201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with S


Looking for baby names starting with S? Here is a collection of unique and modern boy names starting with S with meanings.

201 Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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Names Meaning
Shandon An old and wise man
Shandy A boisterous person
Shanen A person with an ancient soul
Shanna Lily
Sharnovon A unique person who has wisdom and imagination
Shattuck A shad fish
Shaw Grove
Sewerd Guardian of the sea
Sexton A bodyguard or one who guards the church
Seymour Occupational name, means taylor
Shaddoc A fish, a shad fish
Shaddock One who is like a shad fish
Shade Shade
Shadwell e who comes from the shed spring
Shakespeare One who is a spearman. A surname
Shaman A religious healer, a Shaman
Shandey A boisterous, unruly man
Shandley A man from the loud meadow
Segar A sailor
Segod God of the sea
Segramour An ordinary, modern and nonchalant individual
Segwrides One who likes individuality and independence
Seild A shallow place, one who lives near the shallow land
Seisyll A blind person, one who cannot see
Selby Village by the manison
Selden He who is from a small valley
Seldon A house on the hill
Seleby One from the manor farm
Selises One who is in touch with his individuality and confidence
Sellden Valley of the willow trees
Sellen One who lives by the stretch of smooth water
Selred A stretch of wisdom
Selwin One who is a good friend
Selwine Friend at court
Selwinn One who is a great companion
Selwyn Friend from the palace
Senaculus English name for Boys
Senacvs English name for Boys
Senehauz One who has restless and exploring nature
Senemagli A sensitive, youthful and glorious person
Senemaglos The old or aged Prince
Sener A great stronghold
Sennianus Nurturing, noble, kind and inventive being
Senomagli A person who is brave, versatile and glorious
Senomaglos An aged Price, a Prince who is in his old age
Senorix Invented Boy name
Sentraille A sensitive, diligent and fertile person; imaginative
Sentwine A friend who is sent by the god
Seofeca A clean, observant and self satisfied person
Septima Name given to seventh child
Sequester The place in safe-keeping, a trustee
Serenity Peacefulness
Setibogius Ambitious, skillful and dignified individual
Seton A town located near the ocean
Seuare A sea passage, a passage from sea
Seuuardus A flexible and self satisfied person; grateful
Seven Name meaning nuber seven
Sedgewyck One from the place where the sword grass grows
Sedgley A sword meadow
Sedgwick A sword place
Sedgwyck A place of swords
Sedrick He who is kind and loved by many
Seeger Fighter of the sea
Seely A very happy person
Seeman Man of the sea
Seeton From the town by the sea
Sefare Lord is gracious
Sefton A town in the rushes
Scirwode He who is from the bright forest
Scituc A composed, courageous and strong minded individual
Scobba One who has high morals and a charming personality
Scott From Scottish
Scottas He who wanders
Scottie Familiar form of scott
Scottish A place name
Scotto He who is from Scottish
Scotty A nickname from Scotsman
Scrobb English name for Boys
Scytta The duminitive name means to shoot
Seabert A shining sea
Seaborn One who is born of the sea
Seabright Glory at sea
Seabroc One who is born near the sea
Seabrook One who is from the brook of the sea
Seabrooke A stream near the sea
Seaburt One who is glorious at sea
Seadon One who comes from the hill by the sea
Seager A seaman
Seal A dweller by the small wood
Sealey He who is blessed
Seamus A supplant
Sean Jehovah has been gracious
Searu A quick learner who is blessed with an active mind
Seathrún God’s peace
Seaton One who is from the farm by the sea
Seaver A fierce stronghold
Seaward A sea guardian
Seaxwulf Wolf of the sea
Sebert Glory at sea
Sebestian The revered one
Secg A swordsman
Secgwic One from the sword grass place
Sedge A swordsman
Sedgeley One from the swordsman meadow
Sedgewic Sword grass
Sedgewick From the sword grass place
Sedgewik Surname, means sword grass
Scelftun One from the ledge farm
Scene One who is scenic
Sceobba A hill or a valley of a man
Sceot A worthy individual who is well groomed and poised
Schaddoc Shad fish
Schaffer A steward
Scherman Man with shears
Schermann A shear man
Scirheah A helpful, honest, rebellious and satisfied individual
Scirheard The bright or hard person
Scirloc A man with blonde hair
Sandon Came from the sandy hill
Sanersone Son of alexander
Sanford From the sandy ford
Sansao Variation of Samson. Sam’s son
Sant A saint
Santon One from a sandy farm
Sar One who is in pain
Sarge Short from sargent, commander
Satuc A diligent, strong minded and trusting individual
Saturday A day in a week; Saturn’s day
Saunders Son of Alexander
Saunderson Alexander’s son, son of defender of men
Saven A capable, studious, detail oriented and respected being
Sawal English name for Boys
Saward Surname, means victory at sea
Sawyer Woodcutter An Occupational name
Sawyere A timber cutter
Sawyers Wood worker
Saxen A swordsman
Saxleue One who has a dagger
Saxon Swordsman
Sayer A woodcutter
Sayers One who recites
Sayetsi A trusted, mature and huble natured being
Saylor A sailor
Saymund Victory of peace
Scadwiella One from the shed spring
Scaffeld One from the crooked field
Scandleah He who comes from the noisy meadow
Scandy A boisterous person
Scarlette Variation of Scarlett which means Scarlet(a last name) or Red
Sceafa Name of the ancient Lombardic king in English legend
Sceaft The tribe famous for sheep breedng
Sceaften From the sheep or of the sheep
Sceapleigh One who comes from sheep meadow
Scebbi Old English name for Boys
Scef Briish name meaning Elf
Sceld A person who is social an amiable; reasonable
Sceley A field near the ocean
Saebeorht One who is the glory of the sea
Saegar A sea spear
Saegeat A bridge
Saeger A man of the sea
Saelig One from a happy meadow
Saemann A man of the sea
Saer Occupational name, a carpenter
Saewald As powerful as a sea
Saeward A victory at sea, surname
Saeweard A guardian of the sea
Saewig A wise, excited and gracious person
Saewine A sensitive and congenial natured person
Saewulf A wolf of the sea
Saewynn A friend of the sea
Safford One from the willow ford
Saffren A name of a flower
Sagar One who is supreme, the wisest one
Sagramore A tree, a sycamore tree
Sagrani An English Boy name, mostly used as a surname
Sailor Occupational name, a man on a boat
Saindor A loving and caring individual
Saint A holy person, a saint
Salatha A variant of Salat; to salt
Salford One from the willow ford
Salhdene One from the valley of the willows
Salhford One from the ford where the willows grow
Salhtun A place in the willows
Saliciduni A willow town
Salicidunus One who comes from a town of willows
Salisbury Surname, means willow fortress
Salley Surname, meaning servatns in the hall
Sallsbury A place name, town name
Salton He comes from the place of the willows
Samborn The brook that is sandy
Samm From the name Samson, meaning the son of Sam
Sammon A son of Solomon
Samson One who is like a Sun
Sanborn From sandy brook
Sanborne One with nature
Sanbourn From sandy stream
Sanbourne From a gritty brook
Sanburn From the stream with a gritty bed
Sanburne From the gritty stream
Sandborn From a arenaceous stream
Sandbourne From a gritty small river
Sander A short form of Alexander
Sanderson Protector of man
Sandford A Crossing or intersection
Sandfurd From the river crossing which is sandy
Sanditon From the sandy town


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