15 Must Know Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers for your Baby


Cloth diapers are cheaper, more absorbent, contains no nasty chemicals, helps protect the sperm count, environment friendly, reduces carbon footprint, easier for potty training, never gets out of the stock, more comfortable, used multiple times, reduces landfill waste, easy to use, cute designs, diaper rash and reduced risk of asthma.

There can be multiple reasons why a mom would be thinking to switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Now this can either be related to the environment, the expenditure that one has to incur for the purchases of disposable diapers or almost anything. Many mommies may also be aware of the myths associated with cloth diapers, for instance the hard work you have to put in with them, which is absolutely not correct. In this article, we will discuss 15 must know benefits of using cloth diapers for your baby.

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15 Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

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Disposable diapers are not really a problem until and unless you are ready to spend at least $2000 or actually $3000 if you consider biodegradable options, till your little one is potty trained. Whereas cloth diapers will hardly cost you $400 and that too if we consider a pack of the most expensive ones.

More absorbent

If you opt for cloth diapers, you wouldn’t have to wake up over and over again in the middle of the night to change your baby’s diaper which is the case with disposable ones. Also, cloth diapers are comparatively more generous and have the ability to contain.


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No nasty chemicals

Although we need more research on this subject and there aren’t enough scientific evidences in the support of this statement but most diapers consist of chemicals that may pose allergic reactions in your child. However, as per the manufacturers, these chemicals exist in very small amounts and are not really a matter of risk. But I am sure you wouldn’t want to take this risk when it comes to your child.

Help protect the sperm count

The temperature around your baby boy’s genitals is higher when they wear disposable diapers, as suggested by German scientists. On more research, the scientists suggested that use of disposable diapers can also affect the sperm production in adult males, bringing it to a significant decline.

Environment friendly

Your child will use thousands of diapers in his or her life. Now, if you are making use of disposable diapers, just think about the trees, plastic, chemicals and water that will be used in the process and in addition to this, all this returning as a complete waste to the environment. And now consider the cloth diapers that do not make use of any of this and on top of that are also way more cute.

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Reduced carbon footprint

Over a million metric tons of wood pulp as well as plastic are used in the manufacturing of disposable diapers. On the other side, this is not the case with cloth diapers that also leads to reduced carbon footprint.


Easier potty training

When your child is wearing a disposable diaper, your child cannot feel the wetness because of the super absorbent polymers which is not so good when you have to potty train your child. Thus, when your child will wear a cloth diaper, he/she will be able to feel the wetness and when they will become potty trained; you wouldn’t have to wash these diapers again and again.

Never gets out of the stock

Just wonder what you would do if you run out of stock of disposable diapers in the middle of the night and you are not even left with a single one of it. Can’ take risk, right?

More comfortable

Your baby isn’t that young to let you know if he/she is comfortable wearing those disposable diapers, so you will have to keep a watch on your child. But according to me, cloth diapers will be more comfortable because of their lightweight and the breathable material. More importantly, the feel of natural fibers against the skin is comfortable to everyone.

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Multiple uses

Even if your child has stopped wearing cloth diapers, you can still use it for different purposes. For instance, the most obvious one is that many parents make use of these diapers for their next child or if you are not planning to have another child, then you can give them all to some other parent-to-be who can make use of them. You can also make use of them as a cleaning cloth or recycle them for some other use.

Reduced landfill waste

Disposable diapers add to tons of waste going into landfills. Eventually, the use of cloth diapers will not lead to the production of tons of waste, thus leading to reduced landfill waste.


Easy to use

If you are wondering that cloth diapers are comparatively more difficult to use than disposable diapers, then there’s good news for you because with vast number of options now available in the market and with growing number of brands, cloth diapers have now become a lot easier to use, more than they were 30 years ago.

Cute designs

Okay, this point cannot be neglected. Cotton diapers are not just available in cotton material but are also available in hemp, bamboo etc which are available in polka dots, bright colours, plaids and what not. So, there are vast options and I am sure you will definitely be able to find something of your choice.

Diaper rash

There can be a number of reasons your baby may end up with diaper rash, for instance, too much moisture, yeast infections, food allergies, sensitive skin, and reaction to any chemicals or when the diaper is not changed frequently. But most of these are not the cases with cloth diapers, thus leading to reduced risk of diaper rash.

Reduced risk of asthma

As per the tests undertaken by The Archives of Environmental Health, 6 leading cloth and disposable diapers were tested and it was discovered that the emissions from a single disposable diaper were enough to induce asthma-like symptoms.

How to make a cloth diaper

Making a cloth diaper on your own is easier than you think. Read below-

What all you need:

  • Flannel material
  • Precision knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Microfiber towels
  • Sewing machine

Given below are the steps

  • Lay one of the microfiber towels over the flannel fabric and cut the latter one as the same size of the microfiber towel.
  • Now, lay down a piece of flannel material side down followed by three microfiber towels such that the fiber material pattern tops up the inner layers of microfiber towels.
  • Now, sew these layers of fabric in a parallel pattern making sure that you avoid the serged edges.
  • You may cut off the outer layers of the microfiber and flannel square in order to avoid the breakage of your needle on the serged edges.
  • Now, measure the squares into four-inch wide strips and cut them into three strips.
  • These trips will be used as diaper insert and serge across the outer edges of these cut out strips.


  • In order to avoid the risk of any infections diaper rashes, it is important that you change the diaper every two to three hours.
  • Change the diaper immediately when your baby passes stool to maintain hygiene.
  • When you head on to a journey, do keep some cloth diapers in your baby’s bag.
  • Do keep a check on your baby’s skin to ensure that your baby does not develop any rashes.


Now that we have considered all the possible benefits of cloth diapers, I’m sure you are ready to make this change in your child’s life. After all, their comfort and happiness is what matters.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!