Barley Water Recipe – Weaning food for your Infant


Barley is one of the oldest and the most nutritious grain, but most of us have given it a royal ignore. Barley is a protein rich cereal and is one of the best weaning food for your baby.

Some of the health benefits of barley water included improved digestion, cholesterol control, fight constipation, keep the body temperature down, provide instant energy, antioxidants in barley prevent cancerous growths, reduce risk of diabetes and help in weight loss.

Check our simple yet nutritious homemade barley water recipe and give your child a healthy start.

Barley Water Recipe – Weaning food for your Infant

Appropriate Age : 6 months – 8 months

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking time : 15minutes – 20 minutes

barley water recipe
Barley water, a great weaning food, for your infant


1 tablespoon barley (jav)

2 tablespoon jaggery (gur), grated

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Step 1:  Boil barley with 2 cups of water and the jaggery, which is a rich source of iron


Step 2: Strain the extract and allow it to cool completely.

Step 3: Add the lemon juice, to provide the much needed vitamin C that protects your baby from coughs and colds. Mix well and serve lukewarm.

How to choose your Barley?

There are many varieties of Barley grain available in the market like pearl, pod and hulled, the latter has twice the fibre and vitamins compared to the other varieties.  However, the pearl barley variety is the most refined and contains ample quantity of iron and fibre.

P.S – If stored in a dark place, away from the light, barley pods can last up to one year.