11 Powerful Benefits of Asafetida for Babies


‘The food of Gods’ is one of the most common ‘Indian kitchen ingredients’. Commonly known as ‘hing’, it not only adds flavor to your recipes but also to your lives. It’s very beneficial for your health, skin and hairs. Well, its ‘magical’ effects are limitless. When blended with garlic, it works as an antidote for snake bites. This herb is anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature and is a very effective cure to irritable syndrome, colon cleansing, stomach upsets and also breathing problems. It won’t be wrong to call it a ‘boon’ for babies. The herb is very beneficial for babies. It’s preferred over the medical drugs in case of gas problems, stomach aches and colic in babies. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Asafetida for babies.

Benefits of Asafetida for Babies

1. For Stomach aches

Using Asafetida for stomach aches in babies is a very common home remedy, especially in the Indian tradition. Babies are very ‘choosy’ regarding anything they eat. In case of stomach aches, mixing asafetida in warm water and applying to the naval area can help a lot. This remedy doesn’t involve any oral intake and is equally effective. This should be preferred over any pharmaceutical drug. Be careful that you don’t apply it on the umbilicus center.

2. For Gas problems

In case of gas problems, just add a little bit of asafetida to warm water and add two mustard seeds. This can be given to the baby orally. The only condition is that if he/she has not attained 8 months of age. You can call it a natural ‘Eno’. Gas problems can be very troubling and can make the baby restless. If the baby is below 8 months of age, prefer applying the paste instead of giving it orally.

11 Powerful Benefits of Asafetida for Babies

3. For Indigestion

Most of the benefits of asafetida in babies are related to stomach problems. It’s definitely an enzyme and helps in a lot of problems including indigestion. For babies (below 8 months), it’s recommended that you don’t give it orally. Many of the websites might suggest giving it with warm water, but don’t go for oral use. Instead, just prepare of warm water with asafetida or asafetida in ghee. Apply the paste on the naval region (except the umbilical center).

4. For lack of appetite

Most of the babies experience the loss of appetite. Well, there may be many reasons to this. Some of them include problems in the digestive tract or other digestive problems. Lack of appetite resulting from such problems can easily be cured using asafetida. Well, effectiveness in this case is valid until and unless the problems are derived from the stomach problems. In case if the baby still faces lack of appetite, just try giving something he/she likes (it’s nutritious at the same time).


5. For Colic aches

Colic aches can be one of the worst problems in babies. This can be very troublesome in most of the cases. The complications of colic aches require professional help. At the starting phase, asafetida can be a good remedy. It acts as an immediate pain reliever for the initial phase of the colic aches. The paste of asafetida with either water or ghee is the ultimate cure for nearly all the stomach related problems. It’s also an easy remedy as you don’t have to feed it orally. If the aches still get worse, go for a professional help.

6. As natural enzyme in daily meals

If the child is above 10 years of age, you can use asafetida in his/her daily meals. It’s a well-known fact that, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. In this case giving asafetida in the daily meals would keep out all the stomach problems. The digestion would be more efficient. Instead of looking for enzymes in the market, just use asafetida to spice up your recipes. Since enzymes are required by the body in a very less quantity, using it as a spice could help a lot. Another method of using asafetida is to stir it in lukewarm milk. Kids would resist this ‘healthy shake’ because of its smell. Try rewarding them with a chocolate after a glass of milk.

7. As an immunity booster

Apart from being a good enzyme, asafetida is also a good immunity booster. Since the oral consumption is not allowed for babies, give it as a part of the daily meals only when the child reaches 10 years of age. Asafetida has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. Researchers have shown that it even provides immunity to the ‘H1N1’ virus. If it’s so effective, you must include it in your daily meals and keep your child safe from such diseases.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!