11 Surprising Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby Hair


Coconut oil for hair in babies can be used in cradle cap treatment, smoothing hair, treating head lice, frizzy hair, hardens baby’s soft spot, hair growth, prevents hair loss, baby massage, for teething babies, diaper rash and treats dry and chapped lips.

When you have a baby, your baby’s health and necessities become your top priority. They are very little and precious and need to be protected, which is why you are always worried on the littlest of details that may harm your baby.

Using baby lotions, creams and oils are good for their health and growth but when you read the ingredients used, you worry how these chemicals can harm your baby. In such a case, you need a natural, healthy alternative – coconut oil.

11 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Baby

coconut oil for hair

Using store – bought lotions and creams contain several chemicals which can be toxic for your baby. You can easily substitute these chemicals with your very own home available coconut oil.

Cradle cap treatment

Coconut oil is a natural treatment for cradle cap. All you have to do is massage the oil directly on your baby’s scalp and leave it on for twenty minutes. After this rinse off the oil and by using a soft brush gently comb your baby’s hair. Remove any loose flakes visible.


The benefit of coconut oil is that it acts as an excellent moisturizer, helps to loosen the cradle cap flakes and at the same time nourishes the scalp.

For smooth hair

Normally babies are born with smooth and silky hair. But sometimes your baby’s hair can become dry and unmanageable. It poses as a difficulty in combing too. You can use coconut oil to solve this issue.

During your baby’s bath time, wet the hair and apply coconut oil evenly on the hair. You can also apply coconut oil to your baby’s hair alternatively every night and wash it off in the morning.

Treating head lice

Lice are a nuisance. If any of your elder children catches a lice infestation, it can easily spread to your baby’s scalp too. In such cases you cannot use a fine – tooth comb to take out the lice as this will only scratch and hurt your baby’s scalp. You also cannot leave it be as it will cause discomfort and itchiness of the scalp.

Coconut oil is widely known for its anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties.  Follow this method to treat your baby’s scalp of head lice:

  • Rinse your baby’s hair with a little amount of apple cider vinegar. Let it stay in the hair till your baby’s hair dries naturally.
  • After your baby’s hair has dried naturally add coconut oil to your baby’s hair and cover it all evenly.
  • Let this stay on your baby’s hair for as long as possible. It would be better if you would cover your baby’s head with a shower cap.

For frizzy hair

Like mentioned earlier, babies naturally have smooth and silky hair. But due to a lot of friction against the pillows or other surfaces, your baby’s hair which was otherwise smooth, tends to get frizzy. Your baby may also not be comfortable with combing and would keep fussing. This is where you can use coconut oil as it is a natural hair conditioner.

  • When putting your baby to bed apply coconut oil on the scalp. Make sure to apply evenly such that it covers all the hair. It is recommended to pour some oil in the palm, rub both the palms together to warm the oil slightly and then apply it on the hair.
  • After your baby wakes up, try combing the hair back with a fine – tooth comb. If your baby keeps resisting on combing and is not very comfortable, then you can also brush the hair back using your fingers.

Hardens baby’s soft spot

A baby’s soft spot on the head are fontanelles. These take almost 19 months to harden. Till then you can use coconut oil to harden this. Although, be really gentle while applying.

Coconut oil for baby hair growth

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids. This type of fatty acid includes anti – bacterial and anti – microbial properties which help to eliminate the sebum build – up in the hair follicles and also provide sufficient nourishment for the scalp by going deep into the follicles.

Coconut oil prevents hair loss

Coconut oil also contains the C12 chain of medium chain fatty acid which is lauric acid. Thus, it also prevents protein loss from hair.

Coconut oil for baby massage

  • Mix equal amounts of extra – virgin coconut oil and olive oil thoroughly.
  • Add few drops of natural essential oil such as lavender oil.
  • Now use this mixture to thoroughly massage your baby’s body.

For teething babies

  • Dab some amount of coconut oil on your baby’s gums.
  • You can also dab some amount of coconut oil on your baby’s other teething toys or soothers.
  • This helps in providing natural relief to your baby. Also, by dabbing coconut oil on your baby’s teething toys it provides protection against infections owing to its anti – bacterial properties.

For diaper rash

As the name suggests, it is a red rash developed on the baby’s groin area due to the wearing of diapers. You can use coconut oil as a natural ingredient. Coconut oil acts as a natural barrier and prevents further irritation when applied to the affected region.

  • Apply a layer of coconut oil on your baby’s rash after bath each day and frequently change your baby’s diaper.
  • Also, gently massage the area where the rash first appeared.

For dry and chapped lips

Just like the baby’s skin, the baby’s lips are also really sensitive. Your baby may try to relieve the dryness by repeatedly licking the lips which further dries them. This can also be a problem while breastfeeding.

  • Apply a little amount of coconut oil on your baby’s lips and also on the area around the lips with your little finger.
  • Be sure to be gentle in applying as more pressure causes pain and further discomfort for your baby.



Coconut oil is a natural ingredient that can be used to achieve several benefits for your baby. Few of them being – treatment against head lice, for smooth hair, to prevent frizzy hair, for cradle cap treatment, for hardening fontanelles, for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Coconut oil can also be used for treating dry and chapped lips and also as a baby whole body massage to strengthen your little one.


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