CBD or Cannabidiol Oil During Nursing: Is it Safe?


Cannabis or Cannabidiol oil is considered to be one of the best natural, plant extracts that help with physical as well as mental discomforts of many sorts. This oil is said to heal certain types of carcinogenic growths in the body, reduce mental stress and anxiety, deal with postpartum depression, and physical pains. Many women who are mothers, also use this oil on a regular basis. The question, however, commonly arises about the safety of the use of this oil during the nursing or breastfeeding period.

CBD or Cannabidiol Oil During Nursing

Cannabidiol Oil During Nursing

There has been extensive research with regard to this topic. But, there is still no concrete conclusion to the same, as different studies speak differently, from varied points of view. This is probably due to the fact that the research done on this topic till now, is still not enough to arrive at an inclusive result. Moreover, due to personal practices and the fact that CBD oil is a natural ingredient, the way in which the consumers would feel about the product in any given situation, is highly subjective.

However, there have been cases in which particularly heavy cannabis oil users have tested their babies, who showed positive results in the first month. Later on, it might get saturated or it might result in something else that can probably land you behind bars under the charge of child drug abuse. It is extremely important to keep all the possibilities in mind, before thinking of conceiving, if you are a regular cannabis oil user and are dependent on it. The other way round too, if you are planning to resort to cannabidiol oil for helping overcome your postpartum depression, think twice or even more number of times! You surely would not want to risk yours as well as your child’s life.

In most cases that involve mothers consuming cannabis oil after delivery, it is to save themselves from the perils of postpartum depression. The ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC) conducted a study during the year 2004-2005, with 17 new mothers in 17 states in the US, who suffered from postpartum depression. Of all the women, about 11% to 15% of the women stated to have been experiencing postpartum depression. The study also states that this situation was prevalent more among younger mothers whose partners were not quite supportive. On the basis of this study, after further research, ‘Postpartum Progress’ published a report in which it was mentioned that an odd 600,000 women were suffering from postpartum depression during the same time. Of those women, nearly 85% were reluctant to consult psychoanalysts or even gynaecologists to discuss their situations. In these situations, young women and new mothers tend to depend on cannabidiol oil to relieve themselves of the excess stress.

Although there are limited studies on the results of regular and heavy consumption of cannabis oil during the breastfeeding period, some surveys over the years did conclude that this can have negative effects on the child, like:

  • Strong presence of the drug in their bloodline – that might make the kids dependent on the drug at a later stage in life
  • The child’s organs acting adversely towards certain medical drugs
  • The child facing a problem in proper cognition
  • The child facing trouble in socialising due to nervous breakdowns as a result of the drug present in their body

These, however, cannot be summarised as the ultimate and definite effects of consumption of CBD oil by the mother, during her nursing period. But, to steer clear of any possible disclaimers, it is best advised to visit professional therapists who can help in dealing with stress, postpartum depression, and other family issues that might result in anxiety. At times, as little as possible, nursing mothers can take in some cannabis oil to soothe their nerves, keeping in mind the appropriate level of consumption. One thing that should be kept in mind – not as a necessary encouragement to indulge regularly, but as a clean chit to avoid fear – is that CBD oil passing through breast milk and posing a neonatal risk is not medically established. No such study has been able to prove the same, despite constant attempts to reach a formal conclusion on the reaction of CBD oil during nursing.

To keep things clear, medical professionals do not usually prescribe cannabis oil, and at the same time do not strongly comment on the abstinence of the same. Doctors highly recommend visiting and consulting a specialised therapist to treat postpartum depression as well as the high levels of stress that arise from the idea of new parenthood and a changed lifestyle forever. It is not advised to venture into an unknown area that pertains to something as serious as this.

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