Causes of Nose Bleeds during Pregnancy


Pregnancy seems to be a roller coaster ride. During pregnancy a women goes through a lot of mood swings in a daily basis and some experiences are quite upsetting too. But that doesn’t stop them for having an amazing experience of carrying a baby.

Nosebleed is one of the experiences which are upsetting. And people usually panics and make that worse. So, here we are going to know the causes and how to handle it during pregnancy.

What does nosebleeds means?

Nosebleeds refer to an unexpected sudden rush of blood from the nose. Though nosebleed is harmless but if occurs too frequently, your hemoglobin level might drop down and you can become anemic. This occurs mainly during the third trimester of pregnancy and almost one in every five pregnant women experience nosebleeds.

During pregnancy is nose bleeding is common?

Well, yes during pregnancy nose bleeding is common and nothing to worry about. Pregnancy usually makes the blood vessels in your nose expand due to which the blood supply increases and puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily.

20% of the pregnant women faces this problem and it is nothing to be worry about, it can be controlled with proper nurture and care.

Nose Bleeds


 Is nose bleed is a risk for the baby or for the pregnant women?

Well, when a woman become pregnant, she undergoes a lot of bodily changes , mood swings and that’s very normal. Some of the complications arise during pregnancy, which are no doubt curable. One needs proper nurture and care during the process.

During pregnancy the circulatory system usually expands so that it can be easy to accommodate the baby. These changes may lead to some problematic side effects such as more frequent nose bleeds while a woman is pregnant.

Its extremely rare for nose bleeds to effect how a woman gives birth. If a woman goes through severe nosebleed during her third trimester, than obstetrician may advise you to have your baby by caesarean section.

Why this happens?

The pregnancy hormones progesterone and oestrogen affect how your blood vessels work. Oestrogen makes your blood vessels open wider. Progesterone causes an increase in your blood supply, which puts pressure on the delicate veins in your nose.

The mucous membrane inside your nose may also dry out. This may get worse during winter, when cold happen. All these can make it easier for the vessels in your nose to break open, causing you to have minor bleeds.

What causes Nosebleeds during Pregnancy?

Blood volume increases during pregnancy. One of the reason for this is an increased hormonal level of progesterone and even estrogen resulting in dilated and wider vessels of blood. In the third trimester during pregnancy nosebleeds is really very common and nothing to be worry about. That happens because women starts putting undue pressure. Now, every woman who suffers from such situation usually wants to know why does this happen and what are the causes. So, here we are with some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Expanding of vessels. With an increase in blood stream, body vessels become thin and start expanding. Excessive pressure leads to stretching and rupturing of vessels.
  • Dry environment. Living in arid regions results in membranes of nose becoming dry. In pregnancy along with various hormonal changes, in fact can lead to nosebleeds.
  • Infection and cold. When a pregnant women is suffering from cold and other nasal infection, mucous membranes of nose becomes dry. Irritation and infection usually cause rupturing of vessels which results in bleeding nose.
  • When a person is allergic to certain things, she is likely to suffer from nosebleeds as dry nose membranes makes nosebleeds.

How to treat nose bleeds?

  • Be very gentle with your nose. Blow it gently and only if you really have to. Forcefully blowing your nose can cause nosebleeds.
  • Try not to let your nose dry out, especially in the winter season.
  • Be calm and don’t panic. Handle it with patience.
  • If the air in the house is getting dry because of central heating, you can use a humidifier or vaporizer indoors.
  • Sit down and raise your head up.
  • Pinch your nose above your nostrils, where it is soft, and breath through your mouth.
  • Apply pressure and press your nose for 5 to 10 min to stop bleeding from nose.
  • Do not lie down, as you do so you may swallow the blood.
  • One can use ice pack as an emergency to handle the nose bleeding.

Once the baby is born and pregnancy hormones subside, its very likely that your nose bleeds will stop automatically.

These are the causes and precautions one should know to handle such situation if ever occurs other than that, because of this reason one shouldn’t be worrying. Every pregnant woman should enjoy the amazing feeling of carrying a baby. Just take care of yourself and nature yourself.