11 Best Books for Baby Names


Among all the decisions to be taken by new parents, choosing a name for their baby is a significant one. Naming your baby is fun, but not a casual business. In fact, the name you chose for your bundle of joy will express his identity for the rest of his life. It calls for some serious consultation with your relatives and friends to land on the perfect name for your baby.

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Best Books for Baby Names

Let us go through 11 such baby name books that will help you to come up with the most lovable and affable name for the baby.Here are the 11 best books for baby names.

1. One- In-A-Million by Jennifer Moss

The book – One- In-A-Million – by Jennifer Moss is a kind of tutorial for new parents on how to choose a baby name. It stresses on seven important points that parents should consider while choosing names for their babies. Names are classified under categories, and the categories themselves are interesting to go through. There are categories like “Names Gone Wild”, “Names by Meaning”, “Jennifer also likes” etc. Then there are categories like been-there, done-that type of stories from many other real life parents. The book also includes quotations from various people who have unusual names. You can also get the names in BabyNames.com.

One- In-A-Million by Jennifer Moss

2. Cool-Names-For-Babies by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz

This book has a unique flavour in that it highlights many of the uncommon and unique names that people come across only rarely. If you desire that your child’s name to be unique in the class then you can go through this book. You will get a variety of unique names here ranging from affable ones to very unusual ones.


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3. A-Genealogist’s-Guide-To-Ethnic-Names by Connie Ellefson

This is a well-researched book that helps you focus your attention deep into the meanings of ethnic names. It is a kind of guide to naming babies, especially ethnic names. It lists names by region and boasts of around 50,000 names. And it also details the immigration patterns and census for each ethnicity.

4. 15000 Baby Names by Bruce Lansky

This book contains a list of 15000 baby names in an easy to read format. The names given here are mostly traditional and straightforward. In this book by Bruce Lansky you are spoilt for choice for a suitable name for your baby. So if you don’t want to venture uncharted territories while naming your baby then this is the book for you.

15000 Baby Names by Bruce Lansky

5. Baby Name Survey Book by Bruce Lansky and Barry Sinrod

This is a book which does not just give a casual list of baby names. What it does is detail the meaning of each name and also what people think about each of these names based on opinion polls. This fabulous book by Bruce Lansky and Barry Sinrod is a go to book if you want to weigh in factors like popularity and meaning while deciding a name for your baby.

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Baby Name Survey Book

6. Inspired Baby Names From Around The World by Neala Shane

This is a treasure-trove of baby names if you like the idea of going deep into the significance of each name. The book by Neala Shane lists out names along with the significance, history and symbolism associated with each of them. So if you don’t just want to give a name to your baby, but want to know the significance and symbolism of each name then this is the book to buy.

Inspired Baby Names From Around The World

7. Saint’s name for your baby by Fiona McMath

If you are religiously inclined and want to give a religious-feeling-evoking name to your baby then this is the book to go. In this book by Fiona McMath you can find the complete list of names of saints. Along with the names you will also find the history and definition of each name.

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8. Names For Twins by Louise Nolan

The task of choosing names for their twins is a difficult one. There are also not many books that can help you in this regard. So while you are abounding in divine joy to have given birth to twins your options in terms of help in naming your twins are limited. This book by Louise Nolan can be a great help for parents like you. This book enlists more than 5000 twins names arranged in logical pairings. The names are classified under categories like Popular Names, Names That Are Anagrams, Names From Literature and Mythology etc.


Names For Twins

9. Boy Baby Names by Hannah Crawford

If you are searching a suitable name for your baby boy then this book by Hannah Crawford can help you. It has got 650 names in two main categories of Modern and Classical names. The names here are listed out alphabetically along with pronunciation, origin and meaning. This can give you a clear idea about the most suitable and lovely name for your baby boy.

Boy Baby Names

10. 100,000 + Baby Names: The Most Complete Baby Name Book

This book by Bruce Lansky can be best described as a comprehensive book of baby names. Apart from being comprehensive, it is also up-to-date. It contains naming trends along with advice, the most popular 100 names of recent times for both boys and girls, notorious names, new names that have become popular, gender neutral names etc. You can also gloss over the naming trends as well as names that are rapidly rising or falling in popularity.

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11. The Penguin Book Of Baby by David Pickering

This is a clear, helpful and indexed book for baby naming that contains A to Z of baby naming. It contains thousands of suggestions for baby names for boys and girls. You will also get the chance to gloss over the top ten names of the century as well as the most popular celebrity names.


The business of baby naming has become easy because of the several books that you can get on baby names. In fact, there are a number of books containing thousands of baby names. You can at ease select the most suitable name from amongst the thousands of names you will find in these books.

The Penguin Book Of Baby