All You Need To Know About Infant Clothing


As soon as a new life arrives in your life, you make every possible attempt to make them feel comfortable and loved. While looking for clothes for your infant you must consider the three most important attributes to look for in infant clothing- comfort, safety and convenience. 

infant clothing

Why Infant Clothing Is Important? 

While choosing the clothes for your infant it is important to keep in mind that those clothes should keep your baby comfortable and cosy. Babies tend to grow quicker than you expect so while you’re shopping for your infant you must keep that in mind and shop for a size larger.

Though it’s looks fashionable and stylish to get clothes with bows and other accessories you must not forget the damage it may pose, as your little baby may rip it off or put it in their mouth. Another important factor to keep in mind while purchasing baby clothes is that your infant clothing must be soft so it does not irritate the skin of the new-born.

Another thing to consider before buying infant clothing is the size, as babies tend to grow quickly then parents expect so it is important to buy clothing in several sizes.

Types of Infant Clothing


A new-born baby spends much of his or her time sleeping for the first few months so it becomes important to buy sleepwear as they will be sporting it for the first year of his or her life.  While shopping for sleepwear you can choose from a large selection of PJs made up of cotton or Poly micro fleece. 


You must look for clothing that covers feed to keep your baby warm all night long. Nowadays little babies clothes come with a zipper design which makes it easier to change the diaper of your infant. Some of these sleepers are also created to be flame resistance for additional safety.

Burp Cloths

Stocking up on Burp clothes is vital as new-borns are prone to spitting and drooling so you will not realise that how quickly you will go through dirty burp clothes and bibs. Also as your little baby will keep burping most probably you’ll end up carrying one around you with throughout the day and it is natural that the Dirty laundry will pile up quickly. 

You may get little or no time for doing the laundry everyday as you will be busy with your new-born related duties while you try to keep up with your babies mess.  Especially made for burping infants this cloth is a vital accessory. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles which can make your infant looks adorable even when he or she is creating a mess.

Tops, Bottoms, & Outerwear

 Infants need help in regulating their body temperature and if you live in a region where cold weather dominates most of the year. It is important that you have some baby jackets and outerwear on hand for your new born. An infant’s body temperature tends to increase and decrease rapidly as he or she grow so even if you’re taking them outside just for a little time you would have to wrap them in a blanket, layers or jackets especially if there is cold outside. You can always shop for jackets that are easy for your baby to move around and comfortable for them. These type of clothes can help them keep warm and nice.

Shoes and Socks

Although it takes time for the new-born to learn how to stand and walk on their own feet, shoes are a necessary accessory to keep their toes warm. Apart from this, little adorable baby shoes help to really put a outfit together.  By keeping your infant toes covered with baby socks which are thick and comfortable and using shoes while going out can help their body temperature in staying normal. You can always colour coordinate the socks and shoes of the baby with their clothes thus by keeping them warm and fashionable.


When infants are born nurses put a hat on their head to keep them warm but it’s not necessary to keep the hat all the time on the little ones head as it may lead to overheating. In winters, when you are taking your baby out a cap becomes necessary accessory to protect him or her from harsh weather which they have never experienced before. Infants can wear hat indoors as well but if they are fussing over it or if their face is red or feels extra warm you should remove the accessory immediately. 


During winters caps become a necessary piece of accessory for the infants and it is good to have few on hand. While shopping for caps be mindful that they are soft and comfortable and may not cause any itching or irritation to your baby’s soft head.

Swaddles and Blankets

In the first few months after your infant is born, swaddle and blankets become more vital as they are an important part of dressing your new-born.  To keep him or her warm and comfortable throughout the day, you would want to tuck the baby in a soft blanket and whenever you travel with the baby anytime, especially, on your way home from the hospital. 

You should keep the little one wrapped up in a blanket to protect him from cold air and heat outside.  You can buy a swaddle even before the baby is born because it is a useful item to purchase which can be easily wrapped around your baby and it secures your new-born. You can choose from a plethora of adorable patterns and colours as blankets and swaddles remain one of the most important items of infant clothing till date.