21 Best Kids’ Tv Shows on Netflix


Ask the storybots, in care bears & cousins, luna petunia, clangers, justin time go, pocoyo , puffin rock, splash & bubbes , word party, beat bugs, llama, noody, toyland detective, octonauts, pj maskes, the ollie & moon, super monsters, berry bitty city, treehouse detectives, true & rainbow kingdom, danger mouse and inspector gadget are some of the best shows on netflix for kids.

In today’s generation it have eventually become one of the most difficult task for the whole family to sit down and then watch prime time TV together, so then here are some of the favourite shows that are currently streaming on the Netflix. Be it educational cartoon for the kids to the heart-warming dramas for the teens and also classic comedies you usually think kids would prefer because then there’s a bound to be a top-rated title for each and every one in your family. There are many if these popular shows eventually have the multiple seasons available so it is considered to be a good idea in order to further establish some screen time rules to keep binge watching to a minimum.

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The 21 Best Shows on Netflix for Kids

best shows on netflix

Ask the storybots

There are basically five interesting creature who usually live inside the computer that are tasked with the job of answering the real kid’s big questions. This show is most preferred show that kids usually prefer because each scene in the show is usually distinct with the characters that usually appear in the 2d and 3d animation and also in live action.

In care bears & cousins

Another most preferred show kids usually like. It welcome bears’ cousins and brave heart lion majorly after the lengthy mission to further collecting the misguided care hearts that have lost all their way to the share cloud.


Luna petunia

It usually discovers the magical land of amazia and at the same time finds all different kind of adventures. Explore the world and at the same time meet their friends who basically are robots, toys, koalas and luna as she learns how to think positively in order to achieve the goals.

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It is considered to be the bumpy blue moon and is a distant place too where the space lives like a family of pink mousy creatures. About the story of the world, also third most favourite show for kids because it present with different dilemmas that must be solved.

Justin time go

It is all about the regular kid who’s happy and outgoing and also loves to play at the same time is very active and use in order to create the amazing world complete with the supportive friends.


It is one of the best animated series that eventually have the centres on different mischievous adventures of the 4 year old boy and also his assortment of the animal friends. Pocoyo is considered to be the basic guide with unpredictable directions.

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Puffin rock

It is considered to be an Irish animated series from the team behind movies. It usually follows a young puffin named and her baby brother and is considered to be one of the most preferred shows for the kids.

Splash & bubbles

It is show for the kids and it depicts the story of two best friends named splash and mandarin. It leads to the discoveries of the ocean and also its inhabitants at the same time.

Word party

It is considered to be one of the most interactive preschool series from the Jim Henson company. It basically centres on to the four animal babies and their daily routines.

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Beat bugs

It is considered to be the series of the insect friends called Jay, Kumi, Crick and Buzz to explore the home and they share in the suburban backyard at the same time. These bugs find no way to end their fun of adventures but at the same time learn about their best times together.


It is a series based on the novel and it is about two best friends again coping up with different challenges in life and also handling their feelings in a more constructive way.


Noody, toyland detective

It is considered to be the preschool series usually featuring one of the europe’s most popular children’s characters at the same time. As it starrers noddy and a wooden boy who basically embark on to the adventures to solve all the major mysteries in the vibrant world of toyland.


It is considered to be the preschool series all about the eclectic team of the underwater adventurers in order to ensure the safety of their colourful neighbours. The eight member team led to be big or small for the octonauts help at the same time.

Pj maskes

When the night brings out different mysteries then friends jump into the jimmies and the spring into the action as superheroes. All the superpowers and also using the teamwork as they spoil the plans of the villains in the night ninja and the mad scientist.

The ollie & moon

It follows two best friends through their world and inspired by their questions in their daily routine. To discover the major friendship and the great adventure of all time.

Super monsters

This show focuses on the young masters and also magical beings in order to learn the ins and outs of using their abilities and also being the good people at the pitchfork pines preschool at the same time.

Berry bitty city

The friendly little hometown basically involving the colourful group of the friends who love playing and working all together. Involving all the fun things to do and planning to enjoy different adventures and enjoying life.


Treehouse detectives

This series shows the love between siblings teri and toby who team up in order to solve different mysteries that usually happen to them and also their friends in and also around their own backyard.

True & rainbow kingdom

Series involve about the kingdom and mysteries that was involved and also other special magical gift. The major power in order to activate the wishing tree and also use in order to help people solve issues.

Danger mouse

It is considered to be one of the favourite rodent spy returns for the new adventures in the danger mouse basically a reboot for the 80s cartoon of the same name.

Inspector gadget

This series basically sees the infamous bumbling the detective hard at the work enjoyed on his retirement while his long time at the same time.

Therefore, here were some of the major shows that are mostly preferred by kids on Netflix.