25 Powerful Benefits of Calamine Lotion You Must Know


Elimination of dark spots from skin, treats acne, armpit rashes, yeast infections, psoriasis, eczema, genital warts, hives, insect bites, jock itch, shingles, scabies, soothing dry skin and other skin issues, reduction of oiliness, remedy for irritated skin and diaper rash in babies, curing pregnancy itches, poison ivy rash, itchy vulva, blisters of chicken pox, aids the healing of wounds, itchy urethra and opening of skin pores are some of the health benefits of calamine lotion you must know.

Calamine lotion is a solution that has the most extensive uses in the realm of skin problems. If you are prone to skin issues, knowing what calamine lotion is and how to use it can be of extreme help. Here are a few points associated with calamine lotion uses that can help you deal with skin issues in your day-to-day life:

25 Amazing Benefits of Calamine Lotion

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Elimination of dark spots from skin

Spots on your skin can cause major issues in the way you present yourself. Applying calamine lotion from the beginning and at regular intervals can rid you of the dark spots completely.

Treatment of acne

Acne, especially in adolescents can cause a persistent problem. Treating them with calamine lotion from the get go, can make things infinitesimally better for growing kids.

In soothing dry skin

Dry skin is a problem that plagues many people in the world. If your dryness is giving your trouble and causing irritated skin, calamine is just the thing for you.


Reduction of oiliness

Many people with oily skin are prone to greasy skin conditions that can cause issues. Using calamine lotion on a regular basis can help you stall the oiliness for at least 9 hours each day.

Remedy for irritated skin

Some people are prone to mild skin irritations caused by a variety of things. One of the many calamine lotion benefits includes the remedy from these issues.

As a remedy for diaper rash in babies

Diaper rash is one of the most gruelling things that an infant can face, but it may be considered unavoidable by many people. Calamine lotion can go a long way in soothing baby-soft skin and reduce the pain that your baby may be facing.

Curing pregnancy itches

Pregnancy can cause a host of changes in the body of a woman, none of which are pleasant. Skin rashes during this time may be controlled by the timely application of calamine lotion.

Curing blisters of chicken pox

Chicken pox blisters can remain on your skin even after the effects of the illness have reduced. Make sure to apply calamine lotion on the remaining blisters on a regular basis, so that you can dry them out in course of time.

In treating insect bites

The chemicals from an insect bite can cause various degrees of irritation on your skin. But the calamine lotion uses can help the condition completely.


Treatment of armpit rashes

Armpit rashes can be particularly difficult to heal due to friction and the presence of sweat glands. In such cases, calamine and it’s many uses come as a boon.

Treating psoriasis

One of the most common, serious infections of the skin is psoriasis. Calamine lotion has antiseptic properties which can help tackle psoriasis, reducing the breakout of symptoms to a great extent.

Treating eczema

Another serious skin condition, eczema can be neutralized by the zinc and ferrous oxide present in calamine. This is one of the most useful calamine lotion benefits there is.

Treating genital warts

More often than not, genital warts are caused by viral infection and attacks. Calamine can not only provide pain from the relief, but also potentially kill the virus at the root of the problem.

As a possible treatment for hives

Hives is a painful skin condition that raises the temperature of your skin, elevating the discomfort. Applying calamine lotion can lower the temperature and cool the surface of your skin, making it much more tolerable than it is.

Jock itch treatment

Jock itch can be the source of a lot of discomfort, especially for kids. Applying calamine lotion can provide some relief from the constant pain.


Fungal infection of nails

Nails may often be ridden by fungal infections. Although calamine lotion is usually used to treat skin conditions, anecdotes suggest that it can also be used for nails with fungal growth.

Treatment of shingles

Shingles is a painful skin condition that can create a tendency to scratch. The extreme discomfort can be somewhat relieved by the application of calamine lotion on the affected areas.

Opening of skin pores

This is the reason why calamine lotion is so helpful in treating skin problems. It can open up the skin pores and allow the cells to breathe, making things infinitely better for you.

Curing itchy vulva

In spite of their self-cleaning nature, sometimes some extra help is needed to cure the itching in the intimate areas. Calamine lotion benefits are such that they may be applied to the nether regions without much danger.

Itchy urethra

An itch in the most intimate areas can be particularly frustrating and painful. While most ointments are not safe to be applied on such areas, calamine lotion presents one of the safe options that can provide some relief from the itchiness.

Aids the healing of wounds

Calamine lotion contains zinc that can help skin regeneration. Additionally, the lotion can prevent the festering of microbes in the area of the wound, preventing further infection and accelerating the healing process.


Possible treatment of yeast infections

Various anecdotes suggest that one of the lesser known calamine lotion uses include the treatment of yeast infections. Make sure you consult your doctor before administering the treatment.

Curing poison ivy rash

Dampen the area of your skin affected by the rash and apply the lotion in ample proportions on the affected parts. However, make sure you do not overuse calamine lotion, which can cause dry skin issues due to extensive use.

Treatment of scabies

The itchy red spots caused due to this contagious skin condition can be painful. Applying calamine lotion can speed up healing and provide much-needed relief.

Soothing other skin issues

Most skin conditions can be cured by calamine lotion. If not, at the least, it will surely provide some relief from the contrast irritation and itching.

Arm yourselves with cotton balls and calamine lotion to be ready to deal with any skin-related issues you may be facing in your life!




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