Where to Travel When Pregnant: 5 Travel Ideas


Pregnancy isn’t a burden. Whilst you may often have your ups and downs during the various trimesters, it’s important to remain positive and remember that life doesn’t need to be limiting.

Travel is one such example. Don’t put life on hold by staying home for the full nine months. Get out and explore the world. There are some fantastic options for those expectant mums-to-be, with loads of great ideas to help you get started.

In this post we round up some of the best ways to continuing enjoy life through travel. Take a look and see if anything takes your fancy.

Best Travel Ideas for Pregnant Women

travel ideas for pregnanct women

A cruise holiday

Cruise holidays seem to be stereotyped as the elderly couple’s adventure. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You have the opportunity to relax up on deck, have an abundance of activities to try on board, and can hop off at destinations all over the world.

According to Holidaysafe for expectant mums and it’s no surprise why. Even with kids in toe, a cruise is great fun and extremely relaxing. For mums-to-be in the early stages of pregnancy, consider sea sickness bracelets to help with those queasy moments.


Coastal relaxation

During pregnancy, the last thing you may want to do is hare around towns and cities taking in all the sights under the sun. For that reason, a beach holiday could be just for you.

Warm sun. A cooling sea breeze. The beautiful landscape. Does this sound right up your street? Don’t put your body under more strain if you don’t feel up to it. Put your feet up and relax. With some incredible spots all over the world you’re effectively spoilt for choice, whether it’s Spain, Portugal, Greece, or even further afield.

The Baby Centre list their top 10 tips for pregnant mums travelling the world, and you guessed it, taking it easy is right up there. Enjoy a leisurely swim or read a book in peace – stress soon becomes a thing of the past.

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Sightseeing tours

From a polar opposite perspective, you could go for the approach where more is best. Some women will start getting itchy feet if they’re hanging around a pool all day – instead wanting to get out and see the big wide world.

Sightseeing holidays are great in this respect, just remember to take rest as and when your body tells you to. Also, it’s best not to travel too far. Stick to countries where you won’t need vaccinations, because as Made For Mums points out on their pregnancy page, there are still concerns about bacteria or viruses affecting an unborn baby.


Instead, try the US states or most of Europe. New York and San Francisco are obvious choices, but even Athens, Berlin and the Scandinavian capitals are fantastic cities to spend time adventuring.

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 Pamper and spa breaks

Returning to the opposite end of the spectrum and we’re into the peace and relaxation territory again. Spa and pamper breaks epitomise this and you can stay close to home or travel afar to make the most of these escapes.

You need to think carefully about what stage of pregnancy you’re at, as many spas will only offer treatments to those in their second trimester because of fears of posing a risk to the mother and baby. After the 32-week mark there’s the likelihood you won’t be accepted.

But where can you find one of these spa resorts? England is renowned for its tranquil locations, with manor houses and country homes immersed in countryside, far from the bustling cities and towns. The city of Bath and its outskirts is particularly enjoyable.

Precautions While Traveling During Pregnancy


You should now have some great ideas on how to spend a vacation if you’re pregnant. But what about the don’ts? Well, firstly it’s important to speak to a doctor before any type of travel plan. You may need a check-up to ensure you’re safe and healthy to go abroad. So, don’t rush off without getting the all clear first.

Naturally you’ll also want to avoid anything too strenuous. This includes sporting holidays, whether its snow or water based. Theme parks are ill advised too.

The key is listening to your body. If you need to rest, rest. Take this time to recuperate and allow your body some much needed relaxation. Don’t go all out when you’ve an unborn baby and consider having days off your feet.

Lastly, enjoy yourself.