Veiny Hands in Women: 9 Must Know Causes of Veins Popping Out


Many women suffer from the problem of veiny hands in which the veins seem to bulge and are extremely prominent near the surface of the skin. This make the hands look wobbly and old. It is believed that women get veiny hands as they grow older. But the truth is growing older is not the only reason behind visible veins in hands.

For many women, bulging hand veins are normal and a cosmetic issue and the veins in the arms and hands are functioning normally. But for some women, it can be the symptom of a bigger problem.

Women with increasing age are more likely to develop this condition. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, pre-menstruation or menopause may be a factor. Hormone treatments such as birth control pills may also cause veiny hands. During pregnancy, the volume of blood in the body increases. This change supports the growing fetus but also can produce an unfortunate side effect like enlarged veins.

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A Guide for Veiny Hands in Women


Signs and Symptoms of Veiny Hands in Women

  • Veins are twisted, swollen and bulging
  • Veins are blue or dark purple in colour
  • Dry or itchy skin
  • Skin discoloration
  • Muscle cramps

Causes of Veiny Hands in Women

The most common reason for the hands to look old with bulging veins is ageing. But what if the hands are veiny for a completely different reason? Ageing is not the only reason behind veiny hands. The 9 must know causes of veins popping out are –


It is the ultimate way to maintain beauty and fitness but can have some harsh effects on the delicate hands. Doing strength exercises can cause the arterial blood presuure to increase which results in the muscles to harden and pushes the veins to the surface of the skin leading to veiny hands.

Ageing Skin

The skin needs extra care as it ages and this includes taking care of the hands. However, if hands are disregarded in younger days then it might cause veiny hands despite care as they grow older.


The unavoidable cause of veiny hands may lie in the genes. Genetics play a major role in determining the looks, what diseases are at risk and include veiny hands as well.

Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders

These are the scariest cause of veiny hands. These problems can lead to varicose veins (enlarged, twisted and spider web-like veins that can be painful) which can appear on hands and legs.


Low Body fat Percentage

This means amount of fat under the skin is less. This makes the veins appear closer to the skin and results in veiny hands.


Due to an increase in blood and nutrient supply to nourish the baby in the womb, the blood flow in the veins will be up by 20 to 40 percent during pregnancy. As a result, not only veiny hands are seen but varicose veins are also visible in the breasts, abdomen and feet.

Weight Loss

When this starts, the fat layer under the skin starts to melt away and the veins become more visible. This results in veins popping out from the hands.

Hot Weather

High temperatures can make it more difficult for the vein valves to work correctly. This can enlarge the veins.

Varicose Veins

It is more likely to be found in the leg than the hand and appear when the vein valves weaken. This makes them less efficient in preventing blood from flowing backward and become twisty, enlarged and painful.

Other possible causes are – phlebitis, superficial thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, lack of movement and obesity.


Diagnosis of Veiny Hands in Women

A physical examination must be done by the doctor. The tests are –

  • Doppler test
  • Colour duplex ultrasound scan

Treatment for Veiny Hands in Women

The treatment depends on the cause. Once the doctor gives the correct diagnosis, treatment can be determined and started. In most cases, treatment of veiny hands has to do with cosmetics rather than health. The cosmetic treatments are basically the same as for the varicose veins which are –

  • Sclerotherapy – is a process of injecting a chemical solution into targeted veins which causes them to scar and close.
  • Endovenous ablation therapy – often calledas laser therapy is ideal for small veins. The doctor uses amplified light or radio waves to close the veins.
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy – is the removal of the targeted veins via small incisions and involves local anesthesia.
  • Veins stripping and ligation – close the vein that supplies blood to the targeted v While under general anesthesia, the doctor will make an incision, tie off the vein and remove it.

Remedies for Veiny Hands in Women

  • Exercise – regular exercise encourages blood circulation which helps to push along the blood that has been collected in the veins. But strength exercises can also cause veiny hands.
  • Compression stockings – this aids the muscles and veins to move blood towards the heart.
  • Plant extracts – Aesculus hippocastanum and Ruscus aculeatus should be diluted in carrier oils before being applied topically.
  • Dietary changes – foods such as almonds, pistachio nuts, lentils, white beans, potatoes, leafy vegetables and some fish with high potassium can help reduce water retention.
  • Eat more flavonoid – vegetables like onions, bell peppers, spinach and broccoli, citrus fruits, garlic, apples, blueberries and cherries improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.
  • Herbal remedies – taking Vitis vinifera orally can help reduce swelling.
  • Massage – gentle massage on the area can help blood move through the veins. Moisturizing and scrubbing can help one get younger looking hands if done regularly.



There are different reasons behind veiny hands so choose appropriate way to deal with them and get the treatment by the doctor before it leads to any complication.