201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with L


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with L, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with L.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with L

Names Origin Meaning
Lanna English Precious and valued person
Lanore English One who is bright and light
Larken English A bird Lark with extravagant singing that is a symbol for Love and Daybreak
Larkspur English A spur shaped blossom flower of blue colour
Larya English She who is crowned with Honor and Fame
Lassie English A Girl who is small, slender and petite
Latesha English One who is high spirits, happy and joyous
Laticia English Joyous, happy Girl
Latisha English Person filled with joy
Laua English A laurel tree or a bay tree
Lauden English English cognate from the Latin town Laurentis
Laudina English From the Arthurian Legend, character Laudine, the lady of the Fountain
Lauracy English One who lives by the laurel tree
Laurah English Laurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory
Lauraine English Name meaning Laurel tree. Has many variations
Laural English Laural tree, sweet bay tree
Lauralee English Laural tree, sweet bay tree
Lauralin English Symbol of honor and victory; Laurel tree
Lauralyn English Sweet bay tree, a symbol of honor
Lauralynn English Laurel tree, symbol of honor and victory
Laurana English Crowned with laurels
Laurynn English A laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fame
Lave English An individual who has power, authority and control
Lavender English A flower with purple leaves, a Color of the Lavender flower
Lavey English Brought together, Joined, an Union of two people
Lavina English A Woman of ancient Rome
Lavonda English Various pieces of jew trees and shrubs
Lavonne English Jew trees and shrubs
Lawren English A shoreline indentation, a bay
Laylon English Names Lacey (lace-like) and Dyllon (loyal) put together.
Leaann English Beautiful woman
Leah English A weary, tired person
Lealand English From the meadowland; Pasture ground.
Leanna English From Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman
Leanne English Compound of words wood and grace
Leatrice English Combination of Leah and Beatrice
Lecelina English Diminutive of Lece meaning cheerful, joyous
Lecie English From French nobleman surname Lacey
Ledora English Variation of the name Laurel, laurel tree
Leean English Form of Irish name Helen meaning beautiful
Leeann English Combination of names Lee and Anne
Leelou English Dweller by the wood
Lefchild English Composed of the words dear and child
Leffeda English Woman of dear beauty
Leffquen English Woman of beauty and dear personality
Legacy English Heritage, Legacy, What a person leaves behind
Legend English A story of the past that is often fictitious
Legna English Derived from Angel – a messenger of God
Lehanna English Combination of names, means a gracious one who lives by the wood
Leigb English A patch of land that is grassy, a meadow
Leighann English Combinig name, The graceful one who dwells by the woods
Leighanna English A gracious and poetic person
Leighdyn English A woman who lives by the field and is graceful
Leighton English He who came from the town near the meadow
Leisa English A person who has pledged his life to the God
Leisel English Perfection lies within the God
Leisl English A person who made an Oath to the God
Lena English A short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman
Lenina English Lion-like woman
Lenlie English A clear lake or the clearing of lake
Lenora English Bright shining light
Leoba English The beloved one
Leofflead English Beloved one with great beauty
Leofgife English Beloved gift
Leofrun English Beloved runes
Leomi English Courageous woman
Lesli English A garden where the holly tree grows
Lessie English A sacred and spiritual garden
Lete English A petite but strong and cheerful woman
Letselina English One who brings out the happiness in people
Leuare English From the name Lory, means the bay
Leued English From a Bohemian surname, means like a lion
Leuedaei English A day of reconciliation
Leuedai English A day when people will reconcile
Leueiua English A reconciliation day
Leueruna English Restoring harmony and piece
Leuiua English British name meaning beloved gift
Leurona English Variant of the name Leofrun meaning Beloved secret rune
Leurun English British name meaning the loved rune
Leuruna English Love for the secret rune
Leveva English Woman loved for her beauty
Levyna English the meaning is Issh
Lewena English British name meaning the friend we love
Lexann English English version of name Alexandra, meaning the one who defends mankind
Lexi English Short version of Alexandra, nickname
Lexie English Short version of the name Alexandra which means defender of men
Lexington English Town of the new law
Lexus English Short from Alexus, the one who protects men
Ley English Meadow
Leyanna English Combination of names Ley and Anne
Leydi English One who has the abilities of a leader
Lezah English From the name of the Hazelnut tree
Liane English A binding relationship between two people
Lianne English A bond of youth and beauty
Lianour English One who brings light to the world
Liddell English A place name from a region in England and is also a river name
Liddy English A promise that a person has made to the God
Lien English One who possesses the beauty and pureness of a Lotus flower
Liena English A woman as beautiful as a Lotus flower
Lienna English A beauty and grace of a Lotus flower
Ligarda English A conservative, creative and idealistic individual
Lightning English A bolt, a lighting in the sky
