5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Baby Clothes


Let’s face it; kids are expensive. From endless diapers to new clothing every time they have a growth spurt, keeping kids fed and clothed can cost a pretty penny. For the amount of cash that gets dished out for kid’s clothes, it’s important to get as much use out of them as possible. 

baby clothes tips

Kids can be tough on their clothes. From stains and rips to worn-out knees, it doesn’t take long for kid’s clothes to start looking rough. The first step to helping your kid’s clothes last longer is to buy quality coordinates that can take any beating your child can throw at them.

Good quality clothes that are properly looked after can often be handed down to younger children, saving parents a bundle on clothing costs. High-quality items like the pieces from Baby Riddle are a great place to start. Let’s look at a few ways to get the most out of your baby clothes.

Buy Big

Kids grow so fast, and it can seem like they only get a few uses out of their clothes before they need a bigger size. To extend the life of your kid’s clothes, you can start by buying at least one size up for each of your kids. With stretchy waistbands and adjustable cuffs, your kids will be able to spend more time in their favorite clothes before they are too small.


The key to getting the most out of your kid’s clothes is to start with items that are made from good quality materials. Denim, high count cotton, bamboo, and corduroy are durable quality fabrics for children’s clothes. Before you buy, it’s essential to inspect seams for durability, zippers for quality and functionality, and buttons that are well sewn on. When you start with quality made items from durable fabrics, you can extend the length of life you get out of your clothes.


Cold Wash

Washing your child’s clothes in cold water instead of hot can help extend the lifetime of your items. Hot water can loosen fabric fibers causing them to fray and lose shape over time. Most brand name detergents now come in cold wash formulas that can get your child’s clothes while being gentle enough to leave them undamaged. Hanging clothes to dry when possible is another way to clean them gently and maintain their durability.

Hand-Me Downs

Good quality clothes that are mended and maintained should be able to be handed down to younger children. When your child grows out of their clothing items, simply pack them away to be used by your next child or the child of a friend that could use them. It’s a good idea to buy items that are uni-sex that can be handed down to either a girl or boy and used again.


When kids get down and dirty, they can be tough on their clothes. Small rips, stains, and holes are inevitable when it comes to kid’s clothing. To get the most out of your kid’s clothes, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance and mending. Adding a patch to a torn knee on a pair of pants, securing loose buttons before they fall off, and taking care of stains before they set in. 

For severely stained clothes, there are other options apart from tossing them in the garbage. Collect a few damaged items and lead a tie-dying project with your kids, or cut up the fabric from stained clothes to make a unique quilt.

Kids are expensive enough without having to replace their whole wardrobe every time they have a growth spurt. Follow some of these tips to help you get the most out of your children’s clothes.