15 Best Pregnancy Pillows Every Pregnant Woman Should Have


Pregnancy brings along with its own share of joys. Immaculate sleeping positions are necessary allowing a pregnant mother a full cycle of sleep. This is one of the grave concerns during pregnancy. No wonders a lot of mothers Google “Best pregnancy pillow”

The baby in the womb grows and the uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby. This is accompanied by shortness of breath and acid influx. Sleeping is not a full time activity, so you would need a pregnancy pillow where utmost comfort is assured.

Regular pillows add to the level of discomfort, and a pregnancy pillow is the best choice.

15 Best Pregnancy Pillows

1} Mom’s cosy (Today) comfort

Proper shoulder support is provided because of the curved edges. Lumbar support carrying the growing weight of a mother is a feature of this pillow.

2} Full body pillow (Meiz)

It is neither too hard nor soft whereby the right type of support is provided. Excellent support for arms, necks back along with the growing belly is ensured. Your body alignment is possible with the help of this pillow.

pregnancy pillows


3} LeachcoSnoogle

A lovely product from Leachco which is of the same stature as multiple pillows in terms of support it provides. Maximum amount of support to your body exists and sciatica along with back pain is a foregone conclusion.

4} Back and Belly (Leachco)

A sound sleep is assured with this pregnancy pillow. It is designed in such a manner that it follows the curve of your body whatever position you sleep. Your back and tummy is supported in an equal manner.

5} Cozy Bump

Pregnant women can sleep on their stomach and be comfortable with this pillow. It is safe to be used as gynaecologist has given their thumbs up to this pillow. Being inflatable indicates it could be adjusted.

6} C shaped pillow

This pillow is used for a riding position. Extra support to the spines and women of different shapes and sizes can use this pillow.

7} U shaped pillow

For back and belly support this pillow is a must have. If you have a large belly and need good rest, this pillow would be a better choice. The entire more so if you are in the third trimester of pregnancy. Even after delivery the pillow can be used to support the baby.

8} Body (full) pillows

The pillow is incorporated in a manner where exteriors of a pregnant woman’s body are covered. Ideally it is around 5 feet in length and superior support is provided.


9} Web linen

Even though the pillows manufactured by the company are a tinge expensive, but it is worth the price. Organic material along with top quality ply yarns is used for the pillows. The extensive process in formation of these pillows ensures it is best for allergic mothers.

10} Ready to roll pregnancy pillow

With the pillow your back and abdomen is supported. Simple, but pretty in stature, they are available in beige or white colors, they are available in a varied designs. Being compact it can accompany you while travelling.

11} Home cosy body pillow

Due to comfort and high quality these pillows are climbing the popularity charts. Complete peace of mind is offered with the use of this pillow.

12} Full length pillow

Your full body is covered with this pillow. Being of straight as well as rectangular shape they are referred to as body pillows. It is a single unit that could be spread over the entire bed.

13} Brest friend

This is one of the pillows in the market that helps a baby to latch during the process of breastfeeding. The company not only manufacturers high quality pillows, but it has an unparalleled presence in the social world.

14} Naomi Home

This brand spells quality and the pillow is a testimony to that. A degree of comfort is provided which very few pillows can even come close to. For fitness or sports purposes the pillows finds its use as well.


15} Pregnancy wedge cushion

As the name indicates, this cushion replicates a wedge. Being affordable, this pillow suits your budget on all counts. After birth also you can continue using this pillow.

To sum it up, the importance of a pregnancy pillow is immense. The moment you become pregnant, your body is expected to encounter a lot of physical coupled with hormonal changes. All these changes paves way to a certain level of discomfort and rest is the need of the hour.

In comparison to a standard pillow, pregnancy pillow ensures proper rest and removes the discomfort.