. But the medical fraternity always prefers normal delivery over cesarean delivery.

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Simple Techniques to Relive Labor Pain

Doctors advise pregnant women to bear the pain and go for normal delivery. They also help patients with epidural injections and other pain relieving methods. However, there are some natural ways which you can take recourse to relieve labor pain. Here are some of them.

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1} Deep Breathing

Conscious deep breathing is a time tested method of relaxation, and it is relaxation that you need during labor since the intense pain unnerves you to the inner core. Take deep breaths during a contraction and exhale when the contraction ends. This may help you may override the pain to some extent. Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through mouth often works well.

2} Shallow breathing

If deep breathing makes you uncomfortable then you can go for shallow breathing. Take shallow breaths through the nose during contractions and exhale when the contraction ends. You will feel relaxed.


3} Hot compress on perineum

A hot compress on appropriate muscles can help a lot in alleviating labor pain. You may apply hot compress on perineum (the space between your anus and vagina). The pain during labor emanates from tensed muscles attached to the perineum since it gets stretched to  the maximum. A hot compress on the perineum can ease these tensed muscles and relieve much of your pain.

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Relive Labor Pain

4} Massage

Athletes and sports persons resort to messaging as a way to relieve pain and tightness of muscles. You need to massage tensed muscles in order to relive the pain. During labor pain, it is the pelvic floor muscles that endure the maximum tension. All the pelvic floor muscles are attached to the perineum. So you need to massage this area to get relief from the pain. Tell your partner to massage this area intermittently for 10-15 minutes.

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5} Yoga

Apart from the pressure of the growing abdominal girth, there are other reasons contributing to increased muscle tension. When you are agitated the nervous system gets aroused. This may also build up tension in the pelvic floor muscles leading to increased labor pain. You can practice yoga for relaxation, but you must do it under a trained practitioner. Moreover, it should be certified by a doctor.


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6} Watch television and listen to music

If achieving relaxation is the motto then listening to music or watching television shows can make you relaxed too. You can achieve a semblance of relaxation if you listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV show. Find out the idea that works best for you and do it to get relaxed at least for some time.

7} Lying on a side

When you are lying on your back you are putting pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. The baby is also not getting enough space to get into a position that will help in delivery. Try to lie on one side. Find out the best side posture, use a bolster or take the help of your partner, lying on the side can help a lot with labor pain.

8} Stay in upright position

It has been seen that upright position helps in management of labor pain to some extent. You can stand upright and lean on your partner or on a birth ball. You will feel less pain.

9} Get on all fours

During labor the lower back also hurts a lot. To relive it you can try to get on all fours. It may also help your baby to get into a comfortable position for delivery.

10} Kneel yourself

Kneel your body and raise one leg high. This will make space for your baby to come out and ease labor pain to some extent for lack of space also contributes to the pain.


11} Rocking or swaying

It is one of grandma’s time tested methods to relieve labor pain. Sit on a rocking chair and rock it slowly. You will feel relaxed. If you don’t have a rocking chair you can just sway your hips gently to relief labor pain.

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If none of these ways work for you then you have to ask for relief from your doctor. They have many pain relieving procedures up their sleeves and these can surely relive your pain. However, if you adopt these natural ways you may avoid the side effects of epidurals and anesthetics. It surely will take a lot of effort on your part to put up with the pain, but these natural ways can help you to cope with the pain to some extent.