Castor Oil for Improving Fertility: Benefits and Precautions


Castor Oil comes from the extraction of castor beans. These are found in the continents of Asia and Africa. This oil is translucent in color and has various health benefits. Castor oil is really good for the face and skin, this has been proven scientifically. Castor oil is safe to use on the skin and it can be applied using a soft cloth or cotton. It is an anti-inflammatory, Helps in moisturizing the skin, is free of microbes and other bacterial microorganisms. It comes from the seeds of a plant Ricinus communis plant.

castor oil for fertility

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All You Need to Know about Using Castor Oil for Improving Fertility

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

 A castor oil pack is the combination of a moist cloth soaked in castor oil. It is used on the skin and it can be very helpful for the health of the skin. It has been found that using castor oil pack on the skin can benefit the health, skin and the fertility in human beings. Castor oil is used by professional practitioners, yoga trainers, and other trained professionals. These people use a castor oil pack to heal the skin and the tissues beneath it.  The castor oil pack involves the use of a flannel which is soaked in castor oil which is covered with a plastic sheet and then a hot water bottle is placed to heat up the pack which can be used for various things on the skin.


When and How Often Should you Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility?

Castor oil is very good for enhancing women fertility. It can be used as it suits your body. Regular usage of castor oil can help improve the chances of fertility. Castor oil pack should be used after the menstruation ends and it can be continued until the ovulation process starts. It can be used alternate days and the whole week if you want to conceive early. Castor oil pack can be very useful if used every day in a week but the menstruation days should be avoided.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil Therapy

Health of Uterus and Ovaries

Castor oil is very helpful in making the ovaries and the uterus healthy for conception. It prepares the ovaries and the uterus to conceive the baby. Castor oil is a very old and historical way of restoring fertility health. It has been used by women from different eras for healthy fertility. Thus the health of the ovaries and the uterus is managed by the castor oil therapy which helps in making the body fertile.

Health of Fallopian Tube

The fallopian tube is very important for pregnancy. It plays an important role in the conception of the baby. Castor oil therapy helps in promoting the normal health of the fallopian tube as it can have many problems and a list of infections or complications in it. Using castor oil therapy can be a great way to clear all the blockages in the fallopian tube and promote normal fallopian tube health.

Good for Endometrial Growth

The uterus has tissues known as endometrial and they are very important for conception. Castor oil therapy helps the tissue known as endometrium to grow in the uterus naturally and in a more developed way because of which the endometrial growth is normalized.


Castor oil also helps the body to gain the ability to detoxify all the harmful agents in the body which can come in between pregnancy. These harmful agents and substances are filtered out by the body through the therapy of castor oil.


Castor oil therapy helps in the overall conception. This is because it helps in improving uterine and ovarian health. It promotes the health of the fallopian tube and helps in the growth of endometrial tissues in the uterus. Thus it promotes the overall health of the conceiving parts of the body, thus supporting conception.

How to Use Castor Oil Pack for Fertility?

Castor oil packs are used a lot for fertility since ages. Castor oil therapy can be done by using the castor oil on the stomach and the abdomen area for up to 30 to 45 minutes. After the usage, it should be kept in the refrigerator. It has to be used every time for about 30 to 45 minutes. Castor oil is to be used from the last day of the menstruation till the day ovulation starts. It can be used every day and alternate days for increasing the fertility chances in the body.  This helps to make the body ready for fertility.

How to Make your Own Castor Oil Pack?

There is a list of materials that will be required to make the castor oil pack;

  • A full bottle of castor oil.
  • A hot water bottle.
  • Flannel cloth.
  • A container that has a lid.
  • A plastic wrap which is one or two inches greater than the flannel as it is used for covering.
  • A large number of old clothes as castor oil pack stains the clothes and the bedding.

The process of making a castor oil pack of your own involves the soaking of the flannel in the castor oil and places it over the abdomen area. After this cover the flannel lid with plastic wrapper. After this cover with a hot water bottle and then use a towel to cover. This process should be done alternate days or every day since the last day of menstruation to the day ovulation starts.


Precautions to Take While Using Castor Oil

  • Castor oil is very harmful and it can have drastic effects on the body. Thus consumption of castor oil should be avoided.
  • The areas of the body which have injuries, open wounds, and the affected or damaged skin should not be treated with castor oil pack as the inner part of the body can have side effects.
  • Castor oil packs are not recommended for use during menstruation especially when the blood flow is very heavy and also during pregnancy as it can have adverse effects.
  • Castor oil packs should not be used by oneself without consulting the doctor. It can have side effects and infections and is not suitable for everyone.

Castor oil is a very good way of enhancing fertility in females. It has various positive effects and it helps in the overall development of the female conception area. It should be used with caution as it can have different effects over different bodies.