Lighton English A place name from a Yorkshire in North England, mostly used as a surname
Liju English Beautiful and idealistic person
Lil English Short form of the name Lily, meaning purity and beauty
Lilac English Name of a flowering pale-purple shrub
Lile English Person from the island
Lilia English Variation of the name Lily, flower name symbolizing purity
Lilianna English Combination of names Lily and Anna
Lilibet English Alternate from Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath
Laveda Latin A wise and purified person
Lavelle Latin A person of cleansed and purified soul
Lavenia Latin A Roman Woman, name that was popular in Ancient Rome
Lavera Latin A truthful individual
Lavergne Latin A name that is given to those born in the spring
Laveta Latin Cleansed and Clean woman
Lavina Latin A Woman of ancient Rome
Lavinah Latin A Woman who lived in the city Rome
Lavinia Latin Place name of the ancient City of Lavinium
Lawren Latin A shoreline indentation, a bay
Lawrencia Latin She who is crowned with laurel
Leandra Latin Lioness
Leaundra Latin Lion-like woman
Lece Latin Cheerful person
Lecia Latin Joyful person
Lefleda Latin A beautiful individual who is loved by others
Lefquen Latin Cherished and beloved person
Lefquena Latin Beautiful, powerful and beloved individual
Lefquene Latin Darling and beautiful person
Lefquenn Latin Pleasing and dear woman
Lefqwen Latin A woman of beauty, power and loved by all
Lenet Latin Mild, weak person
Lenita Latin Delicate, mellow, mild person
Lennis Latin A mild or a silky girl
Leola Latin Lionesse
Leona Latin Brave Lioness
Leonia Latin Latin name for lioness
Leonine Latin A woman that is Lion-like, also a Shakespearean name
Leontina Latin A woman who is brave and strong as a Lioness
Leontine Latin One who is as strong as a Lioness
Leontios Latin A fearless, powerful individual who is like a Lion
Leontyne Latin Woman who resembles a Lioness
Leoris Latin Woman whose bravery matches a Lion’s
Lerusha Latin A wealthy, strong vigorous individual
Letice Latin A joyous, happy and merry person
Letitia Latin An upbeat and joyous persona
Letiz Latin From the name Letizia, means a happiness and joy
Letizia Latin One who brings happiness and joy to others
Letta Latin A feeling of great happiness and satisfaction
Lette Latin A feeling of great pleasure and joy
Letti Latin A cheerful, charming and delightful Girl
Lettice Latin A wonderful, delightful and joyful persona
Lettie Latin A person full of joy and delight
Letty Latin One who is glee and blissful
Leuild Latin A lily, symbol of innocence and purity
Leuilda Latin One who is like lily, pure or innocent
Levana Latin To raise up; Roman mythological goddess
Levane Latin To rise
Leveta Latin The one who is clean and cleansed
Liana Latin To be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answered
Libera Latin To live life in liberty and freedom
Liberata Latin A liberated, free-spirited person
Liberta Latin A felling of freedom and independence
Libertad Latin A Spanish word meaning Liberty
Liberty Latin Freedom, independence, liberation
Libra Latin A sign of zodiac, represents equality
Licia Latin Delightfull person with a happy personality
Lictina Latin Cobination of names, means Delightful and a Christian
Liili Latin Liili means lily flower.
Lillia Latin Lillia is Estonian form of Lily and means lily flower.
Liis Latin Liis is the short form of Elisabet and means my God is an oath.
Liisu Latin Estonian diminutive of Elisabet. It means my God is an oath.
Lila Latin She who belongs to the people
Lilaina Latin Variation of the name Lily, name of the flower
Lilian Latin The pure one, flower lily
Liliana Latin Name of the flower lily, pure and innocent person
Lilianne Latin From the name of the flower lily, pure and beautiful
Lilienne Latin Form of the name Lily, a symbol of purity
Lilika Latin Latin name for flower lily
Lilion Latin Latin name after the flower lily, meaning pure
Lilium Latin Latin word meaning lily
Lilli Latin Short for Lilith, the meaning of the night
Lillia Latin From the name Lillian, meaning lily flower
Lillian Latin From the name of the flower lily, a symbol for pure beauty
Lilliana Latin Variation of the name Lily, name of the flower that symbolizes purity
Lilliane Latin Immaculate, pure
Lilliann Latin From the name of the flower lily, a symbol for beauty and purity
Lillias Latin After the flower lily; pure
Lilly Latin Lilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful one
Lillyana Latin Long version of the flower name lily
Lily Latin Flower lily
Lilyan Latin From the name of the flower lily, a symbol of purity
Lilyana Latin Variation of the name Lily, the flower symbolizing beauty and purity
Lilyanna Latin An alternate form of Liliane, after flower lily
Lilyanne Latin Combination of the names Lily and Anne
Lilybell Latin Blend of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning purity, innocence and God is bountiful
Lilybelle Latin French form of names Lily and Elizabeth, meaning God of plenty and innocence
Lima Latin Name of the Goddess of threshold
Lionella Latin Lioness; Little lioness
Lionese Latin Little young lioness
Liriel Latin Perfect, perfection of a woman
Lisabeth Latin Abbreviation of Elizabeth, devoted to God
Lisetta Latin A person who is Devoted to God
Liss Latin One who is of good luck
Lita Latin Joyful Girl
Livian Latin One who is a symbol of peace. Name of a Shakespearean character
Livie Latin Color Blue
Livienne Latin A woman of envious personality
Livier Latin A jealous and envious woman
Lollia Latin Derived from latin Laurus, laurel tree

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