11 Best Baby Wipes for Your Infant


From soiled bottoms to messy hands, the main reason moms use baby wipes is because of their ability to clean the messes quickly, conveniently and gently. Baby wipes are like pieces of clothes that are disposable and can be used to clean your baby’s face, bottom, hands etc. It is necessary to buy a good quality baby wipe. You might prefer using clothes instead, but getting a clean cloth every time your baby poops or eats something is a difficult task. Also, baby wipes turn out to be very beneficial especially when you are on the go and cannot carry enough luggage.

Choosing the correct brand of a baby wipe is extremely important, so to help you we have given 11 best brands of baby wipes that you can easily buy and can use for cleaning toddler.

Baby Wipes: 11 Best Diaper Wipes 

Best Baby Wipes for Your Infant

Pampers sensitive

Pampers is one of the most popular brands for favourite products in the USA. A lot of people use these baby wipes. These are very moist wipes when compared with other brands and they are capable of holding the warmth for a longer period of time. They can easily fit in your pocket as they are extremely cost-efficient, you can get around 1024 wipes for just 20 dollars.


These baby wipes can be used for wiping face, hand and bottoms. These are organic wipes which are fragrance free, this way they don’t cause headache. They are pretty stretchy and have a decent size. The environmental working group has given it rating 1 (10 being the lowest).

Earth’s best baby wipes

These wipes are free of formaldehyde, chlorine and have no alcohol. The packaging of this fits more to the dimension of the wipes, so there is not a lot of extra packaging, that makes it handy to use and portable as you can easily put them in your bag.


Honest wipes

These are amazing wipes that have no smell whatsoever, so if you are someone who is allergic to smells then these wipes are best for you. They are organic and plant-based. These also come in small package that contain 10 wipes so that you can effortlessly put them in your purse while you are traveling and these many are enough for a day or two. They also have a texture, which helps to clean your baby very well.

Huggies natural care

If you are someone who is more comfortable with containers than baggy packages, as they don’t have a flappy piece and also they stop being sticky after a while because obviously, it is wet, then Huggies natural care baby best is a prominent option for you. These are soft and cosy.

Water wipes

These are chemical free and are pure organic. They contain just two ingredients and one out of them is water and other is grapefruit seed extract. They are wonderful and work really well. They are very moist and work great on babies. You can also use them for wiping his face and other parts of the body.

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes

These wipes are eco-friendly and are made of wood pulp. These are not flushable but they are decomposable. It has a little pattern on itself but they are extremely soft and moist, almost like fabric. These are great for quick cleanups.

Up & Up Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes

These are cost efficient and can be used for almost everything be it diaper changing, cleaning the spills, hands, face or nose etc. These are pretty thin and warm and have a fiber touch. Also, they are not very drippy.

Bloom Baby Jumbo Sensitive Wipes

These are 98 percent natural and they are enriched with vitamin A, B complex, D, Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well. There is no added fragrance and have huge dimensions that come at a decent price.


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes

They are dermatologist tested. They are absolutely resealable and the sticker remains intact no matter how many times you open the pack. These wipes are soft and thick and have mild and soothing smell.

Parasol Baby Wipes

The scent of these wipes is interesting and creates a relaxing aura for your baby. These are thick, mushy and velvety wipes that are perfect for your baby’s skin and can be used for wiping any body part be it face, hands or bottoms.

Things to remember

Many a time when we are in hurry then baby wipes prove themselves to be very helpful. Whenever you have to go someplace out or there are some guests who are going to arrive at your home, then obviously there is a lot of work piled up to do and in these cases, baby wipes work as an asset because they can clean your toddler within no time. This will not only save your time but will also leave your baby in a happy and contented state. Use different baby wipe to clean private parts of your toddler and do not use them to clean any other part of your infant’s body. You can use baby wipes to clean the entire body of your infant and it is recommended to clean the face at the end. Also, buy baby wipes from trustable brands, you can also consult your doctor if needed because it is a question of your baby’s skin. Please remember to never use baby wipes very harshly to clean your infant’s body because that can result in rashes and itchiness, rather use soft hands to do the work.

You can use baby wipes for bums especially when you are changing diapers because using water everytime can make him fall sick and toilet paper can be very rough for his skin. You can always carry a pack of baby wipes in your car as they will help to clean your car if your baby spills or messes the car seat. All in all baby wipes have numerous advantages and they work in a dynamic manner as they are capable of doing a countless number of jobs.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!