Breakfast Cereal are Harming Your Child in More Ways than You Know


Since the very beginning, we have been taught by our parents how essential a bowl of breakfast cereal is. The flavours, colours and shapes of kids corn flakes becomes the major reason why kids can be seen almost begging their parents to buy them their favourite box of cereals. Not only for the children, but boxed cereals are also considered to be the best breakfast by the parents as well. None of us is required to give a second thought before serving a bowl of corn flakes to our children. But have you ever though if this breakfast is nutritious for your child? Or Can a bowl of cereals cause any harm to your child? Well, all these questions will be answered below. Read, to find more:

Although corn consists of a variety of nutrients, but starch is the main source of its calorie content. This simple (bad) carbohydrate is quickly absorbed by the body and offers very little nutritive value. This is the main reason why corn flakes are not considered to be a good carb food and is thus not said to be the best breakfast cereal for kids.

Cereal  Breakfast: 5 Shocking Ways It Affects Your Kid’s Health

effects of breakfast cereal for kids

High Sugar Content

Another reason is, the high sugar content in corn flakes. Processed corn flakes for kids contain a large amount of sugar and that too, with different types of chemical flavourings. So, if we compare the corn flakes for children to adult cereals, the prior one has approximately 50 percent more sugar as compared to the latter one. Now, one may wonder how is high sugar content problematic to kids consuming it?

Well, one of the most obvious reasons is that the high sugar content in corn flakes increases your kid’s risk of obesity and heart disease. This further creates a dependency on sugar that may last for lifetime. Thus, this can be one of the worst options for kids.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils consist of trans fats, which are linked to cancer. Trans fats are considered to be one of the worst type of fats and can also lead to heart disease, immune system problems and cancer. There is no prescribed amount of trans fat in the diet and thus, avoiding this as whole would be the best choice for one.


GMOs and Glyphosate

You will find GMO corn or sugar in most of the kids cereals. And most of the times, along with GMO ingredients, they also contain high levels of Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate. In order to avoid this, try to purchase an organic brand.

Fortified Vitamins

This is due to the extrusion process during which the grain is transformed into a processed food. This leads to the depletion of the naturally occurring nutrients. This can be problematic in a number of ways, such that it can lead to B12 deficiencies, growth in existing tumors, risk of colorectal, breast, prostate and other cancers.

Additives like BHA and BHT and Artificial Food Dyes

Instead of BHA and BHT, you should rather go for foods that use Vitamin E as preservative. Considering artificial food, there are number of studies that have linked artificial food to hyperactivity in children.

What Is A Healthy Breakfast?

Complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins are some of the contents that a healthy breakfast should comprise of. This will provide your kid with all the energy he will be needing throughout the day. You can go for a bowl of a wholegrain cereals such as muesli, oats or shredded wheat, which is a much better option than corn flakes. You can also add nuts and ripe fruit to the bowl of regular cereal, as to increase its nutritional value. Apart from this, it will also help to satisfy his hunger and cravings for sugar and that too in a healthy manner.

You can also opt for making healthy wholesome breakfast foods, for instance, power packed oats smoothie, banana, raisin and walnut loaf. Another important factor is protein. You should make sure that you add enough protein to your child’s breakfast in the form of eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, which are all good sources of protein.

Best Among the Rest

The best brands in kids cereal are said to be the ones that are organic and lower in sugar content. Moreover, they should be appealing enough so that your kids will actually eat them.

  •  O Organics
  •  Envirokidz
  •  Nature’s Path Organic
  • Annie’s Organic
  • Barbara’s Snackimals

So, for further betterment of your child, try sticking to natural and unprocessed products. Make sure that your child gets enough vitamins and nutrients. More importantly, read all the ingredients of the next cereal you will be buying for your child.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!