201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with F


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with F, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with F with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with F

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Names Meaning
Fitela Mythologically, both, the son, as well as the nephew of Sigemund, a Norse Hero
Floemus As per Arthurian legend, steward to the King of Orkeney
Floor Soon to blossom; derived from Latin word florere
Florentijn A Dutch form to represent ‘flowering’; understanding
Florenz The word is French for ‘a flower or blossom’
Flower As the name suggests, it represents ‘a bloom, blossom or flower’
Floyd It means something gray-colored or gray-haired
Flurry Flourishing, blooming
Flynt A version of the name ‘Flint’, it refers to a hard rock; Also means a river stream
Fobb A flexible and energetic person
Fobba Female version of Fobb; deep and sensitive
Focca A field where grass are grown to be made into hay.
Folca Has great nature; a good looking person; folk
Folker A name referring to the guardian of people or tribe of people
Folsom A homeland; often a variant of Foulsham, a habitative name
Fon A noble and ready individual; patient
Foreman It is used to mean a leader and ‘front-man’ of a team
Forrest A variant of the name ‘Forest’, it represents green woods or a forest
Forrester An alternate of the word ‘Forester’, it means he keeper of the woods or forest
Forthred A name given to the Counsel
Forwin Bulky food like grass or hay.
Foster It can be interpretted to mean ‘supportive and nurturing’; Also refers to a forester
Fox Animal name
Fraeta An effective and affectionate person
Fraine Someone who is a stranger or foreigner
Fraley Refers to a friar, i.e. a person belonging to a particular (religious) community or cult
Frameca A tender, agreeable and adorable being
Framela An excited, lonesome and able being
Fraricus Latinised form of British name ‘Frederick’ which means a rich and mighty ruler
Frayn A person who is a foreigner
Frayne Refers to a stranger or unknown person
Frean A foreigner or stranger; Variant of the name ‘Frayne’
Freawine Son of Frithugar, in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Freca A person who is bold and daring
Free As the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individual
Freeborn As the name translates, it means a person who is born with freedom
Freeman As the name translates, it refers to a person who is free and unrestricted
Freemon Referring to a ‘free man’
Freen Meaning a stranger or foreigner; Alternate of ‘Frayne’
Finola One with white shoulders
Fion Fair or white (latinised version of fionn)
Fionnan A fair descendant (derived from fionn)
Fionnbhar A person who has fair hair
Firasah A highly insightful and perceptive person
Firman Fair, White (in English); A mandate or edict (in Arabic); Firm (in Latin)
Firmin An unyielding and firm person (derived from Latin Firmus meaning firm)
Firmino A steadfast, unwavering and firm personality
Firouzah Reference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish origin
Firoz A victorious and blessed individual; also refers to turquoise, the precious gem
Firyal A person’s name
Fenix One who is like a Phoenix. Also means maple
Fenmore A very dear love
Fenton One from the marsh town
Fenwick One who lives near the dairy farm
Fenwicke A person who lives on the dairy farm
Feolma He comes from the meadow of the sheep
Feologild A name of the medieval English Archbishop
Feolomaer One who has seeking and exploring nature; justice
Feoluca A name of a lake in the English country.
Feolugeld One of the lakes in English land.
Feolumaer The name of a lake in english harmony.
Ferdie He is on the brave journey
Ferdinand A daring and brave journey
Fern A green, shade loving plant. A fern.
Fernald One from the fern lands
Fernall He comes from the fern covered hillside
Fernham To come from a meadow where fern grows
Fernlea To be from the fern meadows
Fernlee To have home in the fern meadows
Fernleigh He can be found in the fern fields
Fernley One who comes from the fern lads
Fernly He is from the fern lands
Ferrant A surname, means a grey haired one
Ferrin A servant who is most handsome
Ferron One who works with the iron
Fews One who is a saddle-tree maker
Fey One who is like a tree on the beach
Fidelity To stay true and faithful
Field A landscape. A man from the field
Fielding A man who lives in the field
Fien A man of elegance
Filbuk Extremely intutive and witty
Fillmore A highly famous personality
Filmarr Extremely well-known; praiseful and law abiding person
Filmer A person who is very popular
Fingra Green pasture where cows like to stay and eat grass.
Finis The End; the final one
Finnian A little white; fair man
Finnula A fair-shouldered person
Feleogild A name of one of the saints.
Felgild A challenging, humble and unique person; a dynamic person
Felician A lucky and fortunate Boy
Fell A Boy from the rough hill
Felman A man who dwells near the crag
Felot One who has a charming personality, a felt maker
Felten A healthy and vigourous man. Used mainly as a surname in England
Feltin One who is healthy
Felton He came from the fields
Fen One who marshes
Fenil Name of French Flower; Foam; Soap-nut Tree
Farrley A person from the sheep meadow
Farron One who is a servant and handsome
Farrow One who is like an iron. An English surname
Farrs He who likes the travels
Farrun An iron grey man
Farryn An adventurous Boy
Fars A traveler’s son
Farson A male child of the traveler
Farun From the fern fields
Faryn A person who leads an adventurous life
Fat A huge man, a fat man
Faulconer One who trains falcons
Faulconner He who trains falcons
Faulkener He who is a falconer
Faulkner A man who trains falcons
Favien A man who is brave
Fawcett One who comes from the colourfull hills. Mostly used as a surname
Fawkes An English surname, meaning one who is like a falcon
Fayne A joyful Boy
Fealca One who is in love with out doors and a nature lover; intelligent
Fealcna An ancient English personel name.
Fearn One who dwells among the ferns
Fearne He who is among the ferns
Fearnhamm He who comes from the fern field
Fearnhealh He came from the slope of the ferns
Fearnleah To come from the fern covered lands
Feather One soft as a feather
Featherstone A stone of feathers
Febian One who is from the Fabius clan
February A second month of the year
Feerouzah Reference to Turquoise, a semi-precious stone of Turkish origin
Feilding A topographical English name, meaning open lands
Felabeorbt A brilliant young Boy
Felabeorht A Boy who shines birlliantly
Felamaere A renown and famous Boy
Felding He who lives in the fields
Feldon One whose estate has a lot of fields
Feldtun He who comes from the fields
Feldun A Boy from the fields
Farnly He is from the valley of ferns
Farnum A Boy from the meadow of fern
Farold A traveler of power
Farr One who loves to travel
Farrar An occupational name, a blacksmith
Farrell One who wins
Farren He who is of adventurous nature
Farrier An iron grey person. A surname
Farrin One who is close to the lands
Farris One with the strenght of the iron
Farrleigh One who is from the sheep meadow
Fairlee A bull meadow
Fairleigh One who is from the ram meadow
Fairlie One who is from the bull’s pasture
Fairlight A light that is shining bright
Fairly One from the clearing where the ferns grow
Fairman He who is fair
Fairouz A white rose
Fajahat One with good natured personality, charming and funny individual
Falca A versatile, desirable and generous human being
Falcon A Falcon bird
Falconer A falcon keeper
Falconner One who trains falcons
Falk Surname meaning falcon
Fallon A supremem person
Falta English name for Boys
Fan Short from Francis, a famous bearer
Fane One who is very happy
Fannvci A rational and thoughtful natured individual; efficient
Fanucus English name for Boys
Faolan One who runs with the wolves
Faragars An accepting, rational and refined individual
Faran He who moves forward
Farewell An English greeting, meaning a beautiful well
Farin An adventurous person
Farl He who is from the fern clearing
Farlay A man who lives on the fern fields
Farleigh He who comes from the bull’s pasture
Farley A man whose home is on the fern fields
Farlow One who comes from the pasture of bulls
Farly One who lives near a bull’s pasture
Farmer Occupational name
Farnall One who comes from the slope of ferns
Farnam A Boy whose home is the fern meadow
Farnell A person who came from the fern slope
Farnham He who came from the field of ferns
Farnlea A male from the fern fields
Farnlee He is from the fern meadow
Farnleigh He is from the fern fields
Farnley A person who lives on the fern fields
Fable means story
Facca The sheep in the pasture.
Fadda The flock of the sheep in the meadow.
Faegan A joyful person
Faer A man who loves to travel
Faerwald A person who is a mighty traveler
Fain He who is joyful
Faine One who has a good nature
Fairbanks A bank along the pathway
Fairfax One with blonde hair
Fairlay A meadow of bulls

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