5 Clever Storage Solutions For Your Child’s Room


5 Genius Toy Storage Ideas For Kid’s Room

Children are indeed a blessing in our lives. They are so adorable with their giggles and smiles. They also add a lot of clutter if you’re not careful. If you often find yourself struggling to find a place to put all of the toys and clothes that seem to be everywhere all the time, then the following storage solutions may make life a little easier for you. Even if you are living in a small apartment, there are still ways to make sure no inch of space is wasted. You may also find that it becomes easier for your children to pick up after themselves!

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1. Wire Bins and Baskets

If your floor space is restricted, one option is to maximize your wall space for toys. You can purchase wire baskets at most dollar stores or mass retailers, and they can be attached to the walls in your child’s rooms to store books or small toys, like stuffed animals. Once mounted on the wall in a corner, these wire baskets can create a cozy reading nook for your child. Just add some comfy pillows. Garden centers also have different sizes and styles of garden baskets that are designed to be mounted to the walls to hold plants, but they are also perfect for toys.

Wire Bins and Baskets

2. Take advantage of the space under the bed

There is plenty of often wasted space under the bed. There are some containers out there that are made to slide under the bed that are great for out of season or hand me down clothing. However, if you are looking to create even more space under your child’s bed try using bed risers. They will raise the height of your child’s bed giving you much more space to add storage. You could add drawers or cubbies to hold toys or clothes. A genius idea is to add a picture of what goes inside each drawer to make it simple for young children to put things away themselves.

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3. Shoe Organizer for Toys

You’ve probably seen those clear plastic hanging shoe organizers while you were out shopping. Most stores seem to carry them. Well, how about using them for something other than shoes? They offer a perfect see-through storage solution for things like dolls and cars. No need for your child to take everything out of a toy box looking for that one specific item they want. Another idea for these hanging shoe organizers is to use them to store and display art supplies. If your child is an artist why not make the supplies a part of the decor in the room. These shoe organizers are very versatile and offer storage for so many of your child’s belongings.

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4. Convert a rolling cart into a mobile craft station

You can find rolling carts in many home stores. Some are designed to be used in the laundry room, and some are even meant to be used as bar carts. They make a very clever arts and crafts center for your child. Use small jars and bowls to hold the smaller craft items on the top shelf. Taller glasses can be used to keep markers and crayons.  Use the lower shelves for paints, paper, and coloring books. You can purchase magnetized holders in the office supply section that you can attach to the sides of metal carts for even more places to put supplies. A cart like this keeps everything in one place and easy to move from room to room.

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5. Use a pegboard

Pegboards are often used in garages and craft rooms, but they can be great in a child’s room too. They have caddies and wire baskets that can be attached to them that make perfect storage for smaller items. Fasten on to the wall near your changing table to provide a convenient place for diapers, wipes, socks, and toiletries. The little bins and drawers that are available also make excellent lego storage. You can also purchase small pails at the dollar store that will help store markers and crayons over a craft table. Pegboards are so versatile and can be used a million different ways that fit into any room decor.pegboard

Hopefully at least one (if not all) of the ideas above help bring order to the chaos that sometimes comes with raising children. Remember that it’s your child’s room and be creative. More than any other room in the house your child’s room is a place where creativity can be let loose. If any of these storage solutions help you step on one less lego than it was a success. Those little toys hurt!