Brain Development in Children: 11 Facts Every Parent Should Know


The human body is a wide canvas which never fails to amazes one. The brain is a miraculous organ that controls and guides the functions of the body. It is essential to note that the human brain undergoes majority of its development during the early stages of life as an infant. Parents need to promote healthy brain development in their children. It is interesting to note that 90% of a child’s brain development happens before the age of 5. From discovering their senses to distinguishing various textures all occur during infant development. Here are some amazing facts that every parent should keep in mind while undergoing the stages of parenthood.

11 Things You Need to Know About Brain Development of Children

Brain Development in Children

Development during pregnancy

Majority of the development in the foetus happens during the pregnancy. So it is inevitable that the development of the child’s brain too happens during the same stage. This makes it extremely important for parents especially mother’s to take proper care along with regular check-ups and vitamin supplements. The growth of the brain in a foetus starts from the second week of conceiving and all other body organs depend solely on the brain for movement and functioning. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited during pregnancy. Raw eggs and cold meat is another threat to a healthy child. Doctors always suggest mothers to stress on a healthy and rich diet full of nutrients and vitamins.

Healthy diet

Our brain is like our own mother board that controls the entire system but it also needs the assistance and help from outer agents to remain strong. A healthy diet is the answer to any form of nourishment. There are multiple food items that promote healthy brain development and can also be given to children from a young age. Articles like greek yogurt, eggs, fish, green beans, oatmeal and apples all contain vital vitamins that help the children have a sharp brain with excellent cognitive skills.

Social interactions

Parents must realise that children should not be cooped and isolated rather they should be encouraged to                  interact and take part in social activities. This increases brain movement and helps the child understand and tackle different situations. It also strengthens the child’s receptive skills helping him develop a strong personality. This strong exposure will give him a solid foundation o last throughout his life. Personality is the building block to all children and it is vital that the child under goes exposure.

Logical reasoning

During childhood making decision for children is a humongous task. Thus their decisions are at times based on correct and incorrect logic. Decision making is a crucial activity for all kids to have a healthy brain growth. Parents should make sure that they allow their kids to take small decisions regarding food choices at grocery store or what clothes to buy at the mall. This makes the child independent and increases the working of the brain.


Noticing similarities and differences

Helping your children to learn different activities is a good method to exercise the brain and promote brain skills. Parents are suggested to buy a game that makes the child notice similarities and differences. These types of games are not only fun to play but also incorporate mental exercise and work. Young parents are generally ignorant towards the type of games they should buy for their kids and the impact of each game on child’s mental health. It is now a reliable fact that games are a major influence towards the brain development of kids.

Bilingual babies have stronger executive function

Children who speak more than one language are said to have more and potentially strong brain cells that not only help kids grasp easily but also increases child productivity. Therefore it is always advisable for parents to ensure that children learn more than one language, one their own native tongue as well the universal language understood all over the world.


The reluctance of a baby to leave his mother’s embrace depicts the development of his long term memory. The bond that the child starts developing from birth itself shows the growth of memory both long and short term. Memory growth is essential for children of all age groups but the majority of the same happens before reaching the age of 5.

Energy expenditure

Since the brain grows at a rapid speed during the early stages of life. 60% of the child’s energy is spent on the metabolic development of kids. In contrast to this an adult uses only 25% of the total body energy. Therefore it is mandatory for parents to understand that children need a richer diet in the early stages of life. Mashed fruits or in the form of sauces is always recommended by doctors.

Babies study facial expressions

A child naturally understands and interprets what the parent’s desire as a result of the facial expressions they observe on their parents. Children study the gaze of their parents to notice what is important and what not. Thus the nonverbal communication from the parents end also plays a vital role in children understanding. Holding hands and stroking kids stimulates positive hormones that help them grow.


Storytelling to children has been a common routine that parents of every generation commonly practice. This not only becomes a medium of recreation but also a prime method for brain development in kids. Children grasp 50% of their daily vocabulary from what they hear from their parents. Yet a large number of parents fail to do so. Thus it is always suggested for parents to read for their toddlers better and all round growth.


Music boosts learning

Singing, listening to music improves the understanding and the spatial orientation and mathematical thinking of children. Logical skills and language skills are all enhanced by music. Another beneficial factor of music is that it reduces stress. Stress releases hormone cortisol which damages human memory. Thus parents must ensure a happy and lively environment around the child for better growth.

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