11 Best Pregnancy Magazines For New Moms


Pregnancy is a journey, and for new moms it is a journey into completely uncharted territories. Women may experience a hell lot of problems during pregnancy. Situations may crop up suddenly during pregnancy. Situations like sudden pain, blood loss etc may be frightening for new moms. You also need proper information about diet, exercise, and various other lifestyle habits during pregnancy.

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Best Pregnancy Magazine for New Moms

Moms also need to learn various baby care tips. It helps to have a friend who can guide you at every step of the journey. Pregnancy magazines can help you in this respect. They have a lot of information which can be very helpful for mothers, especially new ones. However, you should get only the best ones as they can provide you authentic information about various facets of pregnancy and baby care. Here are some of the best magazines for new moms.

1} Pregnancy and new-born

Moms, especially new ones, face a lot of emotional issues during pregnancy. This magazine has a lot of articles on emotive issues that arise during this time. You can find support on issues like prenatal depression, postpartum depression, handling issues arising out of a bossy mother-in-law etc. You can also get some information about the baby’s health. It augurs well to subscribe to a full 12-month subscription and have a look at them while sleeping or resting on the couch.

2} Fit pregnancy

It is a bi-monthly magazine, and it covers a range of important and relevant topics such as exercise, nutrition, psychology, health issues during pregnancy etc. Topics like fashion, beauty etc can pep up your spirits if you are feeling depressed. The best thing is that you can get advice on your pregnancy diet and pregnancy workout. Moreover, you get a ovulation calendar.

pregnancy magazines


3} Pregnancy magazine

It is an online magazine published mainly for new moms. It covers answers to most of the queries that new moms come up with. Some of these queries may even feel like trivial to experienced moms, but to new moms these answers offer solace, comfort and courage. In fact, the magazine aspires to meet all the needs of new moms.

4} The bump

It starts from the very basic- getting pregnant. If provides information on issues like how to enhance fertility, becoming pregnant, problems during pregnancy, and brining the baby home. In effect, it covers the entire range of issues right from getting pregnant to bringing the baby home.

5} Kiwi magazine

This is available both online and print. It is something of a very contemporary magazine. It covers the entire range of topics in pregnancy such as diet, nutrition, exercise etc. However, there are points where it has an exclusive flavour. It features organic products, good lifestyle habits, nutrition etc.

6} Today’s parent

If you subscribe to this magazine you can get information and tips about fertility, and other prenatal issues. You also get advice on issues like parenting, recipes, crafts etc. Though it does not cover pregnancy related problem so lucidly, it does cover the whole phase from prenatal to postnatal.

7} The mother

Here you can get a lot of tips about motherhood. It covers most of the problems and issues that pregnant women may encounter. It offers a kind of assurance to pregnant women about the issues that they are most likely to face during pregnancy.

8} Plum magazine

This magazine is mainly aimed at those women who are over 35. It covers the precautions that moms over the age of 35 should take like prenatal testing. You will also acquire knowledge about different types of birthing, fashion during pregnancy, travel during pregnancy etc. In short, it covers almost everything that a new mother on the higher side of age should know.


9} Mothering

Learn about parenting and birth of child from this magazine. This magazine focuses on childbirth and parenting as its core offering. It is more of a parenting magazine and is aptly named ‘Mothering’. You can get lot of information on how to protect your baby’s health. You may also learn about how to create a congenial environment in the family.

10} Mother and baby

This is a pregnancy and parenting magazine which focuses on the fashion conscious and smart women of modern days. You can get practical tips on baby care. You can also read stories about pregnancy and parenting. This can be a good pastime that also offers very valuable information about parenting and pregnancy.

11} Prima Baby And Magazine

It is a source of information and advice to expectant mothers. It covers issues related to pregnancy and birth. It also covers issues related to new-borns and toddlers. You get birth advice, baby rearing, weaning the baby, development of toddlers etc.

So if you are pregnant for the first time, and looking out to seek information these magazines will surely help you out better than the doctor. Keep them handy and pick the right one that suits your needs